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  1. Does he think he should do a 'Norman Lamont and the ERM' with the country's reserves - perhaps the Fed should skip about like the Christmas fairy buying up all those unwanted properties at asking price? Hmm. I think a five year old would have better ideas. And be cheaper to employ.
  2. Yup, because he will of course be the only one taking this course of action, won't he?
  3. "By the time it comes to renew them, hopefully rates will have come down again. Or maybe rents will be higher in a year's time. If they aren't, I may sell some of the properties. My total mortgage debt is about £5 million, but my properties are worth a total of about £8.5 million." Can you think of any other case where a bank would lend money to someone whose entire business plan was based on 'well, I've got my fingers crossed and some clean pants and trousers at the ready". Madness. The spiv should get out now - well, he would if he had any sense, but he clearly doesn't.
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1770 I am speechless. I know the Mail likes to scare the middle classes into choking on their cornflakes, but this is pretty dire news if the prediction is right, and Brummer is usually pretty okay. Expect a run on tinned food and bottled water at your nearest Waitrose. (edited as link playing silly bu**ers)
  5. Wouldn't surprise me. CBI and friends are quite rightly going bats**t about it.
  6. There's a sign outside our local evangelical church today that says "Jesus is the only rock you can bank on" Even the godly have started taking the p***
  7. Well, it's not quite as drastic, but if you consider that the five IR hikes in the recent past have increased IRs by two-thirds (they just started at a lower base, that's all), then you have some similarity. Also, the 80s didn't have to contend with the credit tap being abruptly wrenched shut, so we are in new territory there.
  8. My ship is sinking - perhaps I'll jump on board the Titanic for a ride?
  9. Well, they do say that Tory scandals are all about sex while Labour scandals are all about money. Though I grew up despising the Tories, Labour have certainly lived up to their side of the saying - and a few pregnant secretaries / spurned horsey-faced wives are a bit less damaging to the economy than people like Prescott's son buying up half of Hull's housing on the cheap.
  10. Agree - one near us was on for 275K, was under offer or sold STC (can't remember which) for about two months. Now back on for 287k. Am keeping an eye on it...
  11. Blimey, it's like a black hole sucking down all the country's money. They'll be round mine looking for loose change down the back of the sofa soon...
  12. Breaking planning law proves costly for city property owner A property owner who converted a listed building without the required consent has been ordered to return the building to its original state. Mrs G. Kozolowski, owner of a Grade 1 listed property in Sussex Square, had appealed against an enforcement notice issued by Brighton & Hove City Council, after installing a staircase and mezzanine floor to create two extra bedrooms. However, the Planning Inspectorate (the Government Agency dealing with planning appeals) has backed the council, upheld the enforcement notice and given Mrs Kozolowski eight months to remove the unauthorised works. The council’s enforcement team investigated the building works in Sussex Square following a complaint. Officers found that one of the first floor rooms had been subdivided, a staircase and floor added and two now rooms created. The work had been carried out without listed building consent.The officers considered that the works seriously harmed the character of the listed building and served an enforcement notice requiring the staircase and mezzanine floor to be removed and the building returned to its original state. The owners appealed to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate but, following a hearing, the inspector fully agreed with the council and upheld the notice. Environment councillor Geoffrey Theobald said: “We are extremely pleased that the government inspector has upheld the decision of our enforcement officers. These Grade 1 listed buildings in Sussex Square are of exceptional interest both locally and nationally, and are among only a small number of properties listed at that grade. “It is the responsibility of those fortunate enough to own these special properties to ensure that they are properly maintained to preserve their unique character for future generations.” Listed Building Consent is required for internal and external alterations to all listed buildings. Carrying out unauthorised works is a criminal offence and can lead to a notice to remove the works or to prosecution. It is essential that advice is sought before carrying out any physical alterations to listed buildings. As this case shows, failure to do so can result in significant expense for property owners.
  13. Oh dear. Someone's in deep doo-doo with their Florida holiday home. I don't think they really thought it through, do you? http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=580086
  14. Family homes coming on to Primelocation at a rate of one or two a day in my postcode of SE London. Before the summer you'd be lucky to get that number per week. I thought they were supposed to be in short supply? Priced way too high still, but people are seemingly deciding to cash in while they can.
  15. Anyone noticed an increase in supply? i have an alert set up with Primelocation flagging up properties with three or more beds coming onto the market. It's getting to be one or two per day now (SE20), which is much more than it used to be - still ridiculously overpriced, but I think people seem to be trying to cash in their chips. So much for the theory of a shortage of family homes. PS I'd like to add Crystal Palace Park to the 'as good as' list. I've just seen plans for the refurb and it's pretty good. Even now, at least it isn't cut in half by roaring traffic and you can let your kids off the leash without fear of them being flattened by a juggernaut.
  16. I know - DANGER - DROWNING HAZARD!!! What kind of life is constantly glaring at your kid to make sure they don't kill themself?
  17. Anecdotal from se20 - many things are starting to stick, especially if they are priced to break the previous ceiling in their street. street with three beds that four months ago went in a week when priced at around 275-280 are now coming on for 299 - the latest has been for sale for about eight weeks without a bite. near me a five bed is on for 385 - reduced from 399. After about five months they had a buyer and it was sold STC but the credit crunch must have got them as it's now back on the market. I think the wheels have ground to a halt...
  18. On Friday on BBC 2 at 7pm they have a programme called 'Buy to debt' looking at what effect BTL has had on the stability of the housing market. Will be sitting down with a beer for that one.
  19. God, you can almost hear Tony Blair cackling in his attic. where is he, by the way? Not that I care, but I'm bothered in the same way that if there was a tarantula in the house |I'd like to know. its location..
  20. Yep, I'm that NIMBY. When you see these, oppose the plans and make the reasons known (loss of family housing, parking nightmare being created by cramming several families in a small space, destruction of the neighbourhood etc) - they have to be posted outside so look out for the notices and throw a big spanner in their development plan. Currently doing this to someone in my own road, where they have bought a 4 bed 1950s house for 380k (5 bed Victorian opposite was on for 385 for a year before selling, though figure not through on Land Reg yet). I got the local councillor in on it also - we have two very rapidly improving schools locally so to take family housing away from people who might want to use them is madness. The councillor let slip that they had been trying to buy part of next door's garden to knock the lot down and build a big block of flats. Good luck with that mate, I said, and he agreed. Remember, permission to convert is subject to consent, and they're not getting mine! And all this while they are paying the mortage for nothing.
  21. Going to stick out my neck and say +0.2 per cent. I hope I'm wrong, so either way i win!
  22. Petrol not that bad - cheaper than the Uk (where isn't?). But drinking is a nightmare - licensing hours in shops are really odd, and stock up well before any religious holidays (there are lots of these - it likes its Bank Holidays, does Norway) - booze shops can be closed for two or three days on the trot, especially in the small towns. Still, at that price I don't suppose it will be that tempting. And yes, Rjukan has the cheapest houses in Norway. Just make sure you buy on the sunny side of the valley or you will be in perpetual darkness.
  23. Kongsberg is a decent town from what i saw of it driving through... Shame you're not nearer Rjukan though, as it's about half the price - perhaps 45 mins to an hour away. Can you do a short term rent then look round the area? Tip - if you want to go ski-ing, don't pay a fortune for a ski pass on Gaustatoppen (main resort near you) unless you're a real pro. The local council runs its own slope (drive past Rjukan hydro station on way up to Telemark, then just past a huge lake). It's free on the small slope and very cheap for a pass. Norwegians take portable barbecues and deckchairs...
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