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  1. Thanks for the advice- I invested a little in a Credit Suisse Future Energy fund (performance has been p.poor so far) and one solar energy company in Switzerland. Will look at your suggestions as well. Cheers
  2. Thanks Kurt, I actually live in Switzerland so not sure about the tax relief part but I will certainly invest something. Credit Suisse have a 'Nano Technology' fund that looks interesting as well.
  3. Kurt, I am looking to do the same but cannot really find any such funds - can you give me some pointers ?
  4. Back on the FT, after the 75bp cut in the US, I saw the headline "Have the Fed done enough?" which just about sums up Newspapers' conditioning (i.e Not "Should they have cut" but we are confirming that the only response is to cut and the only thing worth debating is by how much). Surprised me a bit with the FT becuase you are right it is normally more rigorous than other papers (not difficult) Thank you BoBE for your interesting points. I think in the UK it is very difficult to state an opinion that goes against "standard thinking" and this is reflected in journalism. When I have tried to tal
  5. I often ask myself the same question. I think that the human being is fundamentally short termist and ignorant (look what is on the front page of even the Quality newspapers). You print a story based on what you have just said, put it on the front page and people find it "boring". I have tried to talk about this issue with some people but they are just not interested - I came to the conclusion it's either because: 1. It's too far away 2. It's beyond their comprehension 3. They feel powerless so would rather not think about it 4. They don't' want to give up what they consider as their 'comf
  6. I received today some literature from Scottish Widows on their investment funds. Their key holding in their "Ethical Fund" is.... Northern Rock
  7. "Did you speak to the German chancellor Peter?" "no" "and what did he say?" "I don't know" "Peter O'hanraohanrahan, thank you"
  8. Thank you for the post ; I am glad I am not the only one who thinks the same. People economise on the essentials and spend freely on stuff that's not important. You see that consumers will always buy the cheapest milk possible - and that farmers get the same price as they did 10 years ago - but complain about their wages not going up. Or say they are concerned about animal welfare but buy battery chickens (5 chicken breasts for a fiver , bargain), it makes you realise the mess we are in. The same people are happy to fork out for an iPhone or have several weekends flying off to god knows where
  9. Sebastien , i normally agree with your posts but I think you are missing the point. To paraphrase Mark Twain, they ain't making oil any more. Oil production peaked in July 2006. So even if demand growth slows, simple economics means that the price will continue to rise. There are two responses; either a substitution to other energy sources (not looking great on a large scale) , a recession or some countries taking as much as possible for themselves (eg China's agreement with African countries). Read the comment below World total liquids production (Fig 1) remains on a peak plateau since 2006
  10. You sure you don't want to do your yield calculations again ? I make it 4.5% gross
  11. I would add that no only do airlines pay no tax on fuel but the airline manufacturers are heavily subsidised (Boeing and Airbus) - we are talking billions here. Secondly when peak oil comes - it wont be a question of oil prices doubling and that's it. There will be a process of continual increases but also there will be conflicts over resources - why do you think the Chinese have signed deals with the oil producers in Africa. Given all this, not sure that those on a cheap weekend to Bratislava will be at the top of the pecking order at this stage. The only possible alternative talked about
  12. The Swiss Germans in general hate the Germans. That's why they dont speak real German any more (various dialects) and are not at all keen on any union which involves the Germans I live in Geneva and work between here and Zurich. Zurich must be one of the nicest cities in Europe. Beautiful. And the cuckoo clock came from Germany and the Swiss had civil wars up to the 19th century
  13. The latest theory is that world production will decline gradually by 1% a year until 2009. There will then be 3 or 4 phases of gradually increasing rates of decline until 2020. From "La Decroissance" I read that the July 2006 oil production of 86.13million barrels per day has not been equalled since. In June production was 84.3 mbd. Too early to say if this was the peak. Still there is lots of coal left which could be converted into oil ? (I don't know if this is feasible - maybe an expert knows better )
  14. I would also add that the British promised the Kurds their own state before WWII. When we found out that there were huge deposits of oil there, we changed our minds. The Kurds being not that pleased about the change in strategy decided to rebel and were carpet bombed by the British. In fact the decision to bomb them was made by someone called Winston Churchill But getting off the subject
  15. From the Guardian (quite a good summary): "The Bank of England did not go soft yesterday. It did not splash vast sums of cheap money into the markets. Nor did it offer a defibrillator to financiers who have been complaining that money markets have suffered a heart attack. The key passage in yesterday's announcement was: "These measures are not intended, nor can be expected, to narrow the spread at which commercial banks can borrow from each other at longer maturities (for example, the three-month interbank rate)." A small dose of extra liquidity will help, but overnight rates are not the bi
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