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  1. Apologies to EssKay if I am incorrectly pointing the finger at them but they posted in the London terrorist with the usual combined criticism / control of the forum post as is traditionally the province of Mortgage Bitch and Spinwheel.

    I suggested that anybody on the forum purely for such negative purposes should be banned though I didn't report the post.

    I may have inadvertently given them ideas so they reported the while thread and mods deleted it based on the whinge of somebody who would rather the forum didn't exist, but still posts on it for reasons best known to themselves.

  2. Is it purely the time setting of the forum or do you never get the option?

    I haven't timed it here but you seem to get half a day or a day before your post locks; so my posts from yesterday have locked but one from this morning has edit still available. 

    On another forum with the same software it's been set to something like ten minutes which is too short.


  3. 6 minutes ago, thecrashingisles said:

    I was referring to the mandate from this June.  The referendum bill didn't define the winning line.  It's up to parliament to interpret the results, and 16.1m people voted to stay.

    It's a yes / no referendum, it was presented as such.  You lost.  Even a one vote difference and you still would have lost.

  4. 7 minutes ago, DEATH said:

    I think it all revolves around the Freedom of Movement of people, the MPs & Lords want to keep this.

    Freedom of Movement would eventually have us rejoining the EU anyway at some future date (maybe 20 years down the line). The UK would just become another EU province when the British people are diluted to a minority here.

    The Lords could delay it a year.

    'Majority of peers in favour of delaying Article 50'

    Patience Wheatcroft, the Conservative peer, has told the BBC this morning that she believes a majority of peers in the House of Lords would be in favour of delaying Article 50.

    As several of us said at the time: that was the last winnable vote.

    If freedom of movement stays then Britain dies as a credible nation state so there then becomes no reason to leave the EU.

  5. On 14/10/2016 at 0:21 PM, Frank Hovis said:

    Yes, I have never joined a protest in my life but failure to leave would see me on the streets and there would be the first ever series of middle class riots.

    And when the government loses the middle class it falls.

    Quoting myself but I stand by this.  I would be prepared to go to prison.

  6. He has done exactly what was asked of him; kept interest rates ludicrously low, got QE going again, and lent spurious weight to Osborne's pronouncements of economic Armageddon should we dare to vote Brexit.

    He has done all of that whilst cooking up regular faux economic reasons for doing that whilst repeatedly changing his stance and appearing to be in favour of raising interest rates at some point in the distant future just often enough to stop people realising that this is the last thing he wants to do.

    He is a good and faithful servant of the Brown, Greenspan, and Osborne school of asset bubbles and as they have been found out and dismissed so should he be.

  7. :-)

    Poland stays in. Too much free money is being thrown at Poland at the moment to leave.

    When the money's gone, Poland - alongside other EE countries - will be out. Especially given the crazy demands re accepting illegal immigrants from Germany, or the idea of inviting Turkey to join in...

    Very wise.

    I'm surprised that places like Spain and Portugal haven't already started looking to leave as they've had all their roads and bridges built so the tap has been turned off.

    You wonder how far the German people are prepared to accept it being flooded with muslim immigrants whilst picking up the multi billion pound bill for new joiners. Until it finally descends into irretrievable anarchy would be Merkel's preference.

  8. The fact that this thread is 19 pages now *proves* that a new referendum for scotland os the biggest issue on the agenda today. And tbat Nicola Sturgeon is an omniscient machiavellian God. And that the SNP perfectly enguneered the outcome of Brexit...and...um...help me out, what am I missing :)


    The English hate us and want to destroy us but the EU is our wise and beneficient friend that will bestow endless bounty upon us in sheer gratitude for our joining them.

  9. My thoughts precisely.

    However, at the moment, Scotland keeps blaming England for its problems. Once in the EU, Scotland will have another 24 countries to blame for its problems.

    I also can't wait to see the Scottish love of the diktat from Berlin&Paris unfolding in years to come.

    The "real" EU met yesterday (six countries only - the rest were uninvited) to decide what next. How's that for democracy?

    Please not "Scotland" it's the SNP.

    The ones who so despise that Scotland is ruled by Westminster that they want to keep its currency yet are avidly desirous of being ruled by Brussels.

    Schizophrenia in a political party.

    We want FREEDOM just like Greece has!

  10. Because they are annoying scotch &rseholes wanting to dictate their wet dreams to the rest of us

    And the rest of us don't want it

    Are you another one of them?

    Scunnered is Scottish and IIRC mildly in favour of Scottish independence.

    He is definitely not though a SNP troll like CyberNat and son of CyberNat.

  11. You are CyberNat and I claim my five pounds.

    As I said previously very few people give a stuff about a nation with a population smaller than Yorkshire so you attempt to make it seem important by being total arses to get a reaction.

    The SNP is silly and its only hope is convincing English people that it represents Scotland.

    It doesn't.

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