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  1. Sorry, this would never work. HPC would be crap without 10 posts telling you to run for the hills or that we're all doomed every time 5 people get sacked from a newsagents in Barnsley
  2. Is it me or is Justpissingby in full on troll mode? AWOOOOOOOOOOGA!
  3. No, I think it's only just pulling out of Paddington...Penzance here we come Edit: Oh no, I really do sound like a gold bug...what's happened?!
  4. Where are you buying your silver GF? I've got the bug now so I need me some different colours
  5. I'm now the proud owner of 22 Britannias so I shall now be in here posting various rockets and things going in a generally vertical direction hopefully. Let's hope it's not...
  6. I predict that in 6 months you'll predict 60% in 3 years
  7. I thought that - it was 40 the other day. Go the whole hog and tell them the truth. 60% if Citygroup lives, 90% if it goes pop.
  8. What's the govt got to do with it? Would you have believed NR would have gone pop 6 months ago? What happens if a load more much bigger banks do? There's no pot of money out there to deal with that rainy day. cgnao may talk some rubbish but the numbers speak for themseleves - 500/750 trillion is a very large number indeed and it doesn't take massive shifts to bankrupt the whole system now it's been taken so far into the abyss.
  9. Would you buy a house after watching this? Only if you're a proper muppet like the Geordie girl. Well done FP, I think you've given it all another little nudge
  10. I see you're in new members...don't worry, you'll sink to our level
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