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  1. Agents are bound to be talking up the rental market, they will do anything to replace income lost from sales.

    IMO we have another hyped up LIAR nonsense scenario happening right now and the subject might be worthy of its own thread.

    Quite so, they have a stack of useless properties on their books and are thinking how they can use them to generate income. Why not just let them out, they no doubt suggest.

  2. Yes, need to get propertybee but am being a bit slow installing firefox (even though it's simple...). Thanks. Rightmove listings are increasing at about 10 a day for the 3+ bedrooms bracket within 3 miles of TR1. With about 20 properties selling each month (TR1,2 and 3) I can see that hopefully one day I'll be spoilt for choice...

  3. since I was last there... I know there are a handful of hpc users from there so I was wondering what the situation was like down there? Is it still in the midst of the denial phase or are people starting to cut their prices? There seem to be loads of places coming onto the market that aren't shifting - Rightmove is a bit useless now as there's so much on it that it's hard to keep track of price changes. Also - how's the Truro area holding up (looking to buy there at some point - though not now, obviously!)

    EDIT: Sorry everyone, just saw this on Home.co.uk, says it all. TEN! TEN! Ha ha ha ha ha ha....

    Summary of Properties Sold in TR1 in April 2008

    Total properties sold: 10

  4. Another nu-labour educated clone. Yawn...

    No, just a decent person who doesn't suffer knuckle dragging bigots whose views belong in the 1600s. I'm afraid views such as yours are a major reason why this site is often seen as being frequented by the British equivalent of those blokes who hang out in the backwoods of Virginia hoarding guns and ammo and waiting for an invasion of god-knows-what. Just don't forget that if the Polish hadn't bothered to help us in World War 2 (cracking the Enigma code, Battle of Britain, etc) we'd probably be speaking German today. Don't knock the Poles - we really owe them one, and more than the 'opportunity' to live ten to a flat on the minimum wage. At least they're coming here to work, unlike many of our 10ft wide, McLard munching natural born population sitting with their bad backs and depression in front of Jeremy Kyle all day.

  5. Well, I can debunk the 'current repayment mortgage versus rental payment figures' via anecdotal evidence in two regions for a start... Here in London, my current rental is on the market for 330k. Say they took 300k and with a 20% deposit (as required by all banks now) you'd still have to find 240k. Now, given that my rent is 1100pcm, which is likely to be cheaper? I don't even have to look up the mortgage rates. Moving on the Cornwall (as we shall shortly do), our new rental is 900pcm and similar properties are on for 320. Again, would the man from the Abbey care to lend me 230k at 900pcm?

  6. So the amount of properties they're carrying has increased by a third while the number of sales has (almost) halved. Something's gotta give... It's a bit like watching floodwater creeping up the sandbags outside your front door as it p*s*es down on you. Sooner or later, the inevitable is going to happen.

  7. I pay £18 a week for 2 hours, and to be honest she's pants. I think her days cleaning for us may be numbered

    That's about the rate our landlady used to pay our cleaner (London), but we laid her off as soon as we moved in. Mrs A said that despite the kids and the part time job she'd rather do the cleaning herself if I would give her £80 a month for a frock and a couple of gins. So I have. Mind you, the place is a tip at the moment. We're getting the professionals in for the end of tenancy clean in a month so she's letting her standards slip, lazy cow.

    If 2 hours a week is good enough for a large 3 bed house, Steve must live in some sort of premiership footballer's ex-country pile. what does she do, Mr Sheen the mock tudors? Shine up the brass staffordshire bull terrier gatepost mounts?

  8. The NLA believes everything is still rosy. Hell, it's even quoting Paragon's figures. Because they were so good with the maths that they went bust... PS interesting figure for monthly rental income that they quote :) Shame it's a typo

    The National Landlords Association (NLA), which represents almost 14,000 landlords, has said that the fundamentals of UK buy-to-let remain strong.

    Despite a reduction in available mortgage products, NLA Mortgages continues to offer landlords the chance to access mortgage finance and benefit from a guaranteed cashback sum.

    From recent headlines you could be forgiven for thinking that all landlords are selling up and getting out of the market but according to recent research nothing could be further from the truth, with average UK rents having increased by 13.8 per cent in the year to April 2008*.

    The private-rented sector is entirely counter-cyclical. For first-time buyers who are still struggling to make it onto the property ladder, their only choice is renting. And with the increased demand comes an increase in rent and, for the professional landlord, the current market is providing opportunities to expand portfolios.

    NLA Mortgages, in addition to traditional buy-to-let loans, also has access to alternative lines of funding not generally available in the marketplace which means there are still financial solutions available for the professional landlord. But what is critical in the current climate is for landlords to shop around to find the most appropriate products for their circumstances.

    David Salusbury, Chairman, NLA, commenting on NLA Mortgages, said:

    “The NLA does not subscribe to the view that the end is in sight for the buy-to-let market. On the contrary, we believe now is a good time for the professional portfolio landlord, many of whom will be benefiting from increased demand and rising rents.

    “In the current economic conditions it will be important for landlords to keep in close contact with their mortgage broker. NLA Mortgage’s free online dedicated sourcing and quotation system for landlords is precisely the type of tool many of our members already find helpful in order to find their next mortgage or remortgage.

    “It has to be said, alongside keeping landlords up-to-date with the latest mortgage deals, the guaranteed 0.25 per cent cashback for NLA members should also go some way to helping reduce the costs of obtaining a new loan advance.”


    * Paragon Buy-To-Let Index for April highlighted that average UK rents increased by 13.8 per cent in the 12 months to April 2008, with month-on-month growth recorded at 0.1 per cent. Typical rental income for a landlord was £12.048 in the month.

  9. Very good luck finding somewhere to rent - where are you looking? Truro area is currently shifting very quickly. Hopefully some of the can't sells will soon decide to go for rent instead. Hell, every lettings agent in the West Briton is asking them to do so in capital letters (got to get their money some way, I suppose, and nothing is selling...)

  10. Yes, I picked up on that too. Silly scientists should just go and ask the tennis racket and bike manufacturers for their data on the health risks of nanotubes. That'd save them lots of time and effort. :lol:

    Sorry to be a pedant, but in high end (ie Olympic level, very expensive) equipment, they do use nanocomposite materials. And one of the objections to he growing use of nanomaterials is that while the 'large' materials have been thoroughly tested for toxicity, there's no official requirement for nanomaterials (which can and do behave very differently to their parent material) to be re-tested. So manufacturers wouldn't have any data on health risks as it isn't required... Sorry, avid reader of the New Scientist.

  11. A mate of mine phoned Sky and said she wanted one of their packages but she had no phone line, and could they help?

    They paid her £120 to get the line connected from BT in return for her signing up to their 'See, Speak, Surf' package. She pays £10.50 to BT for line rental, then £15.00 to Sky which includes off peak phone calls, unlimited broadband and a couple of Sky channels - excellent package IMO. Might be worth giving Sky a call.

    Agree -the only reason we didn't go with Sky is that we couldn't have a dish on the house (it's listed). either Sky or Virgin are a better bet. Plus if you're going to get it installed it's a good excuse for getting the football - only an extra few quid.

  12. Anyone keeping an eye on Truro and surroundings? Imagine it would be more popular than most areas as there are actually more than a handful of non-seasonal jobs there. Are reductions coming through yet?

    My mate is moving there shortly and having a nightmare finding a family-sized place to rent (there's nothing coming on, and what does is snapped up within days if it's decent). He's finding it hard to keep the HPC faith now and is tempted to offer on something.

  13. We were faced with this last time. Went with Virgin instead and it cost us £25. And they installed on the day we moved in, whereas BT told us we'd have to wait 10 days with no phone or internet before they would deign to fit us into their busy schedule. Their loss and a masterclass in how not to win business.

  14. Just to add, friend is trying to relocate to Truro presently and is having trouble finding anything to rent. He can only visit at the weekend to view, but if a house comes on the market on Thursday it's gone by Friday afternoon. It's like the housing market from two years ago, except borrowing not buying! Of course, the list of places for sale is enormous... and increasing not decreasing

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