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  1. But it's still piss poor. This is what everyone forgets when they talk about paid employment in 2011. £1,100 imo isn't worth working harder for as it's pitiful. 5k more a month might get people interested, but these kind of pay increases are only for bankers.
  2. All I am doing is highlighting how pathetic salaries are in this country. If someone is happy in their work then that's great but It still doesn't disguise the fact that salaries in 2011 are a total joke, yet most people like to think that they are getting somewhere if they get a promotion. In terms of financial reward, they are'nt imo.
  3. 16k = £1,100 per month 20k = £1,300 per month 30k = £1,800 per month 40k = £2,400 per month Laughable. So someone in the top 5% of earners takes home £2,400 per month. Shockingly low and is why the middle classes are about to get burried. As you can see from the numbers above, there is little point in getting promoted these days, as most people are on between 20k and 40k.........a difference of £1,100 per month from top to bottom, which is quite frankly chicken feed and not worth the stress for. It's pathetic how 95% of the population work for practically nothing, yet get all worked up about job titles and other rubbish like that. The managers of the world don't do much better than the workers by the look of it.
  4. The middle class have always been disgusting creatures imo, as all they are interested in is looking wealthy. Nothing else matters to these pond life but impressing upon other w4nkers how well they are doing, even though they haven't got a pot to piss in. Pathetic creatures.
  5. Starving the poor is probably a good way to reduce unemployment levels. A World War is not an option though, as we're more civilised these days........
  6. 100% agree with this. Most so called "managers" are very stupid and very insecure. It's all about arselicking and backstabbing. Sickening really, how these people have no self respect, but there you go. TBH, most jobs you really wouldn't want to waste you life doing for 40 weeks, let alone 40 years.
  7. This is also very true. People who can think for themselves usually don't make great employees. Capitalism is all about "one size fits all". Anyone who doesn't fit or can't be controlled is an outcast. (This is probably why older workers find it so hard to gain employment. It's easier to control younger people.)
  8. Seems to be a hell of a lot of graduates that are good at making Big Macs. This says, either, that the education system is complete sh1te, or that there isn't enough proper jobs to go round.
  9. Like I said earlier, 15k-18k a year would be more than enough for most people if shelter was affordable. I put it badly, but I was trying to make the point that sometimes businesses don't really understand that what they are paying just isn't enough in this climate. All I see though, is everyone (not yourself or other HPC'ers) wanting to keep house prices high. Crazy days.
  10. OK then, can you explain to me clearly how someone can house themselves in 2011 earning 16k-22k a year?? It might not be an employers responsibility to house it's employees, but if someone is homeless, how can they work?? Sleeping out on the street at night and then coming to work in the morning might not go down too well in the office. So it's either massive pay increases or a massive houseprice crash. That's your choice.
  11. The way I look at it, if a business can't pay it's employee's enough to live on, then that business should close. I think many forget that there is no point, whatsoever, in working all week, if you can't provide yourself with shelter, food and heat. Minimum wage needs to be at least £30k these days, if one needs to either pay £600 per month for a 100k mortgage or £600 per month for rent. 30k per year would net you around £1,800 per month. 20k would earn you after tax around £1,200 per month, so even on 20k, which is far above minimum wage, you would still have to fork out 50% of your salary for shelter. Or in otherwords, a complete non starter. 50% is far too much and everyone knows it, so why do we all still delude ourselves into thinking that a company paying someone minimum wage or 20k or some other rubbish like that are doing anyone a favour. All they are doing is using people. That's the fact of the matter.
  12. Well said wonderpup. It is laughable how the business asswipes think we should all be grateful...........for what exactly?? Useless, self serving b4stards, the lot of them.
  13. Agree with that, but I guess an employer who can't pay an employee a living wage is of little use anyway. TBH, an average salary of, say, £18k would be fine if accomodation was affordable. The elephant in the room is property prices.
  14. You can't run a business with just managers. The point is, once you run out of mugs willing to work for a wage that they can't live on, the games up. That time could be closer than some think imo.
  15. 100% agree. I always laugh when employers think employees should be grateful for having a job. What utter rubbish. Most employers are very lucky to find people willing to work 40 hours a week for a couple of hundred quid these days.
  16. Applicants say employers lack a living wage.................. Anyone thinking that anything under £30k a year these days is worthwhile are kidding themselves on. Most jobs pay less than this, so most jobs will go unfilled as, I hope, millions tell these useless employers to beat it.
  17. No point in working if you can't afford shelter. It's that simple. Either, the minimum wage rises to £30k a year or house prices crash by 75%. That's the choice.
  18. I think this is what happends when you get systematic breakdown and state failure. Maybe kids today couldn't give a toss about education, as they know there is no chance of them gaining a stake in society. All they will get is older generations debt to pay and a shitty job that don't pay enough to live on. Sickening. Listen to me, employers a bloody useless articles who want to use people up for as little as possible. Feck em.
  19. Employers are the problem. If they want to pay a salary that isn't enough to live on, why do they think anyone would want to work for them?? In truth, no one gives a toss these days because if you can't afford shelter after a days work, there is no point in working. The dumb bastards we have running the country and the asswips who are complaining haven't quite grasped that concept. People might think about work when they can find affordable shelter from the rain. Looks like this will not happen anytime soon so they can stick their pathetic, slave labour jobs up their ****.
  20. I really don't hate anyone personally, but what I do hate is the way the western world has went since the end of the second world war. The boomer generation grew up and governed this period in time with stupid ideas about how debt was the road to riches. Well it isn't, as we now know. The American dream was and is a nonsense but boomers bought into anyway, watching bloody TV adverts in the 60's, 70's and 80's and borrowing more and more to feed their insecurity. They brought up their kids to believe that debt was the way you got a new Ford Fiesta or a Holday in Spain. Most were and are just as poor as their parents, but they thought they were better because they had credit. Same with mortgages. Let's all take out a 30 year loan so that we can pretend that we're wealthy and successful, even though we haven't got a pot to piss in. A broken model. It's all over now though.
  21. George W Bush was born in 1946, so he's one. Fred Goodwin was born in 1958, so he's also one. Merv was born in 1948, so he's one too.
  22. Phil was born in 1969 so was probably the child of a boomer. Kirsty was born in 71 so she too probably took her "me first" attitude from a boomer. Most boomers (although not all) are greedy self serving degenerates imo. Like I said before, history won't look kindly on efforts like Brown, Blair, Bush, Yuppies, Goodwin, Merv, and many other assorted weirdos born in the few decades after WW2.
  23. Let's just go with the 1975 cut off date. The boomer generation had too many self servers in it who only thought about themselves. This was encouraged after WW2 when everyone thought they could live the American dream by borrowing money (HP). The generation before the war knew about comunities and repairing and fixing things, rather than consuming, which the boomers have been very good at. The most environmentally damaging generation the world has ever seen and look and the state they've left it in. Disgraceful.
  24. Most of the poor young sods who bought a stupid prices over the past 8 years were no doubt getting rubbish advice from their boomer parents, the boomer bank manager and many other old gits throwing in lines like - "you can't go wrong with bricks and mortar" "property prices only ever go up" "get on the ladder now, or miss out" The youngsters were just cannon fodder for the older generation the use, as usual. We had Kirsty and Phil (a couple more boomers) talking shite on TV every night about ladders and getting on them etc. We had Gordon Brown (another boomer) talking utter shite every day. We had Darling talking utter shite every day too (another one). Merv....another one etc, etc , etc. Imagine doing that to your children and then still being able to sleep at night?? Very sad, the kind of people that were bred after WW2. (nearly forgot Tony Blair...another one, George Bush...another, Ed Balls another, Sir Fred Goodwin...another one)
  25. I hope then that most people in their 40's, 50's and 60's won't mind when their property loses half it's value over the coming few years. I hope it is just about the house and not about the investment. The evidence suggests, though, that the country and the homeowners who populate it would do anything to keep property prices high and to hell with their children and grandchildren's future. That is beyond disgraceful imo, but that looks like what we've got at the moment.
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