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  1. Now that Article 13 has been approved, please refrain from embedding images, also avatars need to be reviewed. Don't let some copyright lawyer close down our forum!
  2. This is a miscommunication, it is an ex-bank, you would ever bank with them.
  3. As moneyscam pointed out, I imagine the other international clearing houses might be upset with that then.
  4. I guess you missed this one... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-57534391.html 09/02/2017, Price changed: from '£4,500,000' to '£3,500,000' 19/01/2017, Initial entry found.
  5. I think Barts email above pays ample tribute to this colossus, the intellectual giant that saved the world - until such time as its someone elses problem.
  6. Gordo's great intellect is focused on more wordly things than little Kirkaldy - given this mighty intellect you have to forgive him for this... It was this great intellect that, as the intellectual Diane Abbot said, kept the UK out of this Euro thingy.
  7. Not at all, I just wondered why a 70 year needs a 3 bedroom council flat, subsidised by the taxpayer, when they earn and have been earning well over 100k - are you saying there is no-one more deserving of a 3 bedroom flat?
  8. So, no-one has asked - but why does he need a 3 bedroom flat? Subsidised by the taxpayer.
  9. Actually, I asked you to explain WHY we spent the last 13 years making ourselves uncompetitive, not HOW.
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