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  1. Well most business owners won't see any growth.....ever again probably. We're fooked. If people can't borrow another buck and have no disposable income to spend, the games up. Everyone will go the the wall....business owners, employees, everyone.
  2. I don't understand how on the one hand we get low salaries yet on the other we're told to "spend to save the economy". Spend what exactly?? The current system is broken as no one has any money to buy anything with. So in turn everyone goes on the dole. It's such a simple idea - Pay employees more money so that employees spend more money. This is the last thing our system wants to hear though, as the rich are complete idiots who can't see the big picture and who want the whole pie for themselves.
  3. Agree 100% with the op. The system of reward has gone to hell when we've got people on £25k and £30k a year who can't even afford decent shelter. How then can they do they're bit and spend down the shops to save the economy?? Laughable nonsense, the whole setup. What employees need is a fair share of the pie. What we don't need is a few picking up £1million+ a year while everyone else gets tossed a few coppers. That's not going to pay back debt or stimulate the economy, is it.
  4. Looks to me like it's another case of anyone who doesn't want a brick house in a fix location gets attacked and locked up. It looks like paranoia, as the state tries to keep us all under it's control at any cost. No one shall build shelter on land without the say so of the elite, as they must get their cut. It's all very pathetic if you ask me.
  5. Anyone who works for a company can also buy shares in it, if it's floated. I would suggest that most employees do just that, so that they can go to the AGM and tell the people who run it for them what they think. Let's remember that the shareholders own the company, so this definitely gives an employee a say in how the company they work for is run.
  6. "It's the outlook for inflation, rather than it's present level, that matters". At 5.6%, we need not worry. It's all about next year.
  7. "Provision of additional liquidity support to troubled nations can buy time." "Unsustainably low Interest rates have bought time."
  8. What I find laughable is that so many people think £2,400 a month is good. Giving up most of your life for a couple of grand a month is a shockingly bad deal. Same with giving up most of your life for £1,000 a month or £800 a month. What a bloody waste of time and effort that is. All that is happening is that the capital owners are laughing at the workers all running around going to work everyday for a few coppers in order to serve a huge mortgage/rent payment. That's what i'm trying to get at. The distribution of wealth is shockingly bad, yet people are still happy to work for, in the grand scheme of things, bugger all.
  9. Nothing trolling about it. It's the truth. Most people in paid employment in 2011 can't afford to live without debt.
  10. A decent average wage imo is one that - A. Pays for at least average accomodation = £1,200 per month B. Pay for all bills = £500 per month C. Pays for one small car = £500 per month (including insurance and tax) D. Pays for food and clothing = £200 per month E. Allows some kind of saving = £500 per month If you add all that up, it comes to roughly £3,000 per month. So a salary of 52k per year should do it. This thread is all about cost of living v how much we all get paid. As we all know, if you could rent or buy a property for £200 per month, a large salary is not really needed. This thread is also about showing up how piss poor most people get paid compared to a few super earners who are happy that we are all desperate to work for buttons.
  11. It's fecking pathetic this country. Once you've secured that shit job in poundland, then what?? You can treat yourself to a bigger cardboard box to sleep in..........
  12. Things are getting out of hand now, but the only solution is printy. A depression may seem like a good option by Christmas. State falure is what we've got.
  13. Northern Ontario (Gravenhurst). Done a quick search and you can buy a detached property with land for under 100k. Probably not one in the best of conditions, but you get a load of space. The one thing we don't get here. As for employment, well a lumberjack maybe?? (got an I.T degree, but that means bugger all these days.)
  14. I really feel sorry for the younger ones, who have been sold down the river by this bloody country. I agree with what's been said. If you can't provide shelter for yourself and your family after a days work, what's the point in working. I'm an old man of 36 and feel like it's all got away from me. Canada will probably be my destination (no kids), as I've got family there. Don't know how much better (or worse) it will be than the UK, but I do know that this country has failed me and everyone else born since the mid 70's.
  15. 100% agree with that Fergie. What we have here is a very small percentage of the population who are vastly wealthy and in turn, exploit everyone else (all those who are in paid employment and all those who are on the dole).
  16. It would be good to think that we have moved on over the past 500 years, but in truth we haven't. The poor (majority) get used up to feed the wealthy. Same as it ever was. So capitalism has to go it seems, as it's not working for most of the people on earth.
  17. The point of this thread is to show just how little, in the grand scheme of things, 95% of the population earn. Of course I know that 40k a year v dole is a massive gap. But the gap from an average wage of say £25k a year to a director, banker, footballer earning millions a year is even bigger. People on 40k these days are probably living hand to mouth, just like the dole claimer. Everyones poor really (some more than others, granted), unless they can generate an income from capital imo. Capitalism...the clues in the name. Working people never get the chance to build up capital and so are forced to sell themselves for 40 years in return for a pathetic amount of cash in return.
  18. You might be able to live comfortably if you bought your house before 2001, but if you're paying £1,200 a month on the mortgage + all the bills, £2,400 is useless really. Anyway, I'm just using the £2,400 as an example of how little most people are willing to work for. IMO a comfortable lifestyle involves having capital that's earns a proper return, but if you think £2,400 a month is good for someone in the top 5% of UK earners, that's fine.
  19. An idea that I have is that each employee get's his/her basic salary and then receives the same again in stock. This way, the more years they work for a company, the bigger the stake they have in the company. An easy way of giving employees a point to getting out of bed in the morning.
  20. The solution is that the employees deserve a decent share of the pie. How can it be right that most are running around earning under 40k, yet a few directors can pull down 1 million+ each. And then we have the bankers we love so much taking 1 million+ bonuses.
  21. What I'm trying to point out is that someone on 40k and someone on 20k are both just poor. One might have a few hundred more each month to spend on tat, but that doesn't mean they are wealthy. The system is there to make employees think that they are getting something out of it, but nearly everyone lives hand to mouth and have no capital. That's all I need to know.
  22. I disagree. £2,400 a month is chicken feed in this day and age. Agree £1,300 is pathetic, but the point I'm trying to make is thatno one get's very much out of the system by working for an employer, using up the best hours of your day for decades, only to drop dead. As someone said earlier, slavery.
  23. Maybe I'm just a bit mad, but £1,100 is hardly worth getting excited about, especially if that's you in the top 5% of earners. Yes you may have a better car and a newer iphone, but that doesn't make you wealthy. Whether on 16k or 40k, we're just another worker, as everyone in paid employment is. Some get a few hundred more than others, but everyone is in the same boat. Poor.
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