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  1. Excellent. You could use the 50k to build a mini leisure centre all to yourself in the back garden...
  2. SE is very mixed, racially - but no one group dominates, which is always good news. Just commenting on other posts - I wouldn't live in Barking or Dagenham again if you paid ME £700 per month. Very racist and loads of other social problems. don't know about Balham as I've only been there for a New Years eve party so wouldn't trust my memory. But I much prefer south London - more green spaces. And (having looked at some dives in Colliers Wood before thinking SE might be better) the Northern Line slows right down after Clapham. Any travel on it is therefore very painful. Just avoid the bit between Peckham and New Cross and also Crofton Park or Nunhead. Horrible.
  3. Come down to the South east and you will probably be able to get an acceptable one for 650, 700 something a bit special (maybe even a dishwasher!). Good areas are Brockley conservation area, Crystal Palace, Forest Hill, Ladywell. depends where you have to get to for work... But trains are often faster and better than the Tube, plus you have someething to look at and don't breathe in a load of crap during the journey. For instance, Sydenham Hill (zone 3) to Victoria is 15 minutes by train. When I lived in Finsbury Park it used to take longer to get to central London. You might think 'no - it's got no Tube' but if you can wean yourself off this then you won't regret it at all. An example: http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...5&photo=4#photo
  4. what you also have to remember is that while retailers are making some very loud bleating noises, their drop in profits is a drop from a position that was ridiculously inflated (by tons of MEW and credit card cash). So the BOE may not be feeling vastly generous.
  5. Agree - remember, he is saving agents fees and also avoiding keeping the property on the market for a year while he waits for some fool to come along and stump up an overinflated sum (you would probably have moved out during this time so he'd have no income). You are doing him a huge fiscal favour and this should be rewarded. Okay, you know what's wrong with the place which is also worth a lot. The decision is yours, but let's be clear. How old are you? Do you plan children? How does the Mrs feel? Could you afford the place if you accidentally had one and had to stop renting a room? And how long will it be before you can afford to fill one room wwith a child rather than a lodger? Does this fit in with your long term plans? How over-supplied is the local rental market - could you rent out the flat quickly or has all the stuff currently on agents books been there forever? Well, that's enough to be going on with - hope it helps.
  6. A 3 bed for 210K? In Plymouth? The world really has gone mad. Haven't been there for years, but unless it has had a giant scrub up I still wouldn't want to live in vast tracts of it - too many post-war samey houses in uniform grey pebbledash.
  7. keep an eye on the area that the local EAs optimistically call Blackheath Borders (ie the bit between Lewisham station and the Heath. That will probably go down first and if you get a flat there you have the bonus of being close to both Blackheath itself and Lewisham station which is served by many, many more trains than Blackheath BR.
  8. Think they're doing a street in Penge (near me) tonight, shich should be interesting. If they find a nice street I bet they won't show much of the surrounding area. I like Penge but it's like putting lipstick on a pig. the whole area is ridiculously overpriced given that it is a bit grubby and the main pub off the High Street was recently raided as it was a crack den. There's another show about called something like 'to move or not to move' - basically, Anna Ryder Richardson tells people who can't sell their home (neg equity or too skint to trade up in a ridiculous market, anyone?) how to make a bit more space. Or something.
  9. Tia - we were in the same position as you, but last June. Finally had enough for a 5% deposit and our landlord was selling our flat. We knew it had problems so got a good discount, forked out for survey, mortgage arrangement fee etc. then got cold feet for exactly the same reasons - small child, local schools not perfect (well, plenty of good girls state schools but we are the owners of a boy...). we lost 1k, but since then prices in the borough (Lewisham) have dropped 4%. So we lost a thousand, but also the chance to be staring negative equity in the face (already). Don't do it - your instincts are probably right.
  10. I suspect this also - 4 flat Victorian conversion opposite my son's nursery in Brockley has been for sale for about 9 months now by EA who is also the developer. Now, separate EA has a sold sign on it (Winkworth). But wierdly, there are still 4 flats for sale in what is ddefinitely described by them as a 4 flat building on their website. You could argue that they are a bit slow updating the news online but in a slow market I'd think they'd be as keen as possible to advertise the fact someone is actually willing to pay 196k for a 1 bed flat!
  11. Seen on page 2 of the Daily Mail today - a committee in the House of Lords is arguing that we shouldn't do anything about reducing emissions to combat climate change. Instead we should spend the money adapting to change. Among the benefits are possible rises in house prices (can you hear the electorate salivating?) 'because house prices tend to be higher in favourable climates' :angry: :angry:
  12. A new EA is just about to open in Sydenham, though they are part of the Robinson Jackson chain. Interesting business decision... Should be equally interesting to see how they do.
  13. Share of freehold is about as much as you are likely to get with flats, unless you are very lucky. But be careful about who makes the decision about mainetance and upkeep. And make sure you know what work has nbeen done recently and what is planned. Our rented flats are share of freehold in a block. Works are currently being done on the exterior and the service charge next year will rise from £100 to £300 per month for 12 months. Now, if someone came to me and asked for an extra £200 per month I'd be a bit p'd off. Know our landlord bought at a low price, but this represents about 39% pf our monthly rent being eaten up.
  14. Just remember, you have to have them replaced every five or six years - if not, they can leak or go lopsided (yes, I have watched Cosmetic Surgery Live)
  15. How about escapist nonsense about people who sold for the full asking price? Or a property boom nostalgia clip show featuring old episodes of Location etc?
  16. Er - because everyone NEEDS a place to live. The rest are not needs but wants. And if they have paid off the mortgage on this by retirement, they are a lesser burden on the State than a renter will be. If you can't afford or will never be able to afford to pay off your credit cards, you've been a bit silly, haven't you? It's not 'free' money, you know.
  17. Well, Selling Houses is a relatively new addition to the schedule (in case you are not familiar - people with ridiculous expectations of price / the attractivness of their wierd taste in interiors are told to get real by expert) Also, Homes under the Hammer shows a lot of people hideously misjudging the market now.
  18. "situated within 5 minutes walk from Romford town centre which has extensive s..." Anyone care to fill in the blank letters? My suggestions: 'hite'? 'ociopaths'? 'tabbings'?
  19. I wish - instead, they wil be having a whip-round of council tax payers to tart up Hackney
  20. well, I actually agree with you. The surverys are all bull. You don't need £50k for the first two years of your child's life. Child 1 was born just before I was doing teacher training, so we were on 6k bursary plus wife's 12k (gross) part time wage the next year. In London. Washable nappies, breastfeeding, shop at Morrisons, no holidays and get rid of the car. Bingo. And we only had debts of about 1.5k at the end of it.
  21. Good call, murpaul. I did a year in the States as part of my degree. Friend (having severe allergic reaction to peanut-laced chocolate bar) was asked for her credit card before the ambulance would take her to hospital. Nice.
  22. I don't understand this. Legally, if you have worked for a company for X amount of time you are entitled too maternity pay, whether you are coming back or not.
  23. If London wins, I'll eat Kirsty, with a side dish of Phil (where is he at the moment?)
  24. Actually, it makes sense for women to be able to go back part time, which Tax Credits does manage to do (to some extent). That way, women (such as my good wife) keep their hand in at work and are employable when all the kids have gone to school full time, but the kids don't get shunted off to battery care. it's easier to get a job after being part time for 5 years than after having done what an employer sees as 'nothing' (never mind the huge budgeting / organisation skills needed to run a home) for the same period. Oh - and for the benefit of the person who started this topic, companies don't have to pay for 6 months maternity pay. Women get 6 weeks at 90% pay then currently 20 weeks at £102 and a bit. the government pays the employer back 92% of what they pay out. Okay, it's your tax money, but you DO want someone to bring you meals on wheels, wipe your bum and stop the country beecoming a third world nation via their productivity when you are old, don't you? or should we just have mass immigration for all this? Bet the majority of the moaners would love that.
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