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  1. On the bright side, Super Pie's in bensham does some pretty good pies. Lived there for a few years, new builds on bensham bank. God awful quality, very very poor. So all the old propertys have been split into flats and all the new houses are built out of sticks.
  2. anyone sum up what it was about or post another link?
  3. Bedroom 1:9'11 x 9'6 Bedroom 2:9'10 x 6'4 Bedroom 3:11'5 x 7'2 Bedroom 4:7'11 x 5'0 Reception 1:13'00 x 12'7 Reception 2:9'10 x 8'2 Kitchen:8'9 x 7'2 epic fail
  4. He travelled more than 50,000 miles to attend 658 official engagements during his 60th birthday year. Lads a grafter, if our MP's had the same work ethic we'd have two MP's running the country. One in charge and one more to cover his holidays and sick leave.
  5. From Imagine to Distressed. Maybe his company names are following the 5 steps to acceptance. If so he's somewhere between bargining and depression, not long to go now until he just realises he's sh1t and gives up for good.
  6. bit Marks and Spencer advertising there too. Bay? typical tit name given to a trainee tit child by its tit mother. Couldn't give that ring away! its minging.
  7. local business venture not tied to a global monster. loyal staff given their jobs back, where's the bad news?
  8. Jim Henson and Heat Magasine mate, they'll have him retired for health reasons in no time.
  9. The two doors with a ventilated lobby is an old myth that started up in the 1960s. The Approved Document to Part G (para 1.2) simply says "A space containing a closet should be separated by a door from a space used for the preparation of food (including a kitchen and any space in which washing up is done)." You can find Approved Document G on our web site www.odpm.gov.uk under Building Regulations > Building Act > Approved Documents. Sh1t Sandwich eh?
  10. is the next one cannabilism? I've made a batch of hotsauce just in case.
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