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  1. Greece looks like a complete shithole full of homeless people. At the start of the program, Germans were calling them "Lazy Dogs" and the Greeks were burning German flags. Maybe time for another European war?
  2. Another useless business gone bust. No one needs companies like Clinton Cards. A complete waste of space, just like Game, HMV and just about every other shop these days.
  3. This is what happens when you give financial illiterates access to credit. Most of the population should still be living in mud huts as they are just poor. Simple as that. It's laughable to suggest that living standards have progressed in 100 years. They haven't. The only thing that has changed is the ability of the poor to borrow cash. Look how well that one has turned out. 99% of people are living in poverty. The borrowed money just hid this for a while.
  4. Agree, the filthy dregs of humanity who borrowed/loaned and lied should all be hung from tall trees imo. Dirty wastes of air, the lot of them.
  5. What happens when there is nothing left for the majority? A few own all the assets and cash so do the 99% starve to death? Or do they hang the rich from lamp posts?
  6. It doesn't look like that these days. The young are looked upon with disgust by many and are left with nothing, while the older generations continue to use up the planet, the old b$stards that they are. Probably more riots to come in the future from all those kids and grandkids then.
  7. Employment is one issue. So is feeding all these people and putting a roof over their heads. If we keep going like this, another world war will be nessesary to take out the surplus, just like before.
  8. Wastes of space through no fault of their own, I should add.
  9. Youth unemployment at the moment is shocking. Most of these kids have nothing to do as our western countries crumble. No jobs, no houses, no capital, massive student loan debt. Is it really smart to be bringing more wastes of space into the world?? I don't think so.
  10. so why does each country still encourage us all to get married and make more humans. What exactly are all these babies going to do in the future, as we don't have enough to go round as it is (jobs/resources etc)??
  11. Marrage is just another trap for most men. The state can control men better if they have to work in order to pay the mortgage and feed the wife and kids. Why any man would want to sign away their freedom is anyones guess.
  12. People shouldn't be buying property as an investment anyway. You want to invest, try your luck with the markets. Those who start a business or buy equities on aim take a risk with their capital. Those who work in a non job for 40 years don't. This is why some are very wealthy in capitalism and others are poor. It's capital that you want, not interest payments to a bank.
  13. Which is why the dole is a better option. The only option is to starve the system.
  14. People can take on mortgages all they want Ungeared. But they can't then complain about how a bank goes about it's business if they are happy to pay double what they bought their property for in interest payments over 25/30 years. That's for idiots. Buying a house is a great idea if you can pay cash. Most people are poor though and have to crawl to the scum bankers. No self respect.
  15. What would happen if all borrowing stopped tomorrow? Would David and George print? Anyone who keeps large amounts of cash in a 2% savings account is a clown too, agree. Starve the banks to death is the only option. Merv can print all he likes but he's on the road to hell too.
  16. The banks are lying but the people still fall for it because they want a new car, house, kitchen, holiday, but earn feck all so borrow magic money from the scum bankers. The same people then can't talk about bonuses being shocking if they don't have a fecking clue how the system works. Like I said, a country full of dummies who should be kept well away from any credit/finance agreement.
  17. Thats fine too Dorkins. It's either hyperinflation or interest rates at 10%. Let's see how all the fecking borrowers get on under either of these situations.
  18. The goverment can borrow all they like until it's time to go to the imf, but people can still choose not to borrow in order to finance that new supermini or some other shite like that. Fecking rubbish the lot of it and that goes for most properties too. Shitty overpriced holes.
  19. We will too khards. David and Nick aren't going to pay back the trillion. Default is coming for us too, just like every other western country. Asswipes borrowing too much has brought us to this. I hope the mortgage holders/debt wasters, bankers and politicians all get hung from tall trees.
  20. Well thats fine then, but don't complain when bankers take all that interest/tax you pay and pay it to themselves in massive bonuses. People stop borrowing and it's all over. Remember that.
  21. People can refuse to be consumers and starve the elite to death, by refusing all forms of credit. Why is this such an alien concept? Or they can buy shares in Kurdistan oil explorers.....................
  22. If it's not going to happen, then Hester and the like will keep on taking year after year. You have to laugh at the outcry about the bonuses from people who probably have mortgages, loans and credit cards from a major bank (maybe RBS). What the feck do they expect if they are willing to sign up for stupid APR's. Muppets, the lot of them.
  23. The system would fold if the public stopped borrowing money to buy useless tat. The banks love people who want to be in debt for their whole lives. They can then pay themselves whatever they like, as the people got their shitty new build and crap car after all. It's the fecking capital that matters in capitalism, not the consumer possessions. Consumers are at the bottom of the food chain in our system, yet most people want it and are desperate to borrow more to get to the bottom quicker. Why?
  24. It would change quickly if the clowns stopped borrowing money to buy useless shite khards. As usual, the people have the power, but they are too stupid to use it.
  25. This is what happends when private companies control the money supply. The problem is we have too many middle class consumers who are desperate to borrow money from these private companies to buy overpriced shoeboxes and crappy cars in order to feed their insecurities. Someone borrows 200k to buy a house and pays back 400k over the 25year mortgage........no wonder the banks laugh at the public and pay themselves massive amounts. The public are fecking muppets who on the one hand want that shitty car on credit, but then complain when the banks take all that interest and pay it to themselves. Idiots need to stop fecking borrowing in order to starve the banks to death........and the governments need to stop throwing billions of tax payers money at them too. Will these two things stop happening anytime soon? I doubt it.
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