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  1. Surely the point is that it's sensible to live where you work? Don't moan about having to pay for a b+b during the week when you choose to "live" miles away from your job. There's nothing wrong with Peterborough, in fact we're seriously considering moving there, you get far more house for your money than in ludicrously overpriced Surrey.
  2. Genuine question - why not sell the house in Surrey and buy one in Peterborough?
  3. It looks amazing - I detect more than a hint of envy on this thread. Some people would find fault with a palace for ninepence.
  4. a. How have they benefited from the massive rise in house prices? You only realise the benefit if and when you sell - you can't eat the increase in the value of your house and pensions haven't kept pace with inflation. What about those pensioners who don't own their own homes but still have to pay council tax? b. Like all sweeping generalisations, this is rubbish. A young family with a couple of kids in school uses far more local services. c. See b. There are many pensioners living in abject poverty with no prospect of increasing their income unlike younger people. d. Ever heard of envy?
  5. Precisely - and we're only 16 days into January, two of which were public holidays. The volume in the remaining nine working days can hardly have been sufficient to draw any sensible conclusion at all.
  6. The reason isn't irrelevant if the amount paid is only half the market value, ie in the case of divorce.
  7. Divorce would explain it perfectly. One partner sells their share to the other and one name is taken off the Land Register, hence the new entry on the register.
  8. It would work with me apart from one thing, which is the section I've highlighted. If a house is realistically priced in the first place, you will not get a 10-15% discount on the asking price and shouldn't expect it. Better to pay almost asking on a reasonably priced place than get a discount on one which is overpriced.
  9. How we treated our own parents who fought in the war? You mean how people like me look after their parents nearing 90, saving the state huge amounts of money by doing as much as possible for them so they can live in their own home instead of being carted off to an old people's home to be propped up in front of the TV all day? Incidentally, if they died in the war they can't be living in poverty as well. Perhaps it might be as well for you to remember that there are an awful lot of us baby boomers and it will be long time before we don't have the majority of the votes in this country.
  10. Interesting that the only two people to have agreed with it so far are both men. Niobody's choices have been taken away from them, if you want a domestic life with children and no career, what's stopping you? We keep hearing from numerous contributors here how incredibly, nay obscenely, generous benefits are these days and how you can live a life of luxury if you're a non-working single parent so go for it. Feel free to choose to stay at home and raise children.
  11. Just two points - I didn't and never have worked in some low paid clerical battery farm (is this all higher education fits people for these days?) and we're talking 30 years ago when any quality of life was dependent on two salaries.
  12. Why bother with higher education if all you're going to do with it is stay at home with small children? I managed a year at home with my son when sheer boredom and depression with not having an adult conversation for hours on end sent me happily back to work. It meant I was a better mother because I appreciated the time I spent with him.
  13. Personally I wouldn't miss Sky or my mobile at all - and certainly don't intend having the latter after I retire. On retirement, we have no intention of continuing to run two cars, one will be quite enough between us. We spend around £200 a month on food - and eat very well, we could easily live now on around £500 a month for everything except the mortgage. Our biggest expenses are child support now and that will come to an end when Mr BL's youngest finishes full time education, only another 8 years to go - not that I'm counting.
  14. If you gazunder one of two things will happen. The first is that the vendor will tell you to p*ss off and you'll lose all the money you've spent to date on the transaction, added to which the estate agent will refuse to deal with you again on another potential purchase. The second is that you'll move in to find the place filthy and all the added extras the vendor agreed to leave for you have disappeared.
  15. An accusation of illiteracy from someone who manages six grammatical and spelling errors in three posts strikes me as a bit rich. Pots and kettles?
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