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  1. Who would then provide properties for rent? There is still a need for rental property
  2. Typical. You know nothing about me or 4x4 yet you judge. Shows character.
  3. Totally agree with you on the H2. It is a crap car and is just a piece of bling for tasteless footballers. Built by the yanks on the chassis of the old Chevy Tahoe which was too crap even for the yanks. Re the rest of 4x4's, dont judge what you dont understand
  4. You have an elevated driving position in a Renault Scenic and a ford transit. The 4x4 we have does 40mpg. My rx8 does about 18mpg. A good point of 4x4's is that they are well suited for the poor condition of UK roads.
  5. A 4x4 is not more unstable than a normal car. Stability boils down to more than just the centre of gravity. Chassis, stability control, suspension, tyres all dictate the road holding of a vehicle. Re skidding, the 4x4 tends to come with safety devices such as ABS and brake assist. I am a petrol head and I chose this car as it was ideal for what we needed with its reliability, practicality, economy, safety, space and resale value. People who moan about 4x4 have never owned one or really looked into them.
  6. The program seemed to cover a lot of the aspects of the current housing market but there was a lack of coverage on any possible housing crash. All the program did was demonstrate the lunacy of the current housing problems in the UK. No real program has covered this subject with any detail. The max coverage on the media seems to be 5 mins on sky with financial planner
  7. This news is over 20 years old. Having worked in this industry since leaving school, I can say that UK manufacturing has been in recession for decades
  8. Hardly inspiring at all. Reading between the lines "we think we are shagged"
  9. Its proven that CO2 does rise with temperature but does not mean that CO2 caused the rise in temperature
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