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  1. Where do you live? We pay a third of our take home. Another quarter goes on nursery fees
  2. Well, I am going to break with my normal tradition of telling people to hold on... you are being very sensible by eyeing up somewhere with three bedrooms. It means that even if it takes 10 years to get back to arounsd what you paid for the home, you will probably have enough space despite the usual changes to lifestyle etc that tend to hit you at 30 (unless you have quads or something). As long as you are sure you like the area (and won't get bored) you seem to have your head screwed on and are not over-borrowing. You might lose some money (on paper) in the meantime, but it seems you want somewhere stable to lay roots (and after all, that's what having a *home* is about, not a blinkin' 'development opportunity' or 'investment', grr)One thing - how recession-proof is your job? Could you get another and have enough to service the mortgage if the homeworking gig goes belly up?
  3. They 'do' enforced pensions in Australia (Aussie HPC members, feel free to elaborate). I have a feeling this works well, as employers are also required to put in a percentage. I am about to start a £20 per month pension for my 15 mo old, by the way... Once he gets to 35 he will need all his spare cash to keep me in my nursing home.
  4. we will - luckily, because of a few quirks in our income this year we fall below the threshold and so don't have to pay any court fees (or at least, we get them all refunded) so we can even have him declared bankrupt, at no cost to ourselves.
  5. I think his properties are probably all registered in his girlfriend's name (unless she has kicked him out, hence the housing association place). The problem with serving the notice at his old address was that it was returned 'addressee unknown' and hence wasn't deemed to have been served. It's a major failing of the small claims court.
  6. of course it is - I don't want to take a keyworker loan on but I will if it makes financial sense (ie not at the moment). The Mrs wrote a letter to the local (Labour) MP about this, following the pre-election 'lowest mortgage rates for x years" leaflet complaining about what were non-Keyworkers supposed to do, especially as they will one day hit pensionable age and wwill need subsidising if they are still renting? He said that if he was re-elected he'd take the issue up with the Chancellor. She's going to hold him to it!!! Poor bloke - he doesn't know what's going to be invading his surgery. Anyway, apart from the keywprker thing we have a relatively small deposit (10% max). we are LESS likely to risk it than someone with a larger amount, I think, as it was very hard won - we can't put away 1k a month like some people seem to be able to.
  7. Just think of the least electable person that you can, and they'll get in thanks to the aged Bufton-Tuftons that make up their membership.
  8. We have found the b'stard!!! The Mrs got really cheesed off with it and put her dubious acting skills into practice - think Allo Allo accent - anyway, she called his mobile no, which we still have, and pretended to be a foreign student who'd found his expensive pen outside his church and had been given his no. by a member of the resident God squad. He bit (!!!!), and passed on his address for it to be returned. He's in a Housing Association property despite having numerous other homes owned, and is the registered elector there cos she just rang the borough. Hooray!!! Fingers crossed we can now get our money back, and not before time.
  9. Workmate of the Mrs moved to a larger home and took out a bigger mortgage than they should have, given their equity on the previous home, so that they could buy a new Mini. They did it because "it's cheaper than a personal loan cos the interest rate is only 4%" Not over 25 years it isn't... Does that count?
  10. Wandered past this place a few days ago and thought it looked a bit ex-LA (it is) but in about the right area for us. Anyway, having done my research (nethouseprices), I came across the following data and wanted to see what people think. Have these people priced it in line with the usual crazy HPI or have they put out the white linen and gone a bit Ann Maurice, hoping they can get a ridiculous amount for their home? http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=298186 Nethouseprices says it sold for 176k in both November 2001 and Nov 2002. Two doors down sold for 220k back in May last year (they are terraces and though I didn’t look at the back, unless it has a conservatory remeniscent of the Tardis I can’t think they’re much different in size. The EA doesn’t mention such a thing. and I’m sure they wouldn’t miss a trick like that…) Several in the row are up, one at 284,995 (like undercutting their neighbour by £5 will make a difference!!!), one more cunning one at 250k And I also found this. Same home, but they want £1400 pcm for it. Sell, rent, whatever comes first. http://www.woosterstock.co.uk/DetailLet.asp?propID=1855 Looking for a long term let, they say. I’m going to keep an eye on it, but by even current standards, are they all trying it on?
  11. Paul - £3.5 mill of property and £3.75 mill of mortgages Have you noticed that every phone featured in the series is one of those Amstrad videophones - the type that is totally redundant as no-one else owns one? It's a very entertaining series, though.. PS Was amazed to see that Phil and Kirsty actually managed to fulfil their brief and get the couple featured two houses on RRR last night. Think it must be a first!!
  12. I'm also from North Cornwall. Hopefully monstrosities like this: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-665..._t=buy&chnl=buy will soon be going back to about 60k, which must be the most it is worth. It looks like a bunch of boxes cobbled together and they are so embarassed by the interior they can't even be bothered to put pics up. Not so embarassed as to ask a fortune for it, though. Bodmin is a total case in point for where the big falls will occur. sorry - couldn't help but include this perfect FTB as well. Can't think why proximity to horrible somerfield is so attractive. Don't look if you're eating or about to have tea http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-597..._t=buy&chnl=buy
  13. So, firemen sit about in between risking their lives? Oh, boo-hoo. What do people want them to do? Work at Tesco - oh sorry, Tracey can you take over cutting this half pound of ham, my alarm's just gone off and I've got to go and rescue someone'
  14. Exactly - 3 years ago I was doing teacher training, so we couldn't afford to buy on just the wife's salary. Or on both of ours 2 years ago.(mrs works in the media, so her salary was around 20k, my starting salary was 21K but as we were expecting a baby we needed a 2 bed - 160k+ in se london). I may have to cave in and take the keyworker loan but I don't want to as I don't see why the taxpayer should have to subsidise me and pay off some MEW-er's BMW to boot. On 1.5 salaries of 25k x 3.5 we should be able to get a 2 bed flat in a slightly dodgy bit of SE20-26. I don't want islington on a stick.
  15. Or gives people in the top tax bracket a 40% subsidy to buy BTL for their pensions
  16. Argh - should have made it clear that I don't actually subscribe to the 'market will take off again' theory (hence the devil's advocate clause...). BUT I can see that some who are not so astute may try and put money into this kind of pension UNLESS prices crash rather than flatline. Unless I am mistaken, there are already vulture companies circling the amateurs. My personal view is that it may prop up the market in some of the better areas of London or at least minimise some of the falls. But I can't see SIPP-ers buying up huge swathes of Dagenham, either.
  17. I get the feeling they may be talking about London, as in Kensington, Chelsea, Barbican and Hampstead. Places to the north and east of the City are already falling (see Hometrack data), the south east will be next. I don't think some commentators believe the outer suburbs exist...
  18. Just to play devil's advocate, could there be a lack of buyers this Spring because the handful of (aged 45+) Britons with enough cash to buy in such an inflated market are holding back until the new SIPP rules come in next year?
  19. Workmate in Canterbury saw one like this and put in an offer on the lowest price in the bracket. It was turned down. Suspect the lowest price is therefore what the EA knows is realistic and the high end is the vendor's pie in the sky idea. SE London has a lot of 'priced to attract interest'
  20. Se london paper is getting fatter as the no. of propertiees on the market grows. But some Spanish rubbish is creeping in. As for my favourite offers, fairview are offering 5% deposit plus stamp duty plus 300pcm mortgage subsidy for 12 months for a development in Maidstone. David Wilson have move inn for £99, 5% deposit and a mugger magnet - sorry, iPod mini- in Sutton.
  21. On my A-Z on the riverbank next to Thamesmead it says 'mud'. Better than sh1t, I suppose.
  22. well done - the prices in the Norwoods and Penge are totally unsustainable. Can't see why a 3 bed there (zone 4+) costs the same as one of similar spec in the Brockley-Lewisham area, which is zone 2 edge. Mrs A has been considering Thamesmead as it's 'affordable', ho hum. Told her not to be so daft (flooding) and anyway, they're about to build a superhighway through it (E-London river crossing). Prices in SE London are falling, but it's very, very slow.
  23. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/londonn...ning%20Standard Can I change my sign in to 'savingforaspaceship2"? let's hope he gets royally burned.
  24. CrashIs UnderWay - my mrs likes your take on Bulgaria - she went on a school ski-ing trip there in her early teens and the entire party lived on Mars Bars (they were £1 - in 1988 - ouch) because the food was so bad. She hates the place, her parents saved up for ages so she could go, then it was a complete poo-hole. Seems it hasn't changed.
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