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  1. here's something we crammed into a small hole earlier... aliens are landing in the kitchen and may suit hobbit or person with a serious stoop. And how did the EA levitate to get that picture of the bathroom? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-181...=3&tr_t=buy They still haven't dropped the price on the Roman style knocking shop either. Looks great from the outside, but the inside is beyond belief. Not so much interior design than an interior crime. Against humanity: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-172...=1&tr_t=buy
  2. I am - inflation rising at 2.1 per cent (yep, and I'm the Queen Mum), with upward inflationary pressure to come (namely, I'm with nPower also - though about to switch once the rest of the crafty b****rs let on about their own price rises). 2.45 isn't looking so good anymore, is it? Enough for an extra bag of crisps a month, perhaps?
  3. Mine have pink ones, which is good as it matches the formation of flying pigs circling above them quite nicely... This all reminds me that my NUT membership has lapsed, better cough up so that I get an early heads up on when the first strike is likely.
  4. From MSE. I'm tempted to mail them off board and say I'm a Kenyan senior government minister with several million needing a temporary home in a current account and blah blah blah... you know the rest. And is there such a thing as regular self-employment nowadays? http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=659883
  5. Well, if you moved there as a retirement home I could see why it might persuade all your adult children who'd been previously hanging around the family nest like a bad smell to bugger off asap... But is that worth over half a million? Hmmm
  6. Wait a few weeks - most of the staff are off ski-ing (otherwise known as preparing material for the travel section) at this time of year, so the wife says they tend to roll various bits into one, depending on who drew the short straw and is still in the office.
  7. Heather Mills in today's Mirror also said to be a forced seller shortly as she needs the cash for her legal bills...
  8. Sorry LAurejon, as good as your advice normally is, in this case hoping that the landlord would return your deposit is like continuing to supply goods to a business that is in serious danger of going under - while you'd be within your legal rights to get your cash back, it would be a costly and long winded affair with no guarantee of getting a result (for instance, if they declared bankruptcy). Protect your cash - look for a new home, don't pay the deposit's worth of rent and remember- if they are in financial trouble, who\s to say they'll be able to afford to fix the place up if something goes wrong?
  9. Apologies if you have seen this one before. From the Daily Mash. Made me laugh, though. ESTATE AGENTS WILL STARVE TO DEATH AFTER HOUSE PRICE CRASH, SAYS UPBEAT REPORT WORRIED homeowners were cheered last night as economists revealed that next year's house price collapse will lead to widespread starvation and prostitution among Britain's estate agents. ImageThe upbeat report says the entire profession will be on the streets begging for food by next August, apart from those who manage to get jobs as sex whores by lying about their previous occupation. Professor Wayne Hayes, the Van Hoogstraten chair of prices at the House Institute, said: "Great news, the pin-striped tit-cockers are all going to starve to death. Slowly." Bill McKay, 56, a homeowner, said: "When I'm looking around a house I don't need some dick in a lilac shirt telling me 'this is the en-suite bathroom'. I can see it's the en-suite bathroom. It's got a great big ******ing bath in it. "I can also tell the difference between a desirable upscale property in a sought after location and a rat-infested bedsit with a brothel on one side and a crack house on the other. Do you think I'm blind, or just stupid?" Charles Reeves, 42, said: "Subjects would benefit from modernisation? So previous resident died and rotted into the floorboards and now the whole house will have to be marinaded in Dettol for a year to get rid of the stench." Tom Booker, 35, said: "I have to walk two miles to the newsagent because the only things the shops round here sell is houses. I don't care if my place halves in value, I just want to buy a paper." Nikki Hollis, 26, said she was looking forward to picking up a cheap second hand Mini once all the estate agents were forced to hand their's back. She said: "I would buy one now but I'm worried someone would think I was in the property business and stuff shit up the exhaust." According to the report estate agents are currently worth 'absolutely ****** all' to the British economy, which would be £600 billion better off if they all dropped dead overnight.
  10. "The government of China executes the former head of its State Food and Drug Administration." Crikey, they like to hold their officials to account there, don't they?
  11. Hmm. i can see them hastily redefining the terms in about a year's time if the market goes into a fall. Either that, or they might as well just burn a skip full of £50 notes outside television centre live on the six o'clock news.
  12. A few months ago my accountant kept babning on about taking money out of my wife's business and puttig it into commercial property. What with the coming recession I thought he was mad and got fed up of hearing it so I persuaded her to sack him and get a new accountant. Just as well, given that commercial rents and values are now disappearing down a black hole.
  13. Serious question - are all the self-employed 'property developers' now subprime also?
  14. Hackney may be close to the City, but the buses are god-awful, as are the roads. And if you are a City boy with lots of cash, do you really want to be flashing it about in a neighbourhood with lots of urban poor and a reputation for violent crime? I certainly wouldn't (not that it's ever going to be an issue )
  15. Mmm. Several houses in my area going off the market and reappearing a week later with 5 per cent knocked off. This won't do much for confidence, especially as people are now probably starting to tot up what they (over) spent in the run up to Christmas. Amazing how everyone believed the Rightmove figures as they moved up but are now treating them with scepticism -'they're only ASKING' prices. Right - what people get will be a few percent lower. Ho ho ho, merry Christmas.
  16. Dammit, missed that beauty. Still, my all time personal favourite still hasn't been snapped up (wonder why?). Behold the Roman knocking shop. And weep with laughter. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-172...=5&tr_t=buy
  17. Christ, that sofa looks like a gynaecological model. And since when was Friern Barnet a short ride from Central London? Do they mean by helicopter?
  18. Half a million? Maybe if it was done up. "This unique double fronted property is almost triangular in shape..." yep, you've sold me there. I'm sure all my rectangular furniture will fit in nicely... http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...p;agentid=02113 Not only does it look like the previous occupant died in there (check out the zimmer frame on wheels and the wheelchair), they've also featured the trolley they must have used to drag out the coffin. I bet if you look closely there's a commode hidden amongst the floral decor - I just haven't spotted it yet.
  19. C'mon, it's only 0.25% as a sop to the government and other assorted whingers. Let's see if they can drop it again after Christmas - my money says that won't be possible. Banks are unwilling to pass on the cut, lending is not so much being pruned as having a Brazillian wax, so costs for borrowers (especially anyone with so much as a hint of bad credit) are going up regardless, and the fact that food prices are soaring means they just don't want to borrow as much as they did. When no-one is willing to shell out a fortune anymore and sentiment changes... hmm. I wonder. Anyway, on a personal note, I might be better off now as the wife is part-paid in dollars each month and hopefully the pound will weaken a bit...
  20. Because, of course - a 0.25% cut will absolutely save the housing market. With the pressure and cost of interbank rates at the moment, all those lenders are gagging to pass on the full discount asap, I'm sure....
  21. DON'T leave him with your deposit and then try and get it back via small claims. It is notoriously difficult to enforce court orders and you face losing it - especially as the baliffs will be run off their feet in the New Year! All he has to do is move home after selling the flat and you've lost track of him. Just fail to pay the last month's rent. Much less hassle, believe me.
  22. i suppose we have to comfort ourselves with the fact that unlike a lot of other investors, at least we keep an eye on the market and so may be at the front of the queue to move funds if things start looking a little pear shaped.
  23. As sent to the wife from a working mums' website earlier. Job Title Home Based Estate Agents Hours Flexible hours to suit Location London & South East, Midlands, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester Company Name WOW Property Company Description We are a young, new, and innovative approach to buying and selling homes in the UK. We provide a full-service estate agency, using the Internet, and efficient business processes to provide home buyers and sellers with a fast high-quality service and value at a fixed price. Due to our rapid growth we are seeking highly motivated and polished individuals who want to be part of something NEW and Revolutionary as featured in the Daily Telegraph, Channel 4 and the Daily Express offers vendors a fixed fee of £899 to sell their home. We have seen our National Agent Network (NAN) grow to 45 with a planned increase to 200 by December 08. As a WOW Agent, you would be working on a self-employed basis. Please note this is not a franchise and there is NO setup cost or fees required. Job Description We set up appointment for you to visit potential home sellers from pre-qualified leads. You will visiting the vendor at their home, advising on the Wow services and securing the instruction, agreeing price, taking and writing details such as photographs, measurements and “OpenHouses” where as oppose to having the inconvenience of multiple viewings, we aim to show a minimum of 10 buyers around a property in 60 minutes at a flexible time to yourself. The hours are flexible, to fit around your family commitments. Earnings The potential is unlimited and the average earnings are approximately £15,000 per annum upwards. You will be paid on property sales, “OpenHouses,” and instructions. Our target is to ensure our agents are successful in their respective territories and in return receive a consistently high income. Skills requirements An estate agency or sales background is not necessary, however it is essential that you have a confident and outgoing personality with good communication skills. We will provide you with ongoing training, equipment, advice, and support based on our own experiences and that of other Agents as well as all your leads. Home internet access, mobile phone and own transport is essential. Low cost, no skills necessary, could probably tuck the baby under your arm while you do it... A threat to high street EAs (the mums might be a bit more personable...)? Or a final demonstration, as if it was needed, of how a monkey in a wig could sell a house to someone who likes it. Discuss.
  24. Just opened an Icesave account so i can get rid of my A&L account - what's the problem with them? I thought they'd be a safer option than BICIC or whatever the Indian bank is? Can anyone enlighten us?
  25. Ah - I've been up to this recently. Parking was the main consideration (it can be a nightmare at specific times). However - you can argue that it will change the character of the area - are local schools good? Are local parents being forced out of the area because there are no family homes? Luckily for me Bromley's MPs recently sent out a newsletter saying how they were concerned by increasing numbers of high density deveolopments being built in gardens. Our local developer hopes to concrete over the garden to build his hutches, thus lending me another handy objection. Be creative without over-egging the pudding. To those who think I'm a NIMBY, everyone knows that there's a shortage of family housing in London and more 2 bed flats than anyone really wants (it's just that they're forced to live in them as they can't afford a normal house with space and a garden). Once they're converted, that's it - they won't get converted back.
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