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  1. and are now going to go bankrupt because they never owned their home, the bank did. They never owned their car, the bank/finance company did. They never paid for their holidays, the Credit Card did. Oh yes, a country full of poor working people, who should never have been allowed anywhere near a credit agreement are about to go to the poor house. *****ers, the lot of them. Hester is entitled to his bonus because it's paid for by the millions of fecking idiots who are desperate to borrow money for that "dream house" and that shitty people carrier........who are also the tax payers who own RBS..... You couldn't make this sh1t up. A tragic country and no mistake. Only going to get worse as the muppets still want a new car and three holidays a year.......where's the fecking money coming from though??
  2. Too many people thought they were rich when really they were just feking mugs. More of the population need to go bankrupt as a lesson in basic finance. Looking forward to the governments response to mass default.
  3. Working full time is a complete waste of a persons life. The hours spent doing non jobs can never be recovered. Fecking pathetic if you ask me. You can stick being a slave up your ****.
  4. people will have no reason to work. You have to laugh at the disaster that this country has found itself in where young people don't see any point in working (even if there where any jobs worth doing) because thay can't afford shelter. Do the goverment think this is a long term winner for the country???..........or are they just very stupid??
  5. Most people can't afford to run a car anyway. Wage slaves should be on the bus or walking. You have to laugh at how poor most people really are. Pathetic!
  6. Had to laugh at the report on the slums of India and how these shacks are now changing hands for large sums of money. An Indian talking head was on talking about how many are finding it hard to get on the property ladder. WTF is the world coming too when the places that people use to live when they were homeless are now the first rung of the ladder and something to aspire to. WTF are we going to get here in the uk. Tent price inflation? You honestly couldn't make this up. The world has lost the plot. Slum price inflation.........
  7. More full the mugs who actually want to pay tax then. What did they all expect?? Working full time is for imbeciles. Just like getting into massive amounts of debt is for imbeciles. We have many imbeciles in the West. Debt never made anyone wealthy...............
  8. Between the useless politicians, the scum bankers and the general public who like liar loans and MEWing, there is practically no one decent left in the western world. Everyone has turned into self serving trash. This is how Rome ended. Corruption eventually devoured the state. This is where the west is now. Capitalism is going to fail, as we have too many corrupt people dragging it down.
  9. It isn't worth wasting your life working full time for a pathetic handout every month. Part time is much better. Less money, but then who needs a new Ford Fiesta and a load of Apple shite anyway. Work part time and get the dole to pay your rent is the life. Anyone working full time to pay a mortgage needs their head read imo. Dumb bastards that they are, as all they are doing is working to give their salary to the bankers that we all hate so much. You couldn't make it up.
  10. It's been a constant stream of old pr1cks who should really have all been hung from tall trees. Dirty, corrupt old b4stards that they are. Sickening.
  11. Just had a think about how bad things are going to get. When we see unemployment at 10 million and we get mass defaults on mortgages, loans and credit cards, most people will be made bankrupt and will be forced onto the streets. No money for food or shelter, they will sleep in tents and in caravans and go hunting in the woods for rabbit etc to cook in a stew. How is George going to tax them all?? There must be a way for the state to get it's cut of that rabbit.
  12. Danny's now said "Low interest rates will be put at risk by putting in Labours alternative plan"..... It's a fecking disgrace. Crazy maniacs the lot of them.
  13. Paxmans asking Danny Alexander how they're going to find 28 billion.
  14. HPC'ers all thought the (debt) hole would lead to riots and unrest. Now we find it's bigger than that. Oh dear.........I fear it's beans and shotguns time.
  15. You have to laugh at how bad things actually are. Tomorrow we see strikes by the public sector because they have to pay more for their pensions. There's not going to be a public sector very soon, just like there's not going to be a stable country. There ain't no fixing this one without wiping out everyones debt.....today. WTF are they waiting for??
  16. 100% agree. The dummies running this country don't seem to understand that working is of no use if you can't provide shelter for yourself after a day at work. It's common sense. No one has common sense these days though.
  17. No ones forcing you to work to pay for those on the dole. You work because you want to buy made in China shite and to have a job title that you can quote when at middle class asswipe dinner parties. Go on the dole yourself, then you won't be paying for anyone.
  18. Who needs democracy or a freemarket when the printing press gets switched on. The west might as well print enough to pay everyones debt and give them 10 years worth of salary to spend down the shops, in order to stimulate our economies. The countries and banks get all debts repaid and the guy on the street can spend for the economic recovery. Everyones a winner.......
  19. It's the paranoia about people not working that I laugh at, as being a wage slave isn't anything to aspire to either. Most jobs are non jobs anyway. The world doesn't need most of what people do five days a week. Degenerates shuffling bits of paper and trying to look busy is pathetic. Many with jobs are not needed. At least a guy on the dole is honest about it.
  20. It looks like many on here hate the idea of their taxes going to people with nothing at all, yet are quite happy that their taxes are going to bail out rich bankers, hundereds of billions at a time. You couldn't make it up.
  21. An Italian talking head on BBC News24 has just said that they are in better shape than Greece and Spain...... That's comforting to know.
  22. In the rented place that they can get for £100 per month after we've had our financial collapse. Everyones a winner.
  23. If Italy fall down a hole, they'll be taking a few banks with them. Merv better get ready for another bailout. Anyone manufacturing money printing presses must be doing well these days. It's all going to hell now and no ones got a clue what to do. The recovery bus is on standby though -
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