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  1. Daft letter of course but this is exactly what will happen when the new rules are introduced. The costs will naturally be passed onto the tenant one way or another.
  2. Hilarious. You ad hominem the guy rather than debate the merit of his policies and then complain in advance in case someone does the same to you.
  3. Tube drivers start on £50k and get 40 days holiday a year. Seems quite generous for a job that is mostly automated.
  4. He never actually represented UKIP in the European Parliament so he was never an official UKIP MEP. What does this have to do with house prices?
  5. Have to agree. Dobbing in one or two individuals is pointless when the system itself is rotten and needs an overhaul.
  6. You should look at the opportunity cost of capital. It is an important concept and is in fact how a landlord calculates their yield. Even if they paid £10,000 for a property, it is the current market value used to calculate yield and thus indicates whether the capital could be used to derive a better yield elsewhere - i.e. sell the house and buy something else. It is fundamental to this whole conversation.
  7. Not sure if it has been mentioned but the Joseph Roundtree Foundation funded CAGE (the Jihadi John Islamic apologists) to the tune of £300k last year alone. With that kind of political bias, I would take anything they claim with a huge pinch of salt. They have undermined their credibility in my mind.
  8. Do you have a source for that point about P2P being allowed in NISAs from April? I hope you're correct.
  9. You're clearly a racist holding such views . If UKIP don't get a tonne of seats this May, the country deserves to sink.
  10. I don't think there will be social upheaval. I think white flight has already happened. Would you spend half a million to live here: http://youtu.be/psZBaJU_Cvo ps - how do I embed a youtube clip rather than link to youtube?
  11. What are the voting rights of immigrants? i.e. after immigrating, at what point are you allowed to vote?
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