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  1. Ah, but it's his website. Get ready for the "turning left at a red light" to have an amazing surge. Another question, when will it become law that to become a politiation vested interests in property are banned. Politiations having a massive BTL portfolio makes the "Cash for Honours" seem legit.
  2. As people get more savvy with the internet things might start changing.. http://www.home.co.uk/selling/home_co_uk.htm Spread the word people!!!!.. And watch Rightmoves share price drop..
  3. Getting things like that here.. I remember back 8 months ago the cheapest house you could find was about the £100K mark, at the time I could'nt figure it out these were in areas I would'nt want to drive by too slowly. I remember watching Under the Hammer and seeing these people from London buying in the The Boulevard area for silly prices. So I assume that's what was knocking the prices up at the time. Now look-> http://uk.propertyfinder.com/2/pf/property...ailsKey=9245767 http://www.fish4.co.uk/iad/homes/advert?ad...mp;src=homecouk or how about a 5 bed detached.. http://www.sequencehome.co.uk/detail.asp?t...mp;id=HDR111546 And theres lots more were that came from.. Well that will teach the BTL'ers in buying into area's they know f*ck all about..
  4. Oh dear!!. If I was you I'd do some reading. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/about/legislation/1998act.pdf You might want to count the number of times the words Chancellor of the Exchequer & Treasury are mentioned and what powers they have. Then come back here and try and convince us all that the BOE are really independent. edit: I thought I'd add this bit, it's the funniest part. For those who really do think the BOE are independent.. Also check out page 12 "Treasury’s reserve powers"...
  5. But you notise how they laughed?. Maybe soon, they will look back and say, "How come those nutters saw what was coming?"..
  6. Well I've had a p*ss and blacked out does that count. Apparently it's a common thing, I had run up the stairs out of breath, and apparently the extra energy needed to take a p*ss caused me to pass out.
  7. Yeah, how silly don't they know that owning a home is the most important thing in the world, silly people. They just don't understand do they, they need to make sure they have a home were they can "EAT,SLEEP & SHIT", don't let people in prison have all the fun. Forget about having a life, I mean you only live once don't you. So remember you stupid bears, spend every penny you can on purchasing a house. If you have chidren, don't worry about Christmas & birthdays etc, you can always tell them "Yeah, but son we have a house, we've made it in this world, you should be proud, btw. we won't be leaving you anything because our home is now our pension. But if you follow your fathers example, that should'nt be a problem, so when you 18,19,20 don't go out having fun, put all your money to one side to purchase you first house, you'll need to save about £4 million for a deposit, so might take 50 years to do that, but you never know by the time your 70 you might be able to purchase your first house, that you one day can use for your pension when your 105. Or alternatively son, go into a life of crime, and you might get a place of your own, all at the expense of her majesty's pleasure, I beleive you even get snooker tables, 50 inch LCD's and stuff, now how cool is that?." So as you can see, there is no problem in getting on the property ladder. These bears, just make me sick complaining all the time.
  8. Well that's on my Favs.. Be interesting to see what happens..
  9. 588.3 Yeah, a nice mod would be instead of Gordys face repeated when sliding, a good blood trail would look real nice.
  10. You might want to check this out. http://www.cml.org.uk/cml/consumers/guides/assistance
  11. A quick google, and the first site I found for a BTL mortgage. http://www.giraffemoney.co.uk/mortgage_category-2.htm APR about 7%.. £140K over 25 years @ 7%.. Repayment: £1001.12 IO: £816.66 And these are mortages that require 85% LTV, larger LTV's would even have worse APR. But of course because this mortgage would require 85% LTV. First you would need to find £21K for deposit, then the remaining £119K would be. Repayment: £850.95 IO: £694.16
  12. I was also a bit too young during the last crash, but I remember my sister really having to struggle. She did manage to keep her house, but only just.
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