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  1. Italy are toast it seems. They need 10's of billions within days and 100's billions next year. ITV news at 6 - "There is no plan in place"......or words to that effect. It's a fecking disgrace how bad this is getting. Time to stock up on beans.
  2. Agree leicestersq. This is common sense that is sadly lacking in the UK these days. Pay everyone £100 a week and do away with all benefits. Those who want to earn more than this can get a job, in order to fund their made in China shite.
  3. "Forced to do voluntary work"..... Bloody hell, this country is pathetic. How do you force someone to work who has no interest?? You can stop their money and they die of hunger on the street I guess. The government should be honest and say they anyone on the dole for more than 2 years will be killed. That way, the state saves money and keeps all the hard working Daily Mail reading asswipes on 20k a year happy. I laugh at how people actually want to pay tax to the government, so that they can give it to the banks.
  4. A population without critical thinking skills rent overpriced properties from the bank, then tell everyone they are homeowners.
  5. The system is dead. We might as well throw away this version of capitalism and start a new one. Printing money.......
  6. What I find sickening is that many people in the UK want to keep this system going, even though they are being bled dry. A large part of the population need to admit to themselves that they can't afford their liabilities and default. Most people who have bought a house and MEW'ed over the past 6 years should just stop all the little games and go to the wall, as should 90% of the financial sector. The games will be up soon though, I think. This can't go on past the US elections next year imo. Money printing hasn't worked so now it's time to take out the waste.
  7. Let's face it, most people do non jobs that the world could do without. We do however need proper services and should pay proper salaries to those who do valuable jobs. Just about everyone else would be better off forgetting it though. Do we really need many of the products that we see in the shops, or many of the services that are on offer? I don't think so. Someone on the dole who doesn't work is called lazy. Someone with £10million in the bank who doesn't work is called successful, even if they got that £10 million from the lottery, or by working in the city as a gambler for a few years.
  8. How can people stand up for the current system that we have. FFS open your eyes and look at the state of the western world through following the model we have at the moment - Brainwashing At School, University, Poorly Paid Career, Marrage, Mortgage, Children, Crushing Debts, Death. Like I said before, when it comes right down to the bottom line, most people want to be controlled by the bankers and the politicians. People moan about bankers bonuses, but are quite happy to borrow 20k for a car, or a fitted kitchen, or a holiday etc, etc, etc. It make no sense to me, all these protests against the system, if no one actually wants proper change.
  9. I actually quite fancy Kirsty. She talks utter rubbish but I would still love to plough her field. (this sickness has no cure.)
  10. The whole point of this topic was to show how the state wants everyone to get married and have kids, as they are then easier to control. Banks love married men with wives who want a nice house and a fitted kitchen all on credit. Most people are just working to pay most of their salary to the banks. The banks laugh and collect every month, for decades and decades. The last thing the state and the banking system wants is people who tell them to piss off and who won't work 40 hours a week for 40 years getting into more and more debt until they die. It looks to me like most people want to be controlled by the state and the bankers, even though they moan and complain about it.
  11. All the things in that rant are fine, as long as you can afford it all. By all means get married, have kids and buy property and BMW's if you can afford to, with real cash. If not then don't drag the whole fecking country down by deluding yourself into thinking that earning 25k a year or whatever is enough, meanwhile borrowing yourself into the poor house. Part time employment suits me just fine, as working five days a week for a tiny handout is a waste of a life imo.
  12. Why, it's the truth. Those born just after WW2 thought they were special, when in actual fact, they were just degenerates who needed to feed their insecurity with a new Ford Cortina. It's so fecking pathetic how advertising turned the boomers into greedy, insecure wastes of space who would sell their parents and their kids in order to keep up with their peers. Well they can feck right off and get in that bloody old folks home out of the road.
  13. Insecure consumerism has been the final nail in the coffin for western capitalism. Advertising and making people feel like losers unless they have a new car or a fitted kitchen has brought us to this. This disease is mainly an American and British infliction and the cure is to teach children to respect themselves. They need to be taught that living a lie is not what life is all about and that borrowing money to buy cheap shite isn't the road to wealth and success. Countries I would say have a better balance are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand. Capitalist countries that are not totally absorbed with insecurity about not having the latest iphone.
  14. I blame the older generations for giving these young people useless advice. Stuff like - "Get on the property ladder now" "Property prices only ever go up" "You can't beat bricks and mortar as an investment" All the kids listened to and believed these old imbeciles and because they did, the rope was put around their necks. 30 years in negative equity wasn't mentioned during the glory days of hpi. Pathetic old clowns are to blame for this one. The kids were just the cannon fodder to feed the older generations greed. Sickening.
  15. These things have to be said though. Things like - 1. It's the insecure middle classes that have caused this economic meltdown with their desperation to keep up with other insecure middle class wasters by borrowing themselves into destitution. 2. Bankers and anyone who works for a bank are scum. 3. Our politicians are useless wee boys who couldn't run a bath, let alone a country. 4. Most people in the western world are deluded imbeciles.
  16. I do laugh at it all. It's a crazy situation that we've found ourselves in, 60 years after WW2. Waves of muppets all wanting to live the American dream on 25k a year...... The last laugh will be on those who have mortgages. I can't wait for it all to go down the pan here, just like the PIIGS of Europe.
  17. Stupid hookers. Insecurity runs riot with this lot, just like with just about everyone else in this rat hole of a country. And another thing, I really hate the BMW Mini. It's total shite and usually driving by a poor tart who can't park.
  18. The muppets want to go to university and get a crap job with a daft title and get married to another loser and buy a house, car and other assorted made in China shite on credit and then have children that the world does'nt need anyway. It would be nice if we had a country filled with people who could think for themselves, as then we may have avoided this disaster that we now face. All those self cert, housebuying bellends should really be locked up for crimes against the country. Nothing ever changes with human beings. Always the same sheep mentality that runs riot and always the same end result of no one having the ability to think for themselves. People like being controlled it seems.
  19. Boomers will be remembered for using up the planets resources in the 63 years between 1945 to 2008. The grasping ones will not be remembered with any real affection though. Insecurity has destroyed this lot as they always believed what the advertisers told them. Fecking tragic if you ask me.
  20. Quote - "We hear the same thing in each bubble. This time it's different." Same old sh1te this time too. This time it's..........the same as every other bubble. Bankrupt time for everyone!!
  21. Quote - "The markets were a law unto themselves. Insider trading was rife." Oh yes....things have certainly moved on in the 82 years since.
  22. "With easy credit and disposible income, Americans were looking for ways to become even richer". lol. Debt = Wealth.....even in 1929.
  23. A 50k deposit then. Even if they were saving a grand a month, it would still take them over 4 years to save that. And lets remember, these are the people earning 40k a year. What about the poor sods earning 16k etc?? Boomers will be remembered as a dirty stain in the history of humanity who nearly killed the planet with their greed.
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