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  1. I see that unsavoury character Pauline Hanson has found a new job. http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/st...255E662,00.html Do you think she's found her natural level?
  2. That's exactly what I thought when Mrs A (with 3 week old baby) was confronted by a representative of our last ll's lender, saying he had defaulted on his mortgage and they wanted to know how to get hold of him. Luckily he sorted it out, but moving house at that point would have been really appreciated by all.
  3. I think it is also a line that's put in so the landlord can make a deposit deduction if the place is crawling with fleas or the wallpaper is scratched to bits once a tennt leaves...
  4. Mrs A is a journalist. Newspapers don't have a big long term agenda on topics like this - they just report stories as they come in as they have precious few staff for the job in hand (see recent axings at the Telegraph). But most senior editors are homeowners so don't want a HPC. That's about it.
  5. You can always rely on Snozzle. And is it built on real land or a pile of old clay slag? Who knows? BTW I have just realised my Plymouth studio: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-350..._t=buy&chnl=buy probably costs the same per square metre as something in Kensington and Chelsea. The person with the best suggestion on where to fit a bed wins a night out on Union street and a pint of Exhibition cider.
  6. Did anyone seel today's Jobs & Money Guardian? The section where they ask you to write in to solve someone's problem. Today's was (general gist) "I am trying to sell my house but it's been on the market for months with very little interest. I need to sell it quickly but I CAN'T AFFORD TO DROP THE PRICE MUCH. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on how to offload it asap? email - [email protected] Mew mew?
  7. I demand a new category - ok, pompey has a fair stock of plywood palaces (but Plymouth has a late challenger. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-350..._t=buy&chnl=buy Vacant possession? You surprise me. Last owner carted off to a methadone programme. Now about the really expensive ones that are quite blatantly shite? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-456..._t=buy&chnl=buy Check out the lounge - it's an old people's home! What might the carpet smell of? For close on half a million IN PLYMOUTH???? The world's gone mad.
  8. Covered in utility area. As opposed to putting the washing machine in the back garden? Here are my entries: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-463..._t=buy&chnl=buy I think someone hs jumped on it and flattened it. And does that car have a faulty suspension or is the drive wonky? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-531..._t=buy&chnl=buy I include this purely for the words 'flint dashed'
  9. "There won't be a fall but the chance of a correction is increasing" What is a correction, if not a bloody fall????
  10. Chaarcol are a bit crap - they failed miserably to get us a competitive deal when we were looking to buy last year and they charge 1.5% commission. Brokers like Alexander Hall don't charge. Who would YOU go to, then?
  11. The french John Prescott. Over here he'd bee promoted for showing resourcefulness.
  12. There are also two other points to consider - apart from capital gains over time, if you want a yearly return from your property you will have to rent it out. The market is suffering from oversupply in many areas, plus the govt also recently said they wanted to raise home ownership to 80% of the population. That's going to have an impact on the number of people wanting to rent - it's all a big unknown. If house prices are going down or are stagnating, will prroperty look that attractivee, anyway - better to keep your SIPPS cash ffor a year or two and get the same property cheaper?? But I do agree with the fact that the govt will do anything to keep tthe housing market stable, even to the tune of stumping up 40% of the cash AND shoving a bung to FTBs.
  13. bet she is a civil servant - they get ridiculous salaries compared to people in the front line like firemen / nurses (and of course, teachers like me!) They pay US good pensions because by the time we're retired we're so knackered we die quickly and don't cost the taxpayer much...
  14. Christ, no wonder Asian dad looked as sick as a parrot about the high rise. The other good part was that the presenter kept on going on about the wonderful local shopping centre, cue a shot of a run down mini-mall with an Iceland and several runty veg stalls. bet the pound shops were hiding behind the corner... I'm going to record it in future for proof that if this is what it's come to, BTL must be over and out. (See dotcom bandwagon for details of the 'all pile in, you can't lose' mentality).
  15. Maybe it will be shortly re-marketed by their lender after the repo goes through?
  16. Today I have been languishing on the sofa with sickness and watched this... possibly the biggest collection of idiots I have ever seen. The highlights: 1. Man in Gorranhaven, Cornwall, buys titchy plot with planning permission for 2 bed overlooking sea (from a distance) for 130K . Ignores fact it has a sewer under it so he can't build on it unless sewer is re-routed. Horrified to find this will cost 13k not the 3k he had hoped and means waiting for south west water to organise the works. Has been waiting since last summer for this while market goes cold. Cue pics of him now looking disappointed (read: desperate) and saying he'll hopefully make a small profit at least, depite the 'cooling' market. 2. Asian bloke buys 12th floor flat in Edmonton Green for 71k (despite guide price of 55k) in conjunction with his dad ('who has 20 years experience of property buying'). Building is heavily fortified from local attacks ('a high standard of security', chirps the presenter, pointing out numerous entry videophones, guards etc). *Horror* 'Experienced' dad then finds he can't get a mortgage for a flat over the 4th floor (where has he been living? the moon? Surely most people know this, especially before parting with stacks of cash?) Luckily they manage to lean on their extended family for the balance. Son then promises it will be up for rent 2 weeks later but fannies about for 2 months putting in a coat of paint and a kitchen. says being a landlord is too much of a hassle (despite the fact he still hasn't got round to finding a tenant), 'except the bit where you see the money come into the bank'. 3. Blonde from the Wirral, buys 1 bed terrace without seeing it for 35k. Is a dump inside. Bats eyelashes at builder who converts it to a 2 bed (one shoebox with shower en-suite - and that's the only bathroom in the whole house) for 2k. Two estate agents come round. Cheery fat one says she could get 40k max, but bathroom looks a bit wrong so she needs planning permission for an extension to build a downstairs bathroom in. Camp EA with mullet looks like he's swallowed sick when he exists the house. BBC doesn't say what he thought it was worth. Roll on the revolution. Who says the BBC can't do comedy anymore?
  17. We get crap pay now and a better pension later - or that's the theory, anyway. Plus incentives like the Key Worker home thingy. Now if only JP would stop building 2 bed boxes with no garden under the key worker shared ownership scheme and put together some proper family homes instead, i might actually go for (part of) one...
  18. there were a spate of ads in newspapers a while back - companies were targeting people with the right to buy, providing them with the cash to do it then buying the property off them for a knock down price, giving them some cash then selling on the home at a profit. Meanwhile, the ex-tenant went out and blew their cash on fags, WKD and Burberry and was shortly left homeless / in private rental, no better off... charming tale. remember something about it in the Guardian, I think.
  19. It's quite exciting, really - do you think it will get to the point where vendors have to start producing receipts for work done to justify why they've increased the price?
  20. Remember MIRAS - made it possible. Now, 1 and a half salaries is the norm as the whole tax credit scheme is geared to making sure mum goes back to work whether she likes it or not. If we (in London) were to limit our payments to 1/3 take home (on 1 and a half salaries - small child = Mrs A part time), it would be £750. That buys about 120K for a mortgage. With a 10% deposit, we are looking at a flat in the 130k range, but it would have to have 2 beds... so the wait goes on. Have seen things at around 160k now so it's getting better.
  21. Agree. Always set EAs right when they try to use it as a hook. It's cold on the feet and would make Kate Moss in socks sound like a herd of buffalo migrating across the Serengeti.
  22. i would not go that far, but there are quite a few sold signs / under offer signs on local websites, mostly for 1-2 bed flats. God knows who is buying them as in London, FTBs are as rare as unicorns. Must be BTL types, but I have no idea how they might make returns - there is quite a lot of un-rented property on the mkt that has been stuck for ages and is now reduced, esp 2 bed flats and new developments. Having spoken to a very honest EA (who said he didn't want more price rises as it meant a crash was more likely and he'd suffered 20k neg equity himself 10 years ago, thanks), things in SE London have picked up a bit since September to December 2004 but it's all in the balance. personally, I hope prices drop, but I am also willing to admit what I see and hear. IMHO we'll know the market direction better by June, but that's okay as I won't be in a position to buy till November.
  23. Just want to know if, like Australia, New Zealand is in the midst of a bubble at the moment. Some relatives are emigrating there and want to buy. However, I will educate them in the correct way if necessary, and with the correct amount of force....
  24. He does run a company but I don't have the details of it, including the name... could I do a search with just his name and address at Companies House, or is there a better way to go about it? Also - forgive my ignorance, but why would he be so keen to pay me back? Ta!
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