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  1. Thats alright then ..... I'll call the 'in laws' later and tell them not worry the state working group are on the case and have moved the goal posts again and maybe you will get paid next month unlike the thousands that aren't this month...still they where warned and should be fore armed...and not panic. Vivid memories of 1998 still exsist it won't take much
  2. Budget projection are based on 70 this year and 90 next....
  3. Saakashvili he eats ties...its no wonder the US are trying to find someone to replace him quick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBh9D2WIGsE
  4. A&L head office is very nice building in Narborough just south of the city of leicester....build on the very same spot of the former Mental Hospital...'The Towers'. ps its true !!!
  5. For me it was May 2004 because like many have been there before so then I sold in the August ... just before the bubble should have popped ! but now its not a pop but a very very loud bang !!! same result but worse Strange driving by a David Wilson estate that was shooting up 8 weeks ago to see houses with half a roof week after week...not water tight through this wet summer ummm
  6. Yep sure do and have for past number of years....off to Russia for real culture and tradition and the rest of that sentence !!! The Beeb lie about them toooo !!!
  7. without any doubt they will run faster than the wind because the majority are not proffesional and have secured against their own homes
  8. make sense but Brown won't be able to control a mass panic !! he won't see much more than 12 months in office
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