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  1. Alright crash-and-burn, taking exageration out of the argument, I have still have not found anyone put forward a case for people making 10 & 20 times more money on their house than they paid for it and thinking that it is OK. This kind of logic for a buyer is insane - Just hand over a lifetimes worth of hard earned money to someone who got lucky and made a killing on a sodding house. You get a lifetime of poverty, they get a jetset lifestyle at your expense. Crazy. But is seems that these days people in the UK will do anything to give their money away. Bloody stupid if you ask me. And as for rioting, it will get to this stage eventually if the greedy among us keep on acting like twats, but at present we can still try and make people see sense by using words, not petrol bombs
  2. I don't think it will take until the next generation for people to figure out that the UK is full of idiots. When this generation stops working and goes on the dole because working a 37hour week and living on the streets does'nt really appeal, everybody will then pay the price for Gordon Brown's disaster of an economy and the older generations greed!!!
  3. The older generation may have stretched themselves the get their first home. But probably not stretched into paying 6x salary, 50year mortgages. As prices stand at present, this story in quotes does'nt explain why many young people should have to fund these people's high life by paying 200k for a 10k house. Don't go thinking these old houses are worth anymore just because people are desperate to buy and make profit at present. Many people tell you not to moan about the situation, but moaning is better that rioting about it.
  4. A bit of an understatement this one. Prices in 2007 are not cheap I've said it before and i'll say it again, why should I and many other FTB pay a greedy tosser 200k for their crap house, that was probably built for 20k, so they can go nice holidays and by Audi TT's, when we will still be paying off the mortgage at 70 years of age or more. This makes no sense what so ever to anyone with the ability to think. When I'm not getting ripped off, them I might think about buying. Until then, stuff it.
  5. Agree 100% keep them poor and stupid should be the moto for Labour. Anyone under 35 needs to understand that the banks, estate agents and government want you to put up with this shit. Never let any old spud tell you that it was no better in their day. Just laugh at them. Tragic. I wouldn't worry too much however. Once the penny drops, this country is finished.
  6. Alright then, what about just poverty. Everyone knows that where you take your holiday is not the same as whether your kids eat a meal tonight. I always laugh when people seem to be proud that they have made money by exploiting others. In the UK there are plenty of families struggling to pay their way, because wages are pathetic and because houses prices are very high. There are also a great many people who can't afford even the basics, they may be on the dole, but still deserve a home, food and some sort of life. As usual though, the greedy among us want to get as much as they can, so they can show others how successful they are. "I bought the BTL because I want a nest egg" they crow, but by thinking only of themselves, they have shown their true colours. Self interest is OK up to a point, but that point has been far exceeded.
  7. I understand the issues drrayjo, but it is because of peoples desperation that house prices are out of hand. Makes me sick that no one can function properly because of the housing shortage (tossers buying 2 and 3 homes). But, remember that the general public have the ultimate power over Gordon Brown, Estate Agents and Banks. This lot would fold in a flash if people stopped thinking a 6x mortgage is a good idea.
  8. Selling up, I know he was only putting forward a statistic, but, having read many of the posts on housepricecrash over the last few years, it seems that many people think that bettering themselves at the expense of others is worthwhile. I don't mean to come across as a complete nutter, but am very sad that the people who need the most help are treated the worst. I'm not saying that I am any better, I just think about these issues more, and hope I don't take advantage of people less well off than myself. House prices have got out of hand because of greed, plain and simple, whether it be sellers, house builders of estate agents and, as usual, it's the people who need society's help the most, that end up being crushed. Being hostile is not my intention. Making people think about there actions, however, is.
  9. A typical selfish reply. I hope when you reach the end of your life, you can look back at you actions a feel proud!!!
  10. Can people on this forum and throughout the UK stop complaining about high house prices. If you would all stop thinking that a bigger house with a nice garden make's you a more valued member of society, this country may get back on it's feet. Stop Buying Houses!!!!! 6 months of no movement in the market should do the trick. You want cheaper prices, well, it's within your grasp. As long as you all use you brain.
  11. Really hate people like you. Just goes to show what the eighty's did to this contry. To think that you are better and deserve a better life than someone else because you come from a better area, family etc is below contempt. Every child in this country deserves a decent life, not just the one's who's parents have a tossing 4x4.
  12. Because they are complete trash. But most people in this country bought into the "ME FIRST" idea from the f**king 1980's.
  13. This is exactly why striving for better in the UK in 2007 is a complete waste of time. Why bother getting an education and a good job, when the only place you can afford to buy is an estate that is filled with punters on the dole who don't respect their surroundings. In Glasgow, there are shitty flats in the Drum selling for 70 & 80K. These are the places you would expect, in the past to get from the council. Flats like these should still be in council control. It is laughable that a flat here can sell for 70k, but the guy next door, who is a junkie and on the dole, gets his rent paid. Houses need to sell for what they are actually worth. Over the past 6 years people have forgotten this.
  14. Everyone should have the oportunity to rent a cheap home without frills. Most people will see this as a start to getting something better. Many more will regard it as roof over there heads, nothing more. This country is obsessed with class and who has what. Who Cares!!!! Stuff your people carriers and fitted kitchens, your plasma TV's and en-suit shower rooms. It's all going down the tubes!!! Being in a warm building in mid December is far more appealing than sitting out in the snow, but everyone seems to confuse basic need with showing their mates how well they are doing in life. The country is slowly going to the wall because of insecure people. No one can argue that seeing young men and women (or indeed anyone) living on the streets is something to be happy about - but the attitude of many seems to be "I've done well in life so who cares".
  15. Labour and that tool Gordon Brown thinks that if everybody has a huge 70 year mortgage, they will all slave away in jobs they hate until the day they drop. The banks love this arrangement as they get the proceeds of all that slavery. The person with the mortgage gets a roof over their heads, which the government should be providing to begin with. This is a crime against humanity. But people in the UK put up with it because they as scared to say NO. There should be basic council housing for everybody, without hardwood floors or expensive kitchens, just 4 walls and a roof. If you choose to trade up to a house with a bigger garden and en-suit then fine, if you can afford to. The day is coming very soon when the government and the older generations are going to regret this pathetic state of affairs. Young people won't want to work, COUNTRY GRINDS TO A HALT!!!
  16. All the council housing stock is being bulldozed to make way for crappy new builds. What people don't understand is that there is no point in working if you have nowhere to go home to at night. In a few years we could see people working a 37 hour week and sleeping on the streets. Won't happen of course, as they will just pack in there jobs. Employment is only worthwhile if the person employed gets something out of it. When people wake up to the fact that they don't get anything out of it, the country stops. FULL STOP.
  17. Over the past few years I and everyone else here have seen house prices get right out of hand because of stupid people. I, along with many other people am hoping to by my first home at some point in the future. At present I have a good job, have no debts and am staying at home with my parents, saving on average 1k a month. I could buy somewhere right now as I have a very decent deposit, but am waiting for a time when I don't have to use my hard earned cash to fund someone elses bloody lifestyle. Why should I give someone my money in return for some shitty hole that they bought for the price of a new car 20 years ago. It just mean's I'll have to work harder and longer so the sellers can spend more on crap they don't need anyway. I can't believe people are so stupid as to think that property is more valuable than cash. Everyone keeps on telling me to buy, talking rubbish about how it's an investment etc, but I already have upwards of 40k in a high interest account which is getting added to each month. Buying a house means getting in out of the rain at the end of a days work, that's it. The only people who think of a house as an investment are clowns with no talent to make money in a decent way. Thought about renting, but BTL Landlords are such untalented tossers, that handing over 800 pound a month to them makes me sick. I am 31 at present and have given myself until i'm 35 to buy somewhere. I am waiting until prices get kicked back into touch. Get the bank to pay you interest on your cash for a long as possible and forget all these pathetic offers of 6X Salary and 50 year morgages. FTB really need to understand that they have the power to change this tragic situation. Stop giving the greedy ba**ards what they want. [size=7]You're Money!!![/size]
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