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  1. I dont disagree with cycles but I may argue where we are on that cycle
  2. We are in similar situation ourselves. Looking to move but no one is putting their house on the market in the areas we are looking to move. Chosen 4 postcodes and nothing come up in 2 weeks on rightmove. Spoken to the EA and he has said that there are a few who he has valued and they are now waiting until the new year before they put it onto the market. We are resigning ourselves that we may have to do the same
  3. Tip them off to a BMV BTL LL. You could earn a nice referral
  4. Dont pin all your hopes of cycles of 18 years Sub prime is what it is. Its higher risk and is priced accordingly. There is a wide range of "sub prime" rates and they depend on the risk. Dont presume that all prime is at 4.5% IMHO, a correction is up to 20%. A crash is anything over that. I would not expect anything near 20% as there are too many FTB and BTL that will stop it going further. Dont get me wrong. I believe house are overpriced but not every part of the country is experiencing the same HPI problems as others. London prices are not the same as Wolverhampton. I work in wolves and a lad in the office is buying his first house at £80K.
  5. Here you go: To solve this, when hitting the reply button you would be faced with the following reply box: Simply shade the text that is not required for your reply and then delete it. You will then be left with the relevant text and a much shorter reply: I have posted this in the off topic forum if there are any other tips other posters could add. If there is anyone with questions on how to use BB, then post it on that thread: HERE BTW, FP
  6. - Buyers have always stretched themselves to get onto the ladder. Not a new concept - Sub prime been around for ages. Previously called none status - Stock market being high. Is this not a sign that the economy is healthy? - Sentiment in the general public is starting to change. A lot of the public now realise that prices are too high. This may cool prices and cause some correction in the market, but those hoping for a crash may be disappointed
  7. I would feel the same. It implies that they are getting rid of old stock that no one else wants. Not a way to describe a prospective home. It wont interest the FTB who may worry that prices are then falling but it will grab the attention of newbie BTL
  8. Lypey does have a valid point. Its normal Bulletin Board etiquette to not quote excessive text needlessly.
  9. It is quiet commonplace. I think some people are not sure how to use BB functions. You can still quote but take out the lions share of the text. I am happy to do a how to file if it helps
  10. Hi FP a) Most predict a further cut in IR rates in next few months We do not have any evidence to show how long this "credit crunch" will last for. A credit crunch is a severe restriction to a banks ability to make profit. The collective are therefore looking for means to resolve this problem as shown with the fund being. Once solved, credit will be relaxed but will be priced more appropriately. c) Not sure what your referring to with city job gains. Not seen or heard much of that or how it will affect HPI d) BTL amateurs will certainly be stung with new developments but there are too many astute BTL LL that will be there to mop up the bargains. I believe there may be some correction in prices but i believe it will be more localised and on mainly new developments. Predictions of a crash have not convinced me so far. Also this is all a bit deja vu. We went through this in 2005 and here we are 20%+ later. BTW, are you an IFA?
  11. For some reason i thought he worked in construction industry
  12. Although people will use the US as a direct comparison, the states sub prime was very different to our own. They were using teaser rates that did not exist here.
  13. I think he is getting the impression that FP is an IFA.
  14. I wouldn't bank on this proposed CGT rate actually coming into force. Darling is so under so much pressure from different groups, the government will do another U-turn and scrap/amend these plans.
  15. There is bugger all on the yield but you may have earned on the capital appreciation. As an experienced tenant, it would have given you some experience in being a good landlord too.
  16. Can be trusted maybe but not used as an accurate indicator on how the market is going. You will always be able to find anecdotal evidence to support either argument. One thing you can always rely on RB to do is when he quotes the text, he omits the paragraphs that are none bearish. RB, you should have been an editor for the BBC.
  17. has anyone in this situation ever thought of hedging their bets? London prices are manic for the average person so why not BTL a property elsewhere in the country? Prices will be less volatile and at least you will be on the property ladder. Then at a later date, if you move out of London, you have a pad to move to or at least have some equity to throw at it. If you stay in London and your income increases, then at least you have gained some equity to put to your london pad.
  18. Just typical that the thickest person on a show about gullible people is from Wolverhampton. I was surprised that they didn't use subtitles
  19. Its interesting to note that the properties that are commanding higher rents are family houses. I bet the same cannot be said for flats (outside of london)
  20. Its all a bit 2005 for me. Boy, Wolf, Cry? Looks like we will all have to wait and see.
  21. A point i have raised many times. Some aggression can be expected on a board where there can be vastly opposing views but shooting down newbies seems infantile.
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