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  1. This British hero backed the instruction to the lib dems to abstain on the referendum on the treaty/constitution-by-the-back-door. He's not a hero - he's anti-democratic.

    Sorry, but out of the UK's population how many do you think would actually weigh up the pros and cons and make an intelligent decision as opposed to just voting for what 'The Sun Sez'. In principle I support people's right to choose but sadly I teach their children and thus I know the majority are a bit thick and so an issue fundamental to the future of Britain should not be placed in their hands...

  2. Possible theory - people can't sell their houses for what they 'believe' (hope, pray) they are worth, so they are deciding to take them back of the market and rent them out until HPI reignites. Hence the rise in new BTL mortgages. Good luck to them, ho ho. Long wait ahoy...

  3. Someone somewhere is going to put a stop to this........... The powers that be -- the VI's have known about Mortgage Fraud/LIAR LOANS for years........ They will stop any investigation in its tracks. It needs some really determined journalists to band together and fight this one. But don't hold your breath. So many people, including journos, are BTLs...... They're not going to upset the boat......

    All very depressing --- but it really is going to take some very determined people who feel very very strongly about HONESTY for this whole MASSIVE scam to be outed in full..........

    In fairness to journalists, they have been banging on about this for years (the Panorama or Dispatches programme, or whatever it was where they posed as buyers and were told to pick a figure out of the air to put on the application as their salary). The problem is that people aren't very interested. All they see is that the value of their home has risen so what the hell? Anyway, with the prisons already fit to burst, what are they going to do with all these people? They don't have any money to lend anymore, what with all the deals being withdrawn, so my thought is that the powers that be will decide they'll simply get their just deserts by losing their jobs. Much cheaper all round, even if it isn't fair. White collar crime is always looked on slightly benevolently.

  4. Reading this, I am intrigued.

    How many of you have second jobs? Or a second source of income?

    I thought it was only poor people like me who did that...

    Wife and I had an idea so set it up in our spare time - wasn't sure how successful it was going to be. Also, one the thing was up and running, all it needs is a bit of problem solving and debugging, plus answering a few customer services emails.

  5. Day Job: Primary school teacher - doing okay, they're still making and importing babies so will have work for some time to come :)

    Second Job: global software design (and sales) - first year, doing brilliantly, saving madly. Shame we can't get the money out of the business without being screwed for tax, though. Ah well, needing a physical deposit to put down won't be a requirement for a couple of years still...

  6. From a National Landolord's Association press release sent to the wife. You wouldn't get money in a deposit account causing you this much grief... I like the enterprising sub-letter personally.

    NLA Advice Line staff have had to deal with some weird and wonderful situations over the past 12 months. Memorable stories include:

    A landlord, inspecting his property after leaving it two years, found the kitchen had been removed and installed in another room. In addition, he found a brick out-building had been demolished and a large conservatory built in its place.

    While a landlord was awaiting a court order to remove an anti-social tenant, a neighbour called her to say the tenants had left the property during the night. The landlord arrived to find the whole central heating system had been stolen. This didn't matter greatly as they had taken all the double glazing too.

    Visiting a property of a long-term tenant, a landlord found that the tenant had removed the garage door and replaced it with a brick wall and a window. The tenant then knocked through from the hallway to the garage and sub-let this 'extra room'.

    A landlord received a call from his tenant living in a first floor flat. The tenant was fairly distraught because a car, speeding on a roundabout, had flown into the living room where she had been only seconds before. Tragically the driver died in the accident but the tenant escaped serious injury.

  7. Round in Sarf-East London a few are starting to reduce - down from 450k to 425 for instance. This is one of the biggest drops I've seen for a bit, down from 400 to 350 for a 'quick sale':


    Not bad, plenty of room, though seriously needs a spot of modernising to get rid of the old people's house vibe. Problem is that it's 2 doors down from a pub, however, so wouldn't be my cup of tea.

  8. Been a couple of mystery arsons round here recently, featuring struggling businesses (or so the school gate gossip suggests). Maybe they jumped the gun a bit as bonus money is about to start pouring into SE London after all. or maybe the owners of these bonuses actually got their cash by being smart rather than betting their shirts on a depreciating asset? Just a thought...

  9. Wouldn't pick the States if I were you - having lived there for a year. Same amount of feral kids as the UK, poor education system (unless you pay a fortune) and also, health care costs are crippling. If you so much as tan well then beware, outside of New York it also makes the UK look like a rainbow land of multicultural harmony :huh: And you have to drive everywhere, which is annoying (unless you like being overweight). good for a holiday but I wouldn't want to live there or raise a family there.

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