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  1. ...and talking it down to make sure the BOE remembers their plight when thinking about IR rises. TheEAs are trying to squeeze every penny out now to increase their cashflow. Our rental contract isn't up till June 16th but have been called twice weekly already for the last month by the EA asking if we are renewing (we don't legally have to let them know till May 16th). They're not even managing the property, but she admitted they want to get in with the ll if he's going to be remarketing the place. every penny counts!
  2. [An IMF study on asset bubbles estimates that 40% of housing booms are followed by housing busts, which last for an average of four years and see an average decline of roughly 30% in home values. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> what happens to the other 60 per cent? Anyone know?
  3. It's the symbol of transience, isn't it? Quite apt for those OOs who throught prices might rise forever...
  4. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/londonn...ning%20Standard So, Streatham is getting a new supermarket and so will buck a nationwide trend to become the Lazarus of south London... ROFL. Wasn't St Albans also down a few points according to the latest Rightmove data?
  5. Hope my teaching job will be okay, but there may be trouble ahead as the debt burdened stop having kids for a while as they can't afford them... Other than that, baliff, debt counsellor, CAB manager
  6. The US has been propping up its domestic car market in the form of huge tax breaks and subsidies for many, many years. So much for their emphasis on the free market economy...
  7. Some old open plan 1 bed flat in Islington owned by an angry little chef and his moany wife. It was on the market for 305k and eventually sold for 280k (sorry, couldn't resist)
  8. I liked the bit at the end.. "are you stuck with a property? Do you want to be in the next series?" How long does it take to make a series, and what does this say about how long people's homes are sticking for?
  9. It looks good now they have tarted it up. Wonder what they are like when they look round other people's houses????
  10. Who says that Channel 4 can't do comedy? I am practically crying with laughter at their attitude...
  11. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-427..._t=buy&chnl=buy What's all that about, then? Fixed price??? (Just looking as I may be taking a job in this region in September) Also, just for fun... looks good, looks good - URGH! The outside!!!! And did the EA have to levitate to get Pic 15? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-531..._t=buy&chnl=buy
  12. They are always popular as they are well built and sold below market value. But Plymouth is one of the few places outside London that has already experienced price falls, so I hope they got a good deal...
  13. Up from the Smoke with the in-laws for the weekend I had a look at the local paper (Tamworth Herald). About a third of the properties are 'new price' or reduced. Some agents are even advertising the reductions - mostly about 5-10k off a 160k property, but it's a start and I am amazed to see they are being blatant about it rather than underhand.
  14. Penge branch of the Halifax looks like a DSS office - no furniture or other unsecured things that can be thrown and lots of screens covered in notes about the terrible fate that will befall you if you abuse the staff. But it's the 98p shop that says it all. When the pound shops start undercutting each other, you know you're onto a good thing I am not a fussy FTB who won't settle for less I just don't want to have to pay a min of 225k for a 3 bed house there. You can get a similar sized place for 250k in ok parts of Lewisham and that's zone 2/3 rather than miles out. When they get to 175k I might be more likely to bite. It's a Sure Start area, so you can access loads of free activities for your kids.
  15. Sorry to offend West Norwood! The bit I always end up going to is the 'centre' near the bus garage, which is pretty unpleasant. But I like Penge (the bit between the main pound shop - actually there's even a 98p shop area) and Crystal Palace park, so :angry: back at you!!!! Seriously though, I am very curious as to why people (apart from EAs) think the Tube will add value. The East London line is very, very slow - makes the Northern line link in to town from Morden / Colliers Wood look speedy.
  16. Pretty much. If we had gone through with buying our flat last summer (before the Antsy family achieved a state of enlightenment, thanks to HPC) we would have lost 5% by now, according to Hometrack. That would have been our entire deposit. Instead it sits in the bank earning historically low levels of interest. :angry: But better that than lose it!
  17. didn't Barbara Goldsmith look like the hatchet facd wife of the infamous 'coughing major' on who wants to be a millionaire? Just an observation... I has happy to see that the soft lad who thought he'd be able to rent out every room in his house (including the loo) to just about cover his mortgage repayments was (probably) sent packing by his parents when he asked them to fund his madness. Perhaps they are HPC heroes after all?
  18. We are about to - spoke to her solicitor (knew who he was owing to our abandoned attempts to buy the flat) , and he said if we passed the documents to him, he'd forward them on to her while pretending he didn't know what they were. She must have really annoyed him at some point... I've spoken to the local housing office today and they seem to think that as we were still paying our rent to him, he is liable for the deposit. I'd rather follow the solicitor's advice, though - imagine he knows more than the housing people?
  19. Don't give in and think about buying, Ms London! The prices are starting to come down a bit (look at propertyfinder.co.uk), so we could be onto the start of something I have seen some '5% deposit paid, this week only' deals in Sydenham EAs. I can see what you're thinking - looking at the cheapest areas rather than where you were looking before. Penge is okay, if you choose the right bits, Anerley likewise. I'm not keen on Catford owing to the A205 running through the middle - gets really congested and dirty and to be honest. lots of bits of it are grim. But look at nethouseprices and ask yourself if the Norwood bargains really ARE worth it - it annoys me that a 3 bed in penge costs about the same as in Lewisham but is much further out. Hang on in there, all should become clear after June / July. And don't even think about West Norwood - it's a hole.
  20. She works in marketing, if I remember rightly - nuff said to explain the attitude and general lack of empathy. After she tried to tell me she knew more about how schools worked than I did (I'm a teacher) I should have put her on ignore, but I'm too lazy...
  21. We got advice from the CAB, who were bobbins, at best. They said we couldn't sue the girlfriend. However, a few minutes ago I had the bright idea of contacting the solicitor who was acting for the landlord / girlfriend whilst they were trying to sell us the poo-heap (we pulled out - July last year, perfect timing or by now we would have lost our deposit as prices in the borough have dropped exactly 5%). he was very good and said that if his memory served him right, we should be suing her. Luckily we are counted as low income at present so shouldn't have to pay fees, but if she is liable I am very angry with the CAB - don't suppose there is anything I can do about that, though. He is definitely still with the girlfriend as I rang the agent who was selling the flat pretending to be interested and disappointed that it had been removed from the market (not!) and he spoke about the male vendor collecting the keys... so our old ll is still trying to sell it on her behalf, therefore.
  22. Hello - we are currently trying to get our deposit back from our old landlord. We have applied through the small claims court but *surprise*, he is pretending he doesn't live at his old address and has reutrned the claims form 'addressee unknown'. The address we have for him belongs to his girlfriend, to whom he also sold our rental property halfway through our tenancy without our knowledge. So, everything is in her name. I could go round to his house and serve the papers myself but it's a bit of a hassle, and the girlfriend may claim he isn't there - and I don't own a nice warm car to sit in while I stake it out! So, anyone have any suggestions? Although we gave the deposit to him, we lived there for a year and a half after he sold it to her. Does that mean we can sue her instead, even though we still paid rent to him?
  23. Dogbox, for the first time I find myself agreeing with you. A friend works in IT in the city and is paid c.96k. set up own company via accountant (who's an ex tax-man so knowws what he's doing). Take hhome pay? 70k. Not a bad ratio compared to what it should be, going through the normal channels
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