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  1. Exactly - they regenerated central lewisham a while back and it is still a pig's ear when all is said and done, despite the DLR / train and so forth. I just remember hating Tottenham when my wife worked on a newspaper there - the betting shop next door to her office on West Green Road got raided for selling crack (made an easy front page!). It wasn't safe and all the spirits bottles in Tesco had security collars on them. That's never a good sign. This was 6 years ago, by the way.
  2. And soon they will be commanding agricultural land is turned over to growing biofuels. One analyst has estimated that if George Bush's ill-thought-out targets for the amount of US energy to come from this source are ever met, all the country's food production will have to be turned over to fuel crops in the next 15 years. What a GREAT idea...
  3. But I wonder about areas like Tottenham and Sydenham as they are massively overpriced and a bit rough. Once the 'must buy at any cost' madness evaporates, will people be as willing to splash out? Also, people in those areas are generally not in such good jobs.
  4. Why don't you try Crystal Palace if you have that sort of money? Good train links and park and the bars are also decent. Dulwich is also reasonably nearby. Personally, I would not touch Nunhead with a 20ft pole as it is pretty grim.
  5. Daily Express are woeful- according to the Mrs (journalist) they have a staff of about 5 as Mr desmond is too cheap to pay for more, so all the stuff they publish is taken from newswires or the editors' own fertile imaginations. I can't think this prediction was based on anything concrete. MAybe someone in the office had a crystal ball, or they are factoring in the 'London effect' in that big rises for the few Kansington mansions makes everything else look like it's soared in value?
  6. We were considering doing it as there are few houses for sale in our London postcode and what there is goes in a few days at most. It's also a good way to ensure you are not in competition with developers and the BTL brigade who can invariably outbid you with their equity pots. Now we are going to sit it out for another year and see what happens.
  7. Sorry to say that calls of a crash are also premature in SE London. All terraces here fly off the shelves (of findaproperty where I look) between one and two days after they come on. The area - SE20, looking at terraces of between 250 - 300k and 3 beds. One or two must-be-rubbish places have stuck for a few weeks, but most go as soon as they arrive. I'll be waiting a while yet, I feel. But I certainly think a lot of this is due to high end price rises distorting the view of the market as London seems to be soaring up (no 33% y-o-y rises here, thankfully) so the herd still thinks everything is sunny...
  8. At least the Silverlink moves at more than 5mph -the ELL is the rail equivalent of a Stannah Stairlift.
  9. Looking in Penge, SE20. Want a 3 bed house (ie terrace). Most that don't look like ex-LA hovels are priced at 245 to 310k. Anything that comes on seems to fly off the shelves pretty quickly... I know some people are forecasting big jumps owing to the East London line extending nearby. However, I can't see why. It's slow and as far as I understand is going to run on the same lines as the existing train service so can't see it will do much for capacity.
  10. Just to add, the madness is still going on in SE London also. Any terrace in the roads we might consider goes under offer within about 24 to 48 hours of posting on findaproperty. Looking at nethouseprice stats, they also go for asking price or 1-2k under at most. It's hardly the most desirable area when you look at it objectively - though neither is Wood Green where I used to live but prices there are nuts. I can't see where all the money is coming from as there isn't exactly a wealth of places for rent in the 3 bed bracket.
  11. Should be good to watch - the Cornish are a belligerent lot (hence the fact that they are actually getting off their bums and organising some direct action).
  12. Went to look round a one bed flat in Ealing in 2001 with Mrs A. It was 700pcm and consisted of the landlord's attic (the rest of the family lived downstairs, so you'd be like the Victorian poor relation everyone was too embarassed to face). I'm 6ft tall and would have had to spend all my time hunched over if I wanted to stand up (suppose I could have crawled around...). And the 'bedroom' was reached by crawling through a 3ft by 3ft hole into another part of the eaves. Unsurprisingly, we said 'no'. Still doesn't beat the microwave on a rope, though...
  13. The black leather sofa photographed like that makes it look like something from a David Lynch film...
  14. Do you seriously have to pay 1000pcm in rent in ABERDEEN??? That's what we are going to pay for a 3 bed, but we are in SE London so expect such ridiculous prices. To pay that in the middle of nowhere seems madness, or is it just me?
  15. It's about the only thing teachers and nurses have to brag about, that's for sure...
  16. Hmm - I think I recall the tale of the children's party entertainer from the local press. Basically, he was in a council flat tower block which they wanted to sell off to a private developer and turn it into luxury flats. Everyone else took their compensation and moved out but he wouldn't go, so he got some sort of massive payout in the end. yup - think this may be him. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/main.j....xml&page=5
  17. Just to let you all know, we are not going to be going down the criminal harassment route. Yes, that would make us as bad as them. Although if we were both in prison we'd save on rent and the kids would get free bed and board in social care, I suppose... As for taking our custom elsewhere - great if there is anything else on the market, but not so good at the moment. Nothing to decent to rent and certainly nothing to buy in the area (as I have posted elsewhere, there are a grand total of about seven houses on the market locally that aren't under offer). Have looked at 3 places rent-wise. One had damp, another a pond and the last had a sheer drop of 6ft in the garden. Not great with small kids. if we are desperate there is a new build, but jesus, these places are tiny! Landlords... at one of them the man showed my wife round and asked why she was moving. when she mentioned there was nothing to buy locally he said 'oh, that's really odd, i can't think why', then went on about how he had kept his first home, released equity, bought this place, and was looking to do the same in another couple of years. Dur - do you think the two might be connected? Given her present mood I'm surprised I didn't have to pick her up from the police station after she'd hurled him bodily over the garden fence. Anyway - our local housing market will soon be plus-one as the people about to rent our flat pulled out of their sale and our landlord is now going to sell, giving us an extra 6 weeks. Crossed fingers something will come on that isn't a box or a death trap.
  18. Hey, I'm not too posh - I work in the public sector, thankyou! I just have difficulty reconciling the fact that I have a decent (to me) wage and then am taking housing from someone who may really need it. Is it seriously the case that the council won't ask 'well, why don't you rent elsewhere then?"???? Forgive me if I'm being ignorant, but don't they have some sort of duty to avoid housing prof. families? It just seems like I'll be wasting our time and theirs?
  19. I can't see them helping - combined income over 50k? Surely they'll tell us to get lost. The problem we have is finding somewhere of the right size in the next 3 weeks. It's not like we can't afford anything at all. Just don't want to spend 6 months in a box then have to move again.
  20. If you could see the state of the council housing round here you wouldn't do it. we'd be lucky to get a B&B place, anyway. Or a flat halfway up a 20 storey block. No, next time I will insist on signing the contract asap since our references have now been done. That was the problem, though - no landlord would sign a contract before references had been taken, would they? I think you'd have a hard job persuading them. We agreed to rent it a couple of weeks ago and our agent rang the landlord on Friday to say all had come back okay - were due to sign contract today.
  21. That's my wife posting! And no, we hadn't signed a tenancy as you usually (in my experience so far) do that on the day you move in. And people wonder why there is resistance to moving towards a 'rentier' society. Thankfully we have managed to get another 3 weeks with our current landlord (the next tenants are selling but it is dragging out and I think they were glad to stall). Nice to be made almost homeless for the sake of about £500 though. Apparently (surprise) the landlord is living elsewhere but keeping this property as his pension. (Yawn). Actually it really is a case of yawn as I have been up all night with a panicking wife terrified of being homeless with two nippers. B'stards :angry:
  22. Bungalow Builder - I don't think you're trolling. No idea how many people this EA near us has looking for a place but they have 49 properties on their books and 30 are under offer. and when they are under offer they disappear and don;t come back ie sold (I have been keeeping an eye out for a while). Some areas just don't have anything coming to market. Don't ask me why, but probably beecause people can't afford to remortgage now?
  23. Actually I agree with Cletus - Patrick Collinson is usally a bear and talks a lot of sense (particularly about shared ownership as he got his fingers burned on buying his first flat this way and recounted the tale a few months ago). But like many of us he is seeing the market defy all reason. At least he has admitted he was wrong to call the top 3 years ago. Most people wouldn't. (But I'm still not going to give in and buy!)
  24. Well, it's already happening in my part off the world, and SE London isn't exactly the most expensive part of the SE. As I posted last week, our local EA has a grant total of 14 properties on her books for the SE 20 area, compared to a normal 50 or so at this time of year. When I aked why tthis might be shee looked genuinely confused...
  25. Interesting - we used to live over that way and I know it well. Perhaps it will ripple out - I'm looking in SE20 ffs. It's not exactly Chelsea and Kensington! Maybe that's whey people have stuck, though - my new neighbours are not exactly city bonus types, SE20 is about as low as it goes before you get to Croydon. And whilee I may not be fussy, I do maintain SOME standards...
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