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  1. Why do you think the western world has gone to hell like it has over the past few years?? All that HP since WW2 and mortgages to buy shitholes have done this. 95% of the population should be kept well away from mortgages and any kind of credit, because they are muppets and muppets are the arsehole of capitalism. Desperate advert watching w4nkers who would be better off in the poor house rather than buying rubbish on credit. We've had 60 years of the peasents trying to look cool. It's all over now though.
  2. Listen to me you bunch of old gits, someone on 40k today (or £2,400 a month) would have to pay 50% of that to buy a reasonable family home = £200k. I'm pretty sure someone in the top 5% of earners in the 70's paid far less than 50% of their take home per month for a reasonable family home. So don't talk to me or anyone of my generation about how hard the dirty leeching boomers had it. These b4stards used up every resource going, because they thought they were changing the world. Wrong. Just a bunch of insecure w4nkers imo.
  3. Very well said. Spot on. The boomer generation has been the most destructive the planet has ever seen, because they all watched adverts on TV and thought they could be successful too by using up the worlds resources. Dumb as a post, the lot of them.
  4. Boomers are the most insecure generation we've ever had. They watched adverts for Morris Marina's and believed that buying one would turn them into successful people. Wrong. Just muppets.
  5. 100% agree with that. What a bloody waste of a life working as an employee for 40 years really is. And like this thread has pointed out, most employed people live hand to mouth, just like the guy on the dole. What's the point??
  6. You have to laugh at the hypocrisy of it all. Bail the banks out to the tune of hundreds of billions, but let's just blame the guy getting 60 quid a week dole. The taxpayer obviously doesn't mind paying bankers bonuses, but the guy with no job and no money for food deserves feck all. Oh, how pathetic this country really is.
  7. What every employee needs to remember is that they are just the trash at the bottom of the capitalist system. Canon fodder who spend their lives running around after the elite, desperate to get their rubbish hand out each month so they can pay it all to the bank in debt payments. 95% of the population might as well just call it a day imo. Their lives are a total waste of time as they are just slaves.
  8. Agree tinker. We've got a country full of asswipes who want to work for nothing and are even desperate to. They want to fit in and be the same as every other degenerate, so the system can control and explot them all their lives. They buy rubbish that they don't need as a substitute for having to waste their life working in a non job. Tragic.
  9. It costs far more to transport someone to and from a place of employment every day, rather than let someone stay in bed. A weeks worth of fuel costs to and from work alone will cover a weeks worth of dole and the guy on the dole isn't using a natural resource every day. He also isn't buying a lot of made in China shite on a Saturday at the shopping centre, which is also saving resources. Being on the dole is a greener lifestyle than working. No doubt about that.
  10. Public sector non jobs probably cost the taxpayer just as much as those on the dole. The taxpaper picks up the bill for all the public sector wasters on 50k+ a year who also do feck all. What a waste of tax they are.
  11. No ones forcing you to work in order to pay for those on the dole. Go and sign on yourself. Most of the jobs in this country are underpaid and shite imo. No one in there right mind would want to waste their lives doing them. Forcing someone to work who doesn't want to is a complete waste of time. If they get cut off without a penny then they will no doubt go on the rob, get caught and locked up which will, again, cost the taxpayer. In the jail they get xboxes and TV, plus regular food and shelter, but they don't have to work for it.
  12. I always laugh when I hear people complain about having to work to pay for those on the dole. Those who complain don't have to work themselves. They choose to, so that they can buy crap cars and tat from China in order to look successful. Everyone has the choice not to work. Most obviously do it for the money, as they hate getting up early and wasting their life's listening to arseholes talking shite all day. People need to remember that the vast majority of jobs are non jobs. No one needs 20 kinds of shampoo or fecking teabag, yet each of these companies employ degenerates to sell us all this shite that no one actually needs. It should be "on the dole" for around 50% of the population imo. Waste of space that they are.
  13. There's a strange misconception in this country that everyone want's a job. Most people who have a job, hate it and most people who don't have a job are probably less stressed. What people want is money to by tat with. That's why they work. Not because they love wasting most of their life doing some useless task for a handout.
  14. Wonder what would happen if you kept signing on, but didn't take the dole money. How would they get you into line then I wonder??
  15. If someone really doesn't want a job, it's very easy to apply for jobs and then if they get an interview, act a bit daft to make sure they don't get it. This keeps the job centre happy and means the person get's what they want too. It's a bloody stupid system anyway if you ask me. Pay everyone a citizens income and thoughs who want to work can earn more so that they can buy a BMW and a big TV. Those who don't get less. Simple as that really.
  16. guitarman, I remember (you will too) that just about eveyone laughed at housepricecrash.co.uk before 2008. I tried telling people I knew that paying over the odds for a house might not be such a great idea and was called a loser. "Get on the ladder or get left behind" is what I was told. Now that most of the population have burried the country, I'm not going to be overjoyed about it. The clowns have destroyed everything in their quest of greed. The banks laughed at them and are still laughing now. Like I said before, most people should have never been allowed anywhere near credit of any kind, as this is what you get when you give every man and his dog as much as they want. It's a right muppet fest and no mistake.
  17. Merv wants to bailout those with huge mortgages and crazy amounts of debt at the expense of everyone else. We all get inflation, even though some of us didn't contribute to the carnage. There are many people locked out of the housing market because of whats gone on over the past ten years, so that's what makes me look with disgust at most of the population. Feck 'Em. My life has been affected by the millions of utter w4nkers who can't stop buying overpriced houses and made in China sh1te on the bloody credit card. That's what it's got to do with me.
  18. I'm not drunk, but this is the reality of the UK in 2011. Full of desperate borrowing clowns, all trying to pretend that they have a few bob when the reality is that they are just slaves. Always were, as borrowing money never made anyone wealthy, yet all I see are new cars bought on finance and the desperate hard working families all wanting that 50" LED TV, even though they earn feck all from their slave jobs. What's the point of any of it??
  19. Like those people who get all worked up about which mixer tap will fit in with their bathroom look. Or the arsehole who buys a new family hatchback on tick, because he needs to fill his insecurity with a new number plate. Or the propery w4nkers who get all excited about that 3 bed semi that they borrowed 200k from a scum bank for. Then they fill the banks house full of what they think is tasteful made in China shite.......all on credit of course. What a sickening country full of asswipes we really have here. We need a total change away from the consuming, planet wasting leeches that we have at the moment. Utter scum imo.
  20. Agree with this. Merv is trying to stop mass mortgage default by making everyone poorer through that bloody printing press. The only way this is going is bank failure imo. No ones going to pay back anything. This is what happens when you lend stupid amounts to anybody who could lie....i.e, just about everyone.
  21. The population of the west need to remember the days from 1945 till 2008. This period was when most of the world's resources were used up, so that the peasents could pretend at being cool and rich. Unfortunately, 95% of the population are poor, just like the good old days of the slaves. Consumerism was created by the slave borrowing money that they had not earned from scum money lenders, who in turn charged interest every step of the way. All those houses, cars, washing machines, fitted kitchens, holidays to the sun, gym memberships, Nike runners, ipods, laptops, 50" screens are all on loan.........and time is now up. Have you got the money for this lot?? If not, don't pass go. Go straight to the poor house.
  22. Anyone who took out a 95%+ mortgage over the past 5 years might as well just hand the keys back to the bank. Being in negative equity for the rest of your life is not exactly appealing. A country full of muppets is what we have here, who should have never been allowed anywhere near a self cert (liar loan) application form.
  23. Why is everyone so excited about getting a job paying £25k a year?? That isn't going to get the economy going. 50k minimum is what is required these days. Anything else is just p1ssing in the wind imo.
  24. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Why not just let the general public print their own fecking money. Then they can pay off all their debt and still grow the economy by going to the shops every day to buy Chinese sh1te. Everyones a winner!!
  25. I see where you are coming from cells. It's the root capital owners that pull the stings and have stockpiled all the wealth. Anyway, an employee gets a piss poor deal, as they're at the bottom of the food chain. Employees must give up their time and have knowledge and education, whereas an employer must only give up a few quid each month to pay them. So the employee brings more than they get back imo.
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