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  1. eightiesgirly

    Brexit - Are You Having Regrets? -- Multiple Merged

    Not for a second!! All politicians of all stripes on all sides, the media ,celebrities (why they have a large voice defeats me), economists, experts, pollsters and research wonks need a wake up call. Time to stop second guessing the needs of the people and start listening. Time to stop labeling any alternative opinion as negative and somehow immoral. Time to start clearly presenting facts as facts and opinions and opinions and stop interchanging the two. No one seems to be able to speak out against the wholesale indoctrination of whatever the leaders of the day decide is 'right'. Shut down immediately with some awful label, no discussion permitted.
  2. This hasn't half stirred everything up! Seems to be no 'plan B' from our lot although Carney seems to have the cheque book ready like some doting father waiting to bail out his wayward deb daughter. European leaders getting their panties in a bunch and behaving like sixth form girls with bitchy remarks. Lots of vitriolic spittle flying around. Makes me laugh, I bet almost to a man the remain lot couldn't name their EMP. Glad I lived long enough to see it.
  3. Quite sad, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch and cheap trans-fat cooking oils make up a great part of the cheapest foods. Foods that cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay and poor immune systems. Empty calories.
  4. Only if their means is enough to live on. It is not, which is why we have tax credit top ups, winter fuel payments, free school meals and food banks.
  5. eightiesgirly

    The Big Food Banks thread

    Most people I know who have had to use food banks are employed. Benefits such as child tax credits and working tax credits having been suspended due to change in circumstance, any change in circumstance. This is sometimes taking as long as nine weeks to sort out the payment, right flippin mess. The ones I know have ended up trying to feed a family of four on about £20 a week, that's a very difficult 71p per person per DAY for all meals. One very sad case due to illness had as little a £7 a week with the mother really quite ill and two little kids, thankfully her family stepped in to help although they didn't have much themselves. Pizza, chicken nuggets, cheap pies, frozen chips and sausages, cheap white bread etc fill up kids quickly and cheaply. Fresh fruit and veg no matter how cheap doesn't really figure into it. Three days tinned food helps massively until the benefits are sorted.
  6. eightiesgirly

    Zero Hour Contracts

    No, they take the job or get their dole sanctioned.
  7. eightiesgirly

    'the Under-25S Should Not Get The Dole': Cameron

    I hope they have factored in the crime cost if they implement this. Inner city areas have huge drug related crime as it is, if it becomes the only game in town for many youngsters then it's likely there will 'be trouble' At the moment it isn't worth shoplifting stuff for a tenner or stealing designer jeans off someones washing line, but it will be if there is nothing else. No dole, no dope, no dope, no hope. Same stuff in the eighties with the yops, wops ,yts and whatever other stupid scheme sticks they battered the young with. No one talking about jobs?
  8. eightiesgirly

    Stop Using Food Banks Says Tory

    I think he should mind his own business. Food bank access is only given on referral from a social worker or health care professional on identifying a need. 3 days food is supplied. These are charitable donations, operated by volunteers not taxpayer funded giveaways. What does it have to do with anyone else but the charity, the donors and the recipients.
  9. eightiesgirly

    Help To Work ---merged threads

    Ah, the politics of envy. Sets one man against the other. Would we be here without the debt fest the politicians allowed the bankers to indulge in. Wizards of finance dark pools of the black arts, to beggar us all, and blame each other for it.
  10. eightiesgirly

    Price Fixing Energy Prices

    I don't think they would need to do it to make a point, I think it may become a self fulfilling prophesy. Was it the year before last we had about six hours of gas left? How bad would that become if we had price fixing that meant suppliers could only purchase spot at a significant loss ? If you can't pass on the increase then you may chose not to participate in the market., bet the consumer would be happy to pay ANY increase after the first supply withdrawal. I really fail to understand how he can come out with this stuff ??!! It's blatant interfering with the free market, also most of the power companies owned by foreign concerns, how does that work then? But he has said it loud and clear now hasn't he?, it would be mighty difficult and embarrassing to have to 'think this through' a bit more.
  11. eightiesgirly

    Price Fixing Energy Prices

    Dearie me! I can't take this dude seriously at all, he looks like Babs from Chicken Run. Just as out of touch with reality too. Price fixing generally results in shortages. Silly 'chicken run'
  12. eightiesgirly

    Martin Lewis: Time To Stop Calling Student Loans A Loan

    Thank you. It's a good job really or you would be 50k behind everyone else in the lending queue.
  13. eightiesgirly

    Martin Lewis: Time To Stop Calling Student Loans A Loan

    Will a mortgage lender count this 50k loan that' s' not really a loan' as a loan when calculating how much you already owe and how much you can borrow?
  14. eightiesgirly

    Americans With Best Credit In Decades Drive U.s. Economy

    Sir, I have no desire to be rude, but clearly you have not studied dark arts at the school of financial wizardry.
  15. eightiesgirly

    Zero-Hours Contracts Cover More Than 1M Uk Workers

    Both my kids have had zero hour contracts. The stuff of nightmares, it is essentially casual labour. They couldn't claim jsa because they were employed.. You can't be available to your employer and seeking work at the same time. They were explicitly not allowed to work for anyone else as that would leave them unavailable to their employer when needed. They were sometimes brought in on a shift and then sent home if the place wasn't busy. There is no sick pay, no holiday pay. If anyone on 'zero' hours created any kind of fuss or complained they didn't get any hours for weeks at a time until eventually they would leave and sign on. No one on 'zero' hours can rent a property, unless they have kids and claim housing benefit. You will not qualify for any mortgage of any type. Thank god they both have 'real' contracts now.

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