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  1. Well my apologies for not trawling through all 6 pages but here is my tuppence worth - Perhaps initially I should point out that I have worked for three banks and currently work for a debt collection agency. To answer the original question - No. Of the £1.2 trillion debt roughly 80% is secured on property; now this is another debate for you as some may say that if prices crash then it's at least partly unsecured as well but for now lets set that aside. Speak to any recovery manager from any of the big lenders and they are expecting BAD debt levels to rise slightly hence an increase in prov
  2. This post gets my vote for 'Crass of the day' Why as a society are we always looking for soemone else to blame ? Firstly he was only £5k in arrears although we don't know the full extent of his other debt. Secondly - assuming he has other debt - were the lenders there twisting his arm to buy that latest widget - or alternatively as I have also heard before - ' we didn't spend it on luxuries, just living expenses' well more fool you for living way beyond your means.Even the piston heads picture has him next to the bonnet of a sporty looking car, possibly a TVR. Credit is a drug !!! If this
  3. And if you want an even more shocking debt site go to www.debthelpuk.co.uk and go to their forum. Be careful if posting though, they don't like people who don't always agree with them and think that a) all lenders are nasty money grabbing parasites, they should all be let off their debt as it was the lenders fault for letting them have it in the first place, c) everyone who doesn't agree with them is lower than and evil despot and should be banned immediately and yes I have been banned as I am a debt collector who has pointed out a few home truths !! Some of the information on here is a lit
  4. So it is agreed that anything can happen and we wont know what the trigger is until it actually happens. Therefore this whole site (especially all the incredibly boring and one sided statistics) is complete conjecture - brilliant.
  5. You STILL don't get it do you. We are not going to sell because we don't care - up, down whatever. They are our homes which we live in, not some asset to be used to try and make money from.
  6. Anger !! You're deluded - I have a home, mortgage free. So long sucker
  7. Ha Ha Ha - Hysterical !!! You are all very boring. Seems you cannot read and can certainly not understand - WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE OR YOUR 'MESSAGE'. And for the poster who waffled on about being over 30, higher degree, family etc priced out of the market - what have you been doing for the last 10 years ??? Studying ?? My @rse - should have got off your backside and bought a house for your family. Too late to whinge about it now loser.
  8. You guys have missed the point as usual, your all so caught up in your own little property price bubble. We don't care - you're all self obsessed techy weanies who deserve to be kept out of the property market, your too selfish to live in a nice home. Prices can go up, down, backwards, sideways we still don't care. So long suckers
  9. You guys are so boring - you've been told time and time again - on the C4 site - we are not interested in your pathetic ramblings - get a life.
  10. Student loan debt is not included in bankruptcy.
  11. Cobblers - lenders release deeds to solicitors all the time without the mortgage ever being redeemed. Solicitors give an undertaking to the lender so no questions are ever asked.
  12. Its correct, the sale only completes once the mortgage has been redeemed so quite simply the lender refuses to release their charge. Hey presto sale buggered. There are some test cases where properties were repossesed by the lender and sold AFTER previously being sold on the open market for a higher price which the lender prevented from completing. In this instance the borrower has a good case for writing off some of the mortgage shortfall.
  13. Got to love it ! The end of HPC as we know it. BTL prices on the up ! Think I'll go and get another one.
  14. Duplex Regarding my views please see my first set of posts from a few weeks ago.
  15. The light may be on but there's no-one home is there ?
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