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  1. That thing is frightening. Our family - me, missus, one under 2 and another on the way (as of last weekend) are in the top 14%. So why can't we afford anything bigger than a box that would have social services round in a nanosecond? My pay plus missus part time pay = 36.5K. The Abbey (motto - we'll lend to anyone with a pulse) says via its online calculator that we could borrow 150k . This would barely stretch to a 2 bed ex-council flat. Repayments about 890pcm before life insurance costs, etc. Big 2 bed rental we have now? 750pcm. This evening I have been watching the decorators sprucing up the outside of the building (cost 48k split between 10 flats). Thanks landlord! It looks lovely.
  2. I quite like Homes Under the Hammer - a lot of it seems to be a bit tongue in cheek and they do show quite a few where people have made a massive balls-up. I posted about one ages ago where a bloke bid for about an eighth floor flat for his son to do a BTL on, then suddenly realised he couldn't get a mortgage for a tower block.. duh. And the man who bought a mini plot of land with distant views over the Cornish coast ignoring the fact there was a mains sewer running under it. Cost him a fortune to re-route it, or at least it would have as 6 months on when they re-visited he was still trying to goad SouthWest Water into action. he looked much older than he did at the auction...
  3. Hold till September at least - don't think they'll be easily swayed by the whining of the retailers after 10 years of boom...
  4. Have you seen the stuff in the papers today about the couple from Cambridgeshire that are raffling their 270k house for £25 per ticket so they can buy a hotel? Maybe it's because they can't sell it? Can't be bothered to work out the maths for how they can profit from it...
  5. Wouldn't worry - there are about 3 people left in the country that are engaged in manufacturing and the Govt plainly doesn't give a monkeys about them, hence the fact that it has let the rest of the sector go to the dogs.
  6. Depends what's wrong with the oven - remember, if you were still living there, you'd have every right to ring him and say 'my oven's not working, please fix it ASAP'. If the thing has just died, it's not really your fault is it? How can you break an oven, unless you have cracked the door or something. You might want to remind him of this.
  7. 12 minutes? Maybe you are confusing it with Brockley (zone 2) - London Bridge is 12 minutes from there. Or do you mean using the Thameslink, in which case that's a bit optimistic and I imagine you have never had the misfortune to travel in that sorry excuse for a service. Also - okay, you can get a 2 bed flat for 160k, but what about when you have a family? You won't be able to save up that 16k 10% deposit overnight, so you'd be about 27-28 before you could buy the 2 bed. After a couple of years the family expands, but the price of a 3 bed is around 230-250k... Wage inflation won't cover that. So, now you're on 1.5 incomes at best, mortgaged to the hilt and crammed in like sardines. An offer no-one can refuse. Cheers Gord.
  8. That's heartbreaking. In north London the Hassidic Jewish population in Stoke Newington is planning to relocate to Milton keynes (poor buggers) as they want to sticck together but many families are living in awful conditions as they can't afford homes and are cramped in with their extended families.
  9. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-679...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy Don't read this if you have a weak bladder - accidents could occur. Apparently, the bathroom has a toilet 'for convenience'. (Beats peeing in the sink, I suppose.) According to the EA there's also enough room in the wardrobe to hang clothes! What a treat.
  10. "Come Buy With Me" aka 'young FTB, would you like to come and see some puppies?'
  11. Exactly. It's the ones who want to bank their gains and the johnny come lately STR-ers that are flooding the market at the moment. But they might panic, and if we are lucky it might turn into a stampede. More likely and more frustrating, IMHO, is the 'up 0.2%, down 0.2%' scenario month on month until next April, when the new FTB rules and SIPPs rules come in. Not that SIPPs will make any difference, but the UK market is controlled by sentiment (and downright price blindness, if you ask me)
  12. The EAs in the so-called Hotspots sound REALLY optimistic
  13. We are still in the denial phase - there are no panic sellers because we have a Mexican stand-off. It will be interesting to see what happens when HPI goes neegativee and sellers start to get into the mindset that they must sell up asap if they are to cash in on all the capital they have accumulated. Many FTBs are also holding out for next year and GB's new schemes, I would imagine... I think anyone expecting to wake up in September with 30% off prices will be sadly disappointed. That includes me, BTW.
  14. Exactly. It will hopefully kill the FTB market as we all hold on in the hope of getting help. By next Spring the market position should therefore be clearer - as will the question of whether GB can actually get any mortgage lenders into his scheme.
  15. Know you were looking in SE London - where's the property and what's it like? Bit of local knowledge could help you knock down the price (eg will it be close to the Thamesmead crossing? Might seem like a nice quiet road now, but when traffic expands...)
  16. As a teacher myself, I can't really be bothered to dignify many of the sad excuse for comments in this thread with an answer. However, please do ask yourself why, if the job is such a piece of p8ss, the government has had to bribe people with large pay rises and yes, the Keyworker loans etc to sign up in the past few years. Speaking from experience, there are a remnant core of the useless left over from the days when teaching was a last resort but they are now leaving and being replaced by those who want to follow their vocation but also be able to afford to have a normal life. Kids are sent to school who aren't even toilet trained because their 'parents' see them as a benefits cash cow and not something to be nurtured, so there are only so many hours in the day when we can cover the curriculum AND teach them basic life skills that should have been picked up at home. Including behaviour.
  17. Posted this on the area board recently, but... went to the in-laws for the weekned in North Warwicks (Nuneaton area). Around 1/3 of the properties in the local rag are reduced, another 1/3 to 1/2 'new instructions'. The whole area is for sale. Maybe a micro-crash pre-empting the rest of the country, though no idea why this area?
  18. Er - where did you see this? Might apply to Chels and Ken but prices are falling elsewhere. (Hometrack last month)
  19. Cheers zzg113 - did a good job of putting me off such schemes
  20. saw a good one today - instead of SOLD, the Winkworth board has "Sale Agreed"... do you think they are depressed about the number of chain breakdowns or something?
  21. he is quite good - in a previous article he had a rant about how he got stuck in shared ownership hell in the 90s. Very balanced.
  22. A firm called Sebastian Roche is taking this approach (SE London) - in the slop (South London press) they have several advertised at 'massive reductions'. shame they don't say how much they were before the price cut. Some other agents are also including the priceless 'keen to sell' (interpretation: this BTL-er will take anything to stop this dracula flat bleeding his bank account dry. Any offers?)
  23. About time, too. How many bedrooms does it have?
  24. We weren't expecting to find such a good flat and move out as soon as we did, so we'd already paid it. However, I feel happy in the knowledge that a combination of our failed purchase and landlord's greed (asking about 15k too much for the place and refusing to move on price) means he missed the top of the market and has lost out big time.
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