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  1. I put in £8.5k in May this year. I've had back 5 x £50 wins (three of which were from the Dec. draw)
  2. Two nieve 'daddies girls' who have no concept of the real life outside 'cosmo mag' / 'hello mag' dream world. Sickening stuff this weeks prop. ladd. I'd like to give them two a slap on behalf of HPC :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  3. I've been thinking this too. Why after several years of good sales on the back of the UK's retail spending binge are the high street retailers so worried? Did they believe the spending spree would go on forever? Have they geared themselves up to the max like BTL'ers? Is this just hot air from the retailers trying to convince the BoE to drop IR's in hope to eek out the last few pounds from the consumer?
  4. Utter bo**cks Chatham is the cr*p hole / chav central of Kent
  5. A bit off the tread, but an example of just how daft folk are these days to weigh themself with stupid debt..... Met up with a friend of mine over the past weekend. Good job, earns ca. £32k. Has recently bought on a 8.5 x anual income mortgage! I was gob smacked. I thought this sort of thing was only heard of on HPC..!!! I just don't understand the current mentality of people. We (us HPC'ers exempt) seem to have lost all grasp of money. This £1.1 trillion .... it's going to hurt, maybe not today but for sure some day - at least i hope it does benifit us more financially responsible folks
  6. ..... i'm not that bitter and twisted really, errrm, well that's as long as i remember to take the medication..! Ohh, yeah, i am a want to be FTB though, that's for sure.
  7. Great post BB Yep, not only does this point to recession but a major lifestyle change for those who seem to live a life of financial ignorance. What comes around, goes around, as they say. I just hope that it aint going to be us more financially responsible folks that some how end up bailing these idiots out. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  8. How about this... http://www.beach-huts.co.uk/huts/index.html £20k to £140k for a wooden shed next to the sea...! Madness..! :angry:
  9. Have you heard the latest spin on this story in The Sun..? http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005230684,00.html
  10. Sorry pioneer31 - my reply came over as a bit arrogent! No bad intent was ment. Best wishes to all on HPC.co.uk - it's good to be part of the HPC family Time to call it a night too. Good night all
  11. What determines the rate of decrease in water tempeature with time for the example you have mentioned is the heat transfer coefficent(s) between the water surface area and surface area(s) the water is in contact with! There is no black art involved here - just a simple bit of simple thermodynamics/heat transfer. It is really MUCH simpler than it seems and not worth getting your knickers in a twist about!
  12. Yep - more jobs in McDonalds and KFC for these misguided graduates 'cos that's not far from the true worth of such 'soft' degrees, especially with such an overload of such graduates in the system
  13. The problem with todays universitys is that they churn out hundreds of useless twats with 'art history' or 'media studies' so called degres. They think they are the bees knees just because they have been to 'uni'. They expect to earn a shed loand of money just because 'mummy and daddy' forked out a load of thier savings to send them off to uni to sit on their arses and think themselves important. The days where 'geniune' intelligent and enthusiatic people go to university to learn a REAL profession in the sciences or engineering are dead. Just look at the demand for electricians, plumbers ect
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