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  1. Whoops sorry about that. What has happened to Dogbox? I would have expected him to have something to say about Radisson taking over RT7 & La Plage?
  2. Hi, Did you decide to invest with Berlin-Capital? If so, why and if not, why I have a day or two to make up my mind. I would be very interested in hearing what others have concluded on this, thanks.
  3. You are probably right about the groups of golfing men looking to keep costs down and crashing in an apartment. But Quinta do Lago Hotel is very expensive (350 euro a night) and it was full of very classy looking golfers - of a certain age I might add, an equal number of 'ladies and gentlemen'. The hotel in Vale Do Lobo must be the same. This type of person chooses to stay in expensive hotels where they do not need to lift a finger and like luxury and being close to the amenities. They don't want to be fixing their own breakfast! I think the target market for the golfing villas is families where the keen golfer gets the casting vote on accomodation.
  4. Some months ago I spoke to a travel agent whose company specialises in villas in the Algarve. He said to me that golfers prefer to stay in hotels. It is families that rent the villas. I have just spent a long weekend at Hotel Quinta Do Lago and it was full..... of golfers!
  5. Hi and thanks for your reply. This is the bit I don't understand; Here is a comparison for Moody's Long term credit rating HBOS plc Aa2 Halifax plc Aa2 Bank of Scotland Aa2 HSBC Bank plc Aa1 The Royal Bank of Scotland Aaa National Westminster Bank Plc Aaa Ulster Bank Ltd Aa2 ICICI Bank Limited Baa2 (Landsbanki Islands hf) ICESAVE Aaa It looks like HBOS/Halifax/BOS are the safest ICICI Bank comes out the worst with Baa2. I hadn't heard of these ratings and they are about as clear as mud!! It seems that my only option is to open a whole load of seperate accounts which sounds like a right fag, unless anyone out there knows any better? I certainly need to do something as I no longer feel comfortable with leaving it all with Icesave.
  6. Hi, I recently opened an account with Icesave having read about it on these boards. I was quite happy with it until I just read this latest thread. I wonder if someone could be kind enough to explain to me in straight forward terms why there is a risk to having a large sum in there? I just don't understand about the rating going down three notches? It looks like I need to start researching all over again ...... {sigh}. I recently got out of UK housing market and am considering alternatives - in the meantime need somewhere safe for the dosh! Thanks.
  7. That is a very interesting article, thanks for posting. I also didn't know about Moroccon lenders only lending against 40% of net salary (this can really skew figures if buying one of the more expensive props). Agents keep quiet about this, perhaps because it is hoped the lending product will have improved substantially between now and when the majority of properties complete? Are there any buyers out there whose props are nearing completion and who have already looked into their mortgages and can verify the facts in the article? The other thing that appears to contradict the sales hype is the situation re capital gains tax. My understanding was that this is nil after 10 years of ownership - but the article states that it's 20% unless it has been your MAIN RESIDENCE for ten years!
  8. My understanding of the rental pool on Port Lixus (although at this stage it is a 'suggestion' as nothing set down officially yet) and that is that if you buy a studio you get a share of the total studio rentals, not a share of the rentals of one beds also. If you buy a three bed, you enter into the pool for studio and two lots of one bed pooled rentals (because the three bed can be subdivided), thereby increasing your return in proportion to investment/rental.
  9. Sorry about the weird face smiley - have no idea how he got in there!!
  10. Hi Dogbox and others, I am interested in investing in Germany but know very little about it other than what I have read on these boards and similar, therefore would a) need some handholding and need to feel comfortable and secure about the investment (as we all do I would hope!). Dogbox, is this something in addition to the Berlin Property Investment that you mentioned in a separate thread? Whereabouts are we all geographically? You can't beat actually meeting up in person if this is to go further. I am in Surrey.
  11. Sorry, hit the wrong button. I am interested Dog Box as I do want to invest in Germany without the hassle. I was considering Travera which you have mentioned before, but I haven't taken it any further yet
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