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  1. The area where I live is full of barn conversions. You see some good examples and some bad. This has to be the worst barn conversion I have ever seen. Its as if Jack and Vera Duckworth were contracted to be the architects. Truly shocking. Its little wonder they are getting no offers.
  2. My cousins boyfriend sold his at a loss about 18 months ago. He said if he didn't sell then, he would have lost more.
  3. I am not far from there and have to agree, prices, especially for near the bottom of the ladder are way too high compared to surrounding areas. I dont understand why so much when you dont have great transport links round there.
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  6. As i mentioned, Where we do we debate on these programs? Where we do debate, on this forum, where you will find that the bear ramping is 90%. Even when there is bear news, the quotes are edited to remove any balance to it so it only shows bear attitude. Realist bear is the worst for it. I believe there are a lot of intelligent people on here but some are easily impressionable. Dont be a sheep
  7. Wow. As an employer myself, the excessive red tape for employment that has been introduced under labour has been astonishing. Good to find a nice example of the governments own policies backfiring on them. What does shock me is the rate of pay. Whats the website address? www.swampdonkeyslive.co.uk?
  8. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I am down as a neither. In honesty, i would probably be a bear but i dont want to in that loony camp. To be bear here, it means you have to hand yourself over to the cult and believe everything you are told. There has to be someone here that can point out that some of the bear news is just people deluding themselves that things are much different to what they claim
  9. If it were bear news it would become doctrine. I posted it to prove a point that any bull news is just dismissed out of hand. Even land reg figs are quickly discarded as inaccurate or relevant when the data doesn't support the bear argument. So your saying that when you start out on £12k per year that you will jumping into a house on 3.5 multiple of salary so first time buyers houses should be at £42K? Edited for typo
  10. FFS RB, its only as a reaction to the Northern Rock fiasco where rules dictated that they had to reveal who had approached them about an emergency loan. This lead to the run on the bank. It was not Kings intention to cause the panic on the bank, but the rules stated they had to reveal it to the public. The fall of the bank may have been avoided if they had these powers. IMO opinion, your running away with yourself there.
  11. How is that? It takes about 3 months max to complete a sale with a chain. I bought and moved into our current house in the space of 4 weeks. I would say they reflect prices on average of 2 months at most so therefore sales agreed in mostly in August.
  12. A prime example of stretching the facts. 9x income for a FTB on an average house. Dont FTB buy at the bottom of the ladder or do they all jump straight into the middle?
  13. I post both bear and bull. I like to keep a balanced view and I am not naive enough to believe all of the bear arguments on here. Some of the views and arguments are becoming so loony the whole site is starting to have a bit of a Waco feel about it and I refuse to be sucked in like some of the Branch Davidians on here.
  14. Of course it is. It couldn't possibly have any truth in it eh? Thanks for proving my point
  15. You are making the schoolboy error of thinking that FTB go straight onto the housing ladder with an average home. When i was a FTB, I started on the bottom of the ladder and worked my way up. Dont believe all the baloney that you get fed on here. A fovourite of the uber bears when contested with the undersupply argument is "I look in my paper and there are lots of houses for sale. There are 900,000 houses for sale in the UK". Its as if there are 900,000 houses that will be sold and then the people that selll them, just vanish into thin air. This is movement within the housing market where people sell their home and then buy another home. The truth is out there, but dont believe everything your told and especially not from an internet forum
  16. Scary bull news eh? If is said it was bull news would the bears actually watch it? Important to add some balance to the debate
  17. This thread has been a prime example of the dream world that some of the bears live in. Makes a mockery of the whole site
  18. I stated earlier it may be implemented if a LL is defaulting on mortgage. It is fanciful to think that Bradford and bingley is going to ask all their BTL to have another valuation done on all their properties even though they have not missed a payment. But if it makes the bears happy to think so, carry on. Meanwhile back on planet earth......
  19. Bears have declared this clause will be implemented but cannot provide evidence of it ever happening. Therefore in my book, hypothetical and not fact. I am saying that being a bear on here is too similar to being a religious fanatic. One little bit of a bearish article is warped and distorted to suite their own beliefs.
  20. Like 2 years ago? Or 3,4,5 years ago? I have got 2 balls and neither of them are crystal. Maybe your different
  21. This thread is a prime example of the distortion of the truth and self delusion exhibited by some of the bears on this forum Taking one piece of news on something totally hypothetical and then declaring it as fact and meanwhile there are real life articles that are out there such as the fall in share prices of the major house builders: Barratts down 5% on the day Quinton Estate 5% on the day Taylors 5% on the day No one has been bothered to mention these. I have said before that part of me is bear but i would not want to be classed as part of the crazy gang
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