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  1. The Virgin thing is a waste of time. 1Gb Data only SIM gone from £4.12 to £6pm. S&S ISA global fund returned -0.5% since April 10% increase on same BB package as mentioned by OP.
  2. They might execute it better, in the same way what search/advertising did to altavista et al.. and what android & others did to Blackberry/Nokia. I also don't think the US has the same land restrictions as the UK but it will be interesting to see if it does become successful.
  3. I did it when I lived in UAE, but Oman is a very nice place. If there is one place to visit in the middle east, it has to be Oman.
  4. What with Cameron "worrying" about his kids never getting on the housing ladder and now a poor MP has had to move back with mum and day... I get the feeling they are "softening up" public opinion before showtime.
  5. Careful, one could have said a similar thing about driving people to their destination in a private car a few years ago, look at Uber et al now.
  6. Some I've seen in supermarkets: Avocados, citrus fruits (rare), cut & washed fresh herbs in plastic (overpriced parsley/coriander/mint etc..). The source might also vary by region in the UK.
  7. read the rules/faq and politely request in the upgrade forum.
  8. HSBC are fecking theives all around the world, and think their customers are too stupid to know any better. Here in the UAE, they tell you foreign credit card transactions in dollar are: 1USD=3.69 + 2.8% Visa Fee. When you get your statement, they have charged you 3.69 + 3.84%. None of the morons on the phone could explain it, and told me to 'fill in a complain form sir'. After complaining, they refunded the excess charge without any explanation. Second time I make a purchase, same thing, they refund without explanation. I ain't gonna bother a third time, and the infuriating thing is there is no one to complain to like the FSA the UK, except for the Jersey Financial services, which given the blurb on their site, make it clear they don't give a sh!t.
  9. Desperate people selling their gold to pay their bills?
  10. Totally spot on mate. Keep it up. And again, encore!, you totally hit the nail on the head there, mate!
  11. I was surprised as well as these newbie posts need to be approved by a moderator.
  12. Hi Darling, dont' get angry, it's unbecoming of you. Call me anytime, we'll have ourselves a ball.
  13. Hi Honey, I thought I was suitably informed on the invasion of the once Great Britain by foreign unwashed masses, but it seems that I have not kept up to date on the latest, most reliable statistics. I would love for you to inform me on what I have missed out on. We could do it over dinner sometime? What do you think?
  14. [1] New houses being automatically given to immigrants and so called 'asylum seekers'. Presumably this is only possible if tax money goes to house builders. The figures are supposed to be something like 40% - I quote from memory though. No so sure, I'm told it's more like 73%. [2] Houses specifically built with e.g. 7 bedrooms on an immigarnts only need apply basis. This happens in Oldham (I'm told) and presumably elsewhere. Happens everywhere, I'm told they also get a chartered concorde to take them to visit their families twice a year. [3] Offical Secrets Act and Tenancy agreements with immigrants who are issues with new euqipment of all sorts (including televisions). It's cos they get this special receiver which allows them to view the secret channels only some people are allowed to receive. I'm told by 2009, they will all be upgraded to HD capable receivers and TV's. [4] Effects on areas being taken over - obviously it must have some effect on prices, and also on perceived desirability. And in the longer term the whole balance of whether housing is seen as desirable - if rates/ property taxes/ other euphemisms continue going up. Lots of takeovers and increasing euphemisms going on nowadays. Totally mad out there. [5] Possibility if prices fall of large scale buying up of housing by for example Saudi Arabia who (apparently) have money to burn. Correct, Those Wasabi Saudis will never miss a chance to plant their root of islam anywhere in the world, even in a deeply Catholic country like the UK.
  15. Basis for discussion? A document full of spelling mistakes and slang, written by "MDR Associates" who'se only online reference is some new build developer??? Are you sure? Umm yeah, send it to the Sun or the Daily Mail, they love this kind of 'research'.
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