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  1. Weird??!! I joined because of the old reasons - ie house prices too high. Enjoyed the superb posts by members such as Dstars, ?..!, EDM, ParticleMan, Freetrader. Guys who unfortunately are no more, or now post infrequently Learned a fair bit from reading these posts, but could never lace their boots with regards to economic matters. Hence few posts. Rcently read about a subject to which I am inextricably linked - so put my tuppence worth in. Didn't realise free speech was dead, or that there was some protocol to follow - please do advise!
  2. Aye - Cheers. Twas a good little tet-a-tet! Back on shift tomorrow- see if I've still got a job ..... or maybe go on strike.... (Only Joking)
  3. The strike affected many in the service is well. The point of public sympathy is that the firefighters are very aware of it, and prefer to try and keep them onside ( however unlikely). If they didn't give a shlt, it may serve there purpose better - but that's only a thought. Strike times are very frought occasions as you're probably very well aware. Very few in any part of the country and in any job can afford a loing drawn out dispute, as they've got mortgages etc to pay.
  4. A Stunning disection to lead to your conclusion. You should be congratulated on your ability for logical deduction. Working class = socialist. There again, I might be a Sinn Fein voter. But as a little englander, you'd be hard pushed to look outside that particular box.
  5. Aye - certainly was. Funnily enough I remember on the last strike applauding you guys as you went past. Strange how there is so much animosity from certain sectors of armed forces guys, yet our ranks now have a fair number of them. I don't knock our forces, and am surprised by attitudes like yourself. We can strike to protect our conditions. It's part of democracy, which I'm sure you've fought to defend. We may be right, and we may be wrong - and I don't agree with the union line all the time - the last strike was boIIox. Yeah - we've probably got an easier job than the military, and have better pay and conditions,but again, the choice of profession was there for all. You obviously chose armed forces, I chose firefighter. The conditions weren't a huge draw for me - job security and saving lives were a bigger attraction.
  6. Fair point, But to add to the mix - I can't see the guys on the new scheme striking for guys on the old. And there will be a tipping point on the not too distant future where those on the new balance the ones on the old ( estimated at 2016).
  7. And is this not the case with any 24 hour operation? I can't see how you will change this without vastly increasing the hours a firefighter would have to work per week.
  8. FBU didn't strike to protect pensions. The 30 year pensions are no more, and haven't been for over 5 years. It's now a 40 year pension if you have joined since then.
  9. So you're an AssetCo hero? Certainly seem to have a downer on the fire service - were you rejected many times? Don't get your last point - you started banging on about professions that can't strike -WTF has that got to do with LFB?
  10. No-ones saying that the 48 hours is a big deal. And any change in shift structure will not impact on the 4 on, 4 off rolling pattern ( unless a fifth group is introduced). Therefore, no arguement can be levied against firefighters saying that they are worried about changes interfering with secondary jobs. Like it or not, fighting fires can be an inherently dangerous task. It is risk managed to reduce the danger, but it cannot be totally eliminated. The changes being proposed have the capacity to reduce the number of appliances and firefighters on duty at night - this makes it more dangerous for fireys at a time when deaths are on the increase, and for the public. This is a main part of the rejection of changes to the shifts, and the letters sent by LFB bullying the workforce into accepting these changes do not help.
  11. Thanks - I'll have to pop in more often from mumsnet to get another masterclass.
  12. Superb. I'd love to have you on the watch - sound like a top bloke that can be relied on. As for the Army, Air Force, police etc - totally pointless waste of electrons posting that - it's their choice from choosing a profession that cannot strike. I love how the forum goes on about "sheeple" and "serfs", yet as soon as a group make any noises about standing up to authority, they get rogered for doing so.
  13. Class post. I am much enlightened. As for point 1 - we'll get back to that. Point 2 - fireys do a 48 hour shift over 4 days. They then have 4 days off. I suppose in your totalitarian state, they're supposed to lie in their w@nking chariots for those four days and not dare cross the threshold until it's time to return to work? As an aside, I know plenty of taxi driver's whose main job is not taxi-ing... ( And there may even be a few firefighters in that number). civil service secretarial pools? Now I must admit - you've got me on the ropes there. As for being a twonk and an idiot - that's as maybe. But i'm probably a more informed twonk and idiot than you in this particular subject. But it looks like I'll just have to yield to your vastly superior knowledge and reasoned arguement.... You ballbag.
  14. Thanks Duckie... Looks like you're getting a little too hot under the collar spouting pish about something you know little about, but hey, give the firey's a call - they'll get their hoses out and keep you cool ( unless the ungrateful besterds are oot on strike - agian....)
  15. A balanced and reasoned arguement, if ever I heard one.... Read point 1 of my last post to understand why there is a waiting list. Oh, and maybe because of "london's burning" as well. And what else is irrelevant? Their right to do more than one job? The total ****** of "constantly striking". Please enlighten me. As stated until the point of exhaustion now, any London strike has Feck All to do with money.
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