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  1. So - what should I do with my STR? Sold in 07 put it in NS&I been renting since, may as well buy a house :angry:
  2. Can you advise me, I am confused with regard the news that Sterling is weakening. Excuse my ignorance on this matter. I understand that Sterling is going south, I also understand that if I had moved my STR into an alternative currency or Gold some time ago it may/would be worth more now, and that interest rates are very low so my STR is practically stagnant if not being eaten by inflation. However, my funds are sat ready to purchase a property when the time is right, as we know property is going south – royal. My question is, given that my STR is set aside to buy something that is deflating how does Sterling falling affect me?
  3. Sky News top business story biggest fall in house prices for 16 years. http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-1312106,00.html its not so much the headline its the comments left by readers that makes interesting reading.
  4. I am confused about the threads I read on the Pounds potential decline. I had a simple model, STR in July 07. Put cash in NS&I monthly income to assist in paying the rent and wait for HPC. So, if the pound does drop in value is this model likely to stand up? If not then where should the cash be? Is cash going to be king or not?
  5. I collected my children form school Friday and spoke to a chap who works, sorry, worked for one of the big financials in the city. He was made redundant along with 7 others in what his company (Barclays) called their first wave of redundancies.
  6. Thanks for the welcome, I too bought the property as a place to live in. However I have spotted an opportunity and taken a gamble when most were saying I was mad to move out and rent. Property prices are going up you know! It's not a wonderful place I am renting with my family, adequate would best describe it. If my gamble works out I intend to step back on the ladder with enough cash left to put the kids comfortably through university. Not an opportunity the old man had..
  7. Hi, the time has come to stop the lurking and introduce myself. I have been checking out this site for some time, very pleased to read comments from like minded people. I work in the Fire and Rescue Service as a middle manager. I owned a 3 bed house in Hornchurch Essex purchased for £89K in 1997. I worked very hard to clear the mortgage by 2006 (not on public sector pay). Sold in July 2007 for £270K. Now renting and waiting for the CRASH! Keep up the good work guys.
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