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  1. Al gores film was shown to be misleading. Re the £1000 bet, i wont take it as i agree the global temp will be higher. I just dont agree that its purely down to human kind.
  2. The wife has a toyota rav 4 which looks like a brick and does nearly 40mpg For work, I drive an rx-8 which is shaped like a door wedge and does nearly 20mpg. No simple physics, just simple maths
  3. For every argument for the causes of global warming being due to mankind, there are arguments to prove against it.
  4. We live in a rural area. The kids school is down single lane roads where you have to drive onto the verge to allow another car to pass. In heavy rain, the lanes often flood with the water coming off the fields. The extra size allows us to carry the extra luggage needed when transporting two young children. Apart from all that, my biggest reason for having a 4x4 is its my choice. Why should my choice be dictated to by a bunch of eco warriors who cant get their facts straight?
  5. Dont tell me. You have got Al Gores an Inconvenient Truth on your shelf? Dont believe everything that you see in the media. The great CO2 campaign is now a religion that is used to tax you to high heaven. The truth is out there. Have a look at things such as the "great global warming swindle" as a taster.
  6. Why aim it at the 4x4? They are no more uneconomical than a family car. We have a family 4x4 and I use a sports car for work. The sports car is far more uneconomical than the 4x4 yet the eco warriors just attack the 4x4 owners. Clearly demonstrates how little they know about the subject.
  7. So your only 25% convinced of your own argument As you were the OP I will give you 1/1 I can do paypal
  8. Your obsessed with gold The gold standard no longer exists. I will accept VISA, Mastercard , Diners Club, American Express and cash, but I cannot accept your dodgy sovereign ring.
  9. I dont dispute how the SM rises and falls but i am sure we can all agree that a 2% movement hardly describes it as a black thursday.
  10. We saw a substantial drop in august but since then it has just rebound. Any falls have all been shrugged off. FTSE closes 6593.80.
  11. Yep. Wolf wolf he cried Lost count of the amount of threads going black monday/tuesday/wednesday/thursday/friday over 2% movements in the SM.
  12. The only blood out there at the moment is you lot having your period. 2%????? Get a grip
  13. I am an atheist and could not care one bit about religion. Its been the biggest scourge to humanity. No disease or famine has killed more than religion. Its all a load of boll0cks. "thow shalt not kill......unless he is a protestant [email protected]". Muslims and christians are all the same. Idiots and hypocrites in their own right. Check out Chancelry repair for an example For and I imagine a few other people, Christmas is not a religious festival. It is a cultural holiday that we in the west celebrate. Its part of our identity. When your young, you look forward to xmas for the presents, when your a young adult, you look forward to the parties, and when your older, you enjoy the joy of your kids get from the whole experience. Now this has been brought up by this "think" tank, it will be embraced by the loony lefts in the councils. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle.
  14. Its a very good point. Its also the same for electoral register information being available on the net. Available to anyone out there.
  15. I always look before posting. Not the same report albeit same subject. May be worth merging if there is a mod at hand? Edited for additions and typo's
  16. I doubt any EA will take you seriously and will not entertain any future enquiries you make.
  17. How about running a small engineering business? Just buy a big one and wait.
  18. Whether the market is right or wrong, the price now will not likely be the price 2 years ago. It may be higher or lower. Markets determine the price. What if the market value is lower than what they seller paid for it 3 years earlier and they insist that they want the same price they paid? Works both ways. I know the price I paid for my house was higher than what the seller paid for it. It didn't bother me that they had made a good profit as they had also done a lot of work on the house so it was ideal for my family. It is all relative as I had made money on the house i was selling. Nothing revolutionary about this.Its the way it has been for many a year
  19. He states a fair point. They were happy to pay the price when they viewed and put in the offer. If the previous price is of such interest, why didn't they check out the price before making the offer? I have bought and sold a property where I moved in, did it up and moved out again within a few moths. I made quite a few quid out the deal as i managed to buy the house well below market value due to its condition and a highly motivated seller. With the improvements made it was an attractive property at its news price. The guy who bought it winged about the price I paid for it and the profit made but my response was simple, in the current market, its still worth the price agreed. The sale went through at full asking price. If he had walked away, there were others that were interested. This was 5 years ago. The couple that pulled out of the deal may have been getting a good buy. The next property they decide to buy may be overpriced but with no land registry data to check on if it was previously sold prior to 2000. People should really do their homework before putting an offer in on a house.
  20. Just had a call from the EA and he says that the bread and butter houses are quiet but the big priced houses are still selling. They have sold 2 houses priced over a million in the last 24 hours.
  21. Good luck to you finding the land. Any piece of land that is available for building on is snapped up by the big boys. Then that plot which you would have put one house on, they will put 3-5 houses on so you cant even compete on price. They also get tip offs so you dont even get chance to hear of land going for sale. Edited for clarity
  22. Back on topic, listening to five live this morning, the report stated that all darling was looking to do was to give a tax relief for the first £100k for only those disposing of assets when retiring. Therefore, giving bugger all really. Plays into the hands of any flippers who buy BMV
  23. I have to agree. The only time i have heard of these multiples is on this forum. Everyone i know runs on the conventional 3.5x salary. There may be anecdotal evidence out there such as the EA on "The Truth about property" (BBC2-Thursdays), otherwise i feel it is too rare to have any impact.
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