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  1. I've not heard that before, Guy. Nice; works well. 'loose' and 'lose' is the biggest bugbear (lol) for me... it's always the folk that get everything else correct that seem to make this mistake... there's really no excuse, guys. I agree that poor spelling and grammar can detract from a post - however good the points are, it makes the reader feel like they are marking an essay by a fifteen year-old. ps: I felt the need to post again after some time away... this thread seems non-controversial, and unlikely to be moved or deleted. I do hope the new ownership works out ok for everyone. Chee
  2. on the fifth day of Christmas Mon-eyWeek sent to me... Five Go-old Ramps
  3. I would let the "mortgage advisor" have it for 249k, on the condition that he covers your agents' fees. Exactly how he settles this with his boss is obviously their business They seem convinced they have you over a barrel... don't let them take ~£3k off you as well.
  4. Oops, there they go again Topher Bear, thanks for your thoughtful response. I agree that new lurkers may not wish to read posts about Eastenders; however, I have never seen anything like that here. All of the threads that have been moved were relevent: either to the wider economy and our economic future, or to the media's coverage of such and the economic confidence 'on the street'. All the threads I have seen about TV shows have been about House Price or politics shows, not soaps. In many cases those threads debunk VI arguments put forward on the shows. Threads on politics are important
  5. Thanks to everyone who voted for your support, or your condemnation I have taken an HPC.co.uk break for a little while, and have had to find alternative reading material to fill my spare hour or two each evening. I recommend here and here. Browsing the forum tonight, it seems that the foot has been lifted from the moderation gas somewhat. The main board tonight features topics on TV programmes (Question Time), peak oil (my favourite), and chavs (Rosie Millard ) This makes me happy on with the HPC...
  6. monkey, perhaps you should reply to this thread instead of repeatedly editing your posts above. Perhaps then you won't look like quite such an asshole.
  7. I notice that the monkey can edit his posts without an "edited by" tagline appearing. This forum has changed, dude; and not for the better.
  8. Monkey: don't even post to this... I would have some respect for you if you had let this poll sit on the main board for half an hour - to let some members vote on it. who knows, I may even have lost the vote. Maybe everyone else wants a bit of censorship. but you didn't even let it sit there for two minutes before you moved it - ******** guy, very ********. love and bananas, MB
  9. Damn, you moved that quickly - must be your mad monkey style You are not doing yourself (or this board) any favours...
  10. Guys, The expats board recently banned every hpc member who had posted there, even those who weren't in any way offensive. The reason given was "abuse" - in practice this meant: using the forum to express opinions that did not match those of the forum community (as judged by the mods). I thought that made their mods look like a bunch of tw@s. I had thought this board was different. Was I wrong?
  11. Don't you call me Jabroni, monkey-boy. I was predicting a crash when you were a banana in your mama's eye. Remember that the USERS make a forum. Good moderation is about allowing the spirit of the community to shine through. You have to let a few OT threads through, to show visitors that they are reading content from real people, not house price automatons. Good moderation is about judging which OT threads represent the community, and which are just a waste of time... Good luck in your new role... it's a learning experience...
  12. Nice one Dicky... lurvely image... "Flood control is enabled on this board" apparently... don't post too quick
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