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  1. Welcome to the hypocritical farce that is Western democracy. I'm not voting this year but not because of house prices. The tories would be more likely to crash the market but I would never vote for them after living through the eighties and witnessing the smug, corrupt liars that ran the country. I would not vote for Labour because of the war lies and I would not vote for Lib Dems as there is no point in my constituency.
  2. The Lib Dems want a local income tax to replace council tax. So people who have high salaries but cannot afford a house will be effectively subsidising people who have low paid jobs but nice big houses. Not what I would call sense and such a policy would only boost the market even more as it would effectively remove another property tax.
  3. You're all so damn touchy aren't you? Its not my fault you're all priced out of the market because you didn't buy 3 years ago. Just let it go and to quote from the 80s kids tv program "Why don't you go out and do something less boring instead Sitting at work on HPC Close it down its no good for me Why don't you... why don't you... why don't you... Go Go Go!!!!"
  4. Yes thats true as well I suppose. However, if they did go away thinking that, the crash might come a lot quicker.
  5. Admittedly you make it sound a bit odd. You're right, it isn't up to me and I'm not trying to TELL anyone to do anything but do you see my point? I've been coming to this site for months anyway. I'm just trying to point out that people's obsession with this site is a symptom of the more general housing obsession. Until that obsession wanes, house prices will remain at ridiculously high levels.
  6. Hey Mr Gummidge, Your remarks are exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about. People with nothing better to do than make offensive remarks. How is that interesting? I won't rise to your comments because I don't need to pay for such things and my girlfriend is very happy thanks. I'm not frustrated in the slightest just making a salient point, a little tongue in cheek as well I might add (do you know irony?). I think you sound like the frustrated one mate. Feel free to talk about houses all day if thats what turns you on but don't take your frustrations out on me!
  7. This forum has turned into a circular debate with the same old arguments going back and forward, occasionally becoming heated with the associated vitreol, envy and pathetic gloating being spouted. My advise to wannebbe FTBers is to forget about housing because this site only serves to inflame the housing obsession. That is all it is an obsession with no relation to reality. Forget about the dream of owning your own house because it isn't worth getting into debt for the rest of your life to pay these severely overhyped houses. The crash will happen while no one is looking so administrator I b
  8. Trouble is that mortgage rates aren't going to get any lower and can only go higher. Added to this is the fact that many mortgages are still on their initial low interest rate or are just interest only. Many panic bought over the pasty year and will live to regret it as time goes by. Lower interest rates can only ease the pain but did it work in Japan?
  9. Yes I agree whole heartedly. House price booms turn ordinarily reasonable people into pretentious morons with a severe lack of reality caused by the kind of ******** that regularly comes out of the mouths of people like Phil and Kirsty. Such people are to be pitied. They are no better off with their doubled-in-value houses (quite the opposite in fact) and it is all about pathetic one upmanship and snobbery. These people need to get out of their sad lifeless modern estates and see life for what it is rather than being corrupted by those who really stand to gain (governments, estate agents, bank
  10. At the end of the day, people are free to make their own mistakes and you have to leave them to it. This bust is only just beginning......
  11. If I could be arsed to register I'd make a comment. Sexy or otherwise (I'm in the latter camp), he's a pwick who is still trying to talk up a dead market and con FTBers in the process
  12. A little bit of tax evasion isn't going to keep this bubble afloat.
  13. They did in the crazy boom days but now (in Midlands anyway), these are the houses that are impossible to sell and where forced sales are easier to find and relative bargains to be had.
  14. I know mate, I know the figures are bull. I'm just making a point because any negative spin on the housing market, TTRTR claims it will force rates down and any positive spin is just that - positive. So he can't lose. The market is heading for the doldrums. Was talking to a bloke in an Indian takeaway yesterday in Nottingham and he started talking about how he was hoping to buy a house to do up. He seemed to have the right idea and was looking to buy a run down place cheaply to do up (80k+ for a terrace). He told me about some of his mates who had panic bought in Leeds a year ago and were no
  15. Oh dear TTRTR TIME TO RAISE THE RATES!!!!!!!!
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