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  1. The price? The picture above the Aga and basket in the corner, which strongly suggests it will reek of salty mutt and need fumigating? Truro area is the same (properties between 400 - 600k band). Nothing new at all for ages. never mind, the harsh winter will see to that
  2. Incomer is spot on - half the people I know work at Treliske, and it surely is going to get hit by downsizing. Interestingly - I already know of people whose service commissions are not being renewed, so there's another great Cornish public sector employer heading down the tubes. The market really isn't moving much at all, save for those who slash prices. (600k, down to 450k was one special recently - done up by local builder) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-15775695.html On very busy road... great views, though, if you like to stare at Truro.
  3. Back to the original question - Me! 3 kids so need the room, wife who works from home and makes lots of cash over t'Internet with her business, while I do supply teaching plus other odds and sods online. Grew up here, moved to London, then came back for the schooling and quality of life once kids got to school age. We never bought in London as we couldn't afford to, but now make the money to be affluent first time buyers down here (Truro area). We want a 'house for life' so will take out a 350k mortgage to do this and hopefully pay it down quickly. However, I'm not buying (so I suppose that actually negates the first thing I wrote, but never mind...). Our budget is around 500k but I just look at the houses on offer and think I'd be embarrassed to tell people I spent half a million quid on them. The good stuff appears at 625k+, and unless you want to live in town (which is what we came back to get away from), anything under 400k is crap. Between 400k and 600k, everything either has something wrong with it (two big bedrooms, two boxes, threat of relief road or new caravan site nearby, dark dingy and damp or general shoddy layout). Everything we've looked at is coming down 50k now, though, so maybe something of vague quality may come up? We have our eye on one place that could be good but needs about 50k of work. And it's already top of our budget if they take a cheeky offer of 15% off, so unless prices fall further we'll stick to paying £900 a month in rent, rather than a 2k a month mortgage, thanks.
  4. Every week they are in the local rag talking up the market. It's been a bumper year for them, or so they say... However, the term 'new price' does pop up a lot on their ads. For anyone wondering about the market I can certainly confirm that there is no shortage of property for sale. It's just that prices are still bonkers, especially for anything outside town and with more than a strip of garden.
  5. Means there's probably some sort of ropey garage / scrap yard knocking out cut price ringers attached to lovely house's garage but strategically hidden from the EA's camera by trees. We live in a link detached new build. On one side our garage is connected to the neighbours' garage, on the other we have a 1 metre gap between us and the other house. Behold the modern developer's definition of detached (from reality)
  6. Spent 14 years in London, Truro is a sleepy backwater by comparison - which I greatly appreciate. If I lived somewhere like Bodmin (nearest town to where I grew up) I would expire from boredom. Truro's therefore a happy compromise, and the parallel parking skills I honed in the Smoke come in very handy. It does have good bars though. Acquaintance of the wife in Camborne says she hasn't been out in town there in the year she has lived there. the one night she and her husband decided to walk down she had youths yelling 'oi bitch' at her from their car... lovely! I would have thought Camborne was coming up a bit though as they have big student venues like the Corn exchange attracting half decent entertainment.
  7. Only thing that's stressful about Truro is the number of extremely slow drivers. Now that really does get my blood pressure up. Beautiful villas on the way to Tuckingmill such as this are pretty cheap. shame about the area. where wuld you get this much for that money elsewhere? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa....0%26index%3D30
  8. Anyone else seen this? http://email.rightmove.co.uk/interface/ext...118733196592813 Price reductions and best buys in your area - a weekly list, courtesy of Rightmove. A bit like those deal leaflets supermarkets stick in the local rag. Anyone for a BOGOF, or will it be three for the price of two?
  9. Nope - don't think you'd get a 2 bed bungalow for that in Rock, such is the madness. St Day / Chacewater area, so pretty but not all that desirable owing to proximity to 'Druth. I was in Camborne today. Beautiful Victorian buildings, wouldn't live there if you paid me owing to fear of local population, the place is a hell hole (nothing changes in 20 years, i guess). What a waste.
  10. Friends went to look at one that was on for 535k recently (so dangerously close to the 500k stamp duty barrier). It has been on the market for over a year. However, they were told that although offers had been made on it before, the vendors were moving somewhere else more expensive ( Knightsbridge? Can't think of anywhere more overpriced than Kernow). So they were holding out for the full price. I gather from Rightmove that the wait goes on...
  11. No, no - the real triumph of optimism is the plan to build a host of executive flats up in Threemilestone (pug-ugly bungalow village up on the A390 south of Truro). FFS, who wants an executive flat three miles from town, especially when the only road in is one of the most congested in Cornwall and parking costs a fortune? I suppose you could always lug your executive briefcase on the Park and Ride bus...
  12. [ I like North coast , but not Newquay to be honest , theres much nicer places just down coast for much less moola - I'd like a place in Perranporth myself , nice beach , allows dogs , very few Newquay type stag and hen places. Perranporth, Porthtowan, Portreath.... all ruined by the huge number of 70s pebbledashed bungalows some muppet allowed to be banged up years ago. Seriously, lovely scenery but huge swathes of the towns themselves should be selectively dynamited and made to begin again. Then again, there are a fair few 'cash only' properties advertised so I'm sure the mundic issue will soon put paid to it, with luck.
  13. Maybe they need to create a loss-making company for their next year's tax return??? PS Any tips on where to eat out in between Truro and Falmouth for next time (or if we even get round to house hunting there) would be good - sadly, as well as a surfeit of pebbledashed bungalows, south Cornwall also has more than its fair share of pubs passing of Brake Bros fare as 'home cooked'. Remembered another good point about the A39, by the way - surprisingly good buses, so you don't have to spend your life ferrying older children round.
  14. I was also surprised at the EA. They have the best local properties so perhaps that's why they don't try so hard? Shame about Scorrier. Great woodland. Mind you, wasn't the incinerator planned for St Stephen to take the pressure off United Downs? If they actually do close it next year it could improve? Especially as the Truro (over) development on the A390 spreads out... Not so sure about the Truro Falmouth corridor. The road gets quite congested and the noise really funnels up the valley at Perran an worthal so it's worse higher up than kerbside. Ponsanooth could be a good bet but then again it's neither here nor there, just annoyingly in between (okay access to redruth but that's not exactly a selling point?)
  15. Any thoughts on Truro? Was there a few weeks ago and they are showing some reductions in the paper at last... A few nice places for sale down near St Day / Scorrier, but I'd really have to investigate where the stench from the massive landfill there tends to waft about. Agree with the comments about local EAs being lazy though - friends were giving me feeback on a top end agency with an ****-related product in the title. They arranged to view 2 places, keys were forgotten on one and the EA was late to the appointment to top it. Hopeless.
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