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  1. Agreed....all of it. The sour face of New Labour needs to go and go now! However can David Cameron live up to Maggie's legacy, where reward was gained by effort?
  2. You make many good comments but missed the most obvious. If the current opposition(s) cannot expose the present "Government", they are unfit to govern also. Accordingly, we need a solution. One solution for you is to start a new party along the lines, which you would like to see. Another is to start a media communication with 'balanced' views. Politics is about people and economics. That includes house prices, mortgages, interest rates, inflation etc etc.....which sparks debate and counter debate. It is healthy. Remember if you do not have a solution then you are part of the problem. Walking away is not a solution.
  3. When the trendy Blair went to 'Uni', it was free. Today most students are struggling to survive! When they leave they are saddled with debt and then have to think about a mortgage and a pension. I think Mr Blair and his henchmen have destroyed these elements of life for them, also
  4. Agreed "the economy is sick", if the current young generation cannot afford housing or a family. This government is trying to bring this nation to an end to satisfy their own greed for power. Talk about the extermination of the species or global warming!........New Labour will do nicely to finish us all off!
  5. In the US the Prime rate charged by banks during these years reflected inflation as an issue there also . 1982 14.85% 1981 18.87% 1980 15.26% US Discount rate was: 1982 11.01% 1981 13.42% 1980 11.77% These were annual averages
  6. What about local buyers using the "money" created by Eddie George and the BofE?
  7. Unfortunately, for everyone Gordon Brown belongs in your "financially unsavy" and the fallout if not hitting already will affect us all, eventually. Those who are affected now are the first time buyers, who cannot get on the ladder because it is too expensive and for those that can afford it, many are afraid of the bubble and not buying. What kind of society is that?
  8. NuLab are concerned with power and control...what else did you expect?
  9. High house prices mean people feel wealthy and spend. This 'feeling' artificially fed Gordon Brown's economic "miracle" over the past decade. The spending money comes from remortgaging the house, which is worth so much more than the original mortgage. The 'owner' occupiers think it is "their money" and don't realise they are only borrowing using the house as security in case the loan all goes wrong. These people are basically consuming their capital and living above their means(income). This is the New Labour way. The spend has driven up the sale of luxury goods, holidays, holiday homes etc etc creating a major balance of payments problem for the country, while young people starting out can no longer afford that first step on the housing ladder. How bad is the 'New Labour' legacy, when this basic need, required to sustain our way of life, is no longer available. It will be interesting to see how Tony Blair treats the situation in his memoirs.
  10. It could be you are suffering from "burnout" see article below which recommends a good book to take one forward. Apparently, with today's pressures and busy work schedules this is a common condition: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/you/artic...in_page_id=1908 I quote a paragraph within the article : "One textbook definition of burnout is a state of fatigue and frustration due to devotion to a way of life that does not produce the expected reward". Trust this is helpful.
  11. I think it was more an advert from HSBC saying...hey look we are doing it the right way!
  12. It's ironic, if the young man had retained his government tax job, he would have been one of the people taking the full negative brunt of Browns tax changes, being on £12,000 pa. Did he know about this budget beforehand?
  13. If you think the UK has a problem look at this http://biz.yahoo.com/brn/070222/21205.html?.v=1 Like here it is a jailable offence to misinform on a mortgage application form. No wonder they are where they are! The last two pararagraphs read: '"Some people may think the only way they can get into a property is to BS the bank all the way through," says David Reed, president of CD Reed Mortgage Bankers of Austin, Texas, and author of "Mortgage Confidential." "There are so many programs out there. I've never met a borrower who couldn't get a mortgage." Mortgage fraud is running rampant across the U.S., but you can avoid it'.
  14. Looks like a political statement direct from Downing Street to me. As well as puppet Government we have a puppet National Broadcaster with Rupert Murdoch in a chain reaction, instrumental in making both tails wag! How ironic!
  15. Does this mean the overseas investor will divert his borrowings to invest in the UK, which is tax free, currently on income offset against mortgage interest and costs? Will this create a further BTL boom here even with the low returns in many places.
  16. Agreed and as evidenced by Eddie George's recent statement, they are scared to unravel it. Any fine tuning could spell disaster. I quote: ""That pushed up house prices, it increased household debt ... my legacy to the MPC if you like has been 'sort that out'." See: www.boards.fool.co.uk/Message.asp?mid=10460564&sort=whole When will they "sort that out"?
  17. Normally, higher the return, greater the risk is the rule. Currently, this ISA 8.1% gross rate compares to their prime personal loan rate of 6.3% APR.
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