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  1. I was contacted recently by Fisher German after an auction - I had downloaded details of one of their properties (I think it was out of about 10 in the auction). It hadn't sold, and they were looking for buyers. However, price that they were looking for were not significantly down from the guide price - personally I would have thought that not selling at auction may have been a hint that the guide/reserve was too high.
  2. Good to see this in the mainstream media...... "A trivial increase in house prices this month has prompted speculation that the market may be stalling but prices would have to fall by 28 per cent from their current level to become affordable for first-time buyers. Nationwide, Britain’s biggest building society, calculates that average house prices edged up by 0.1 per cent in June to stand about 3 per cent higher than they did at the start of the year. While the headline figure attracts most attention, Nationwide also measures affordability by measuring house prices as a multiple of gross or
  3. Thanks - given that within the figures only a percentage will be "front-line" there is plenty of scope for efficiency savings - even based on 2003 figures.
  4. Does anyone have a breakdown of what "Public Sector Workers" actually are? Whenever anyone mentions the public sector, it is immediately translated into nurses, doctors, teachers and coppers, but there is no mention of the council administrators, tax officers, quango officials, and assorted government pen-pushers etc. and I was just wondering what the breakdown was. I suspect there are a lot more of the latter than the "real" front-line staff. And while we're on the subject of front-line staff - given all the discussions of "Bobbies on the beat" whenever Police cust are mentioned, when was t
  5. I have read these posts with interest having worked as a consultant for over 15 years and can largely corroborate Bosworth's view of the world. Many of the other posts are right on the money, however; the management teams of our companies should be able to implement improvements/efficiencies themselves, particularly such things as JIT which have been around for some time. However, the simple fact is, they don't, or won't; and they continue to make the most elementary errors time and time again. There are a number of factors that come into play here: Laziness - it is hard work to implemen
  6. I think we need to step back and consider Hanlon's Razor: "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity" Add in blatent self-interest, greed and consider that all politicians are isolated in their political bubbles (Westminster or Washington for example, where politics and the media feed off themselves while ignoring the outside world) and I would have been surprised had they actually seen it coming...... Their track record is not exactly good: Deforestation (non-one ever seems to talk about the rainforest's any more - but if you stopped cutting them dow
  7. Just heard (anecdotal) the following: Dimwit friend of my wife and her wastrel husband bought a house two years ago with a NR mortgage on 125% interest only. Used the additional cash to go on holiday. Roof leaked - raised additional loan from NR to get it fixed but spent it on a car instead. Also have built up approx £50k of debt on loands and credit cards (these two are low income and the husband has been unemployed for most of the last two years). A year ago, she found out that he was cheating on her (in all his spare time) and started divorce proceedings. In the process they stopped p
  8. Cat Herder


    I received a flyer for MoneyWeek with a magazine. It started off quite sensible - reflecting a lot of the views expressed on this website - and then seemed to degenerate into the awful "you'll make a 595% return" language of those investment classes. I've been looking for a good Financial magazine for a non-financial person - and like "The Week", but the flyer put me off somewhat - I'm not a hardcore investor, but just interested in protecting my cash. Anyone got any views or recommendations?
  9. Just renegotiated our rental contract - down 15% on last year for a nice 4 bed house in a small village. It can be done.
  10. All of the comments about Warwick and Leamington are right - generally a very nice place to live (having grown up in the area and lived there for about 10 years). Traffic is a bit of a problem - especially Warwick in the mornings. If I was looking for a place with a garden, I would probably look at some of the villages North of the A46 (Knowle, Ballsall Common, Berkswell, Lapworth etc - some areas can be a bit pricey. Also, lots of new development in Hatton, which would be easy to get to the university from - and you may be able to bargain harder, but they suffer a bit in terms of garden
  11. While I agree that storm clouds are gathering, I only really think that it will start to rain when interest rates start to increase, which they must do (and have already started to do on fixed rate deals). My view is that the reports of "green shoots" are only accepted by Mr & Mrs Average because their own disposable income has remained the same, or may have actually increased, if they are on SVR or as they have transitioned to SVR. The shock will come as interest rates increase which will force them to do something about it (or at least look around). They will then try to get onto a fi
  12. Having been an occasional visitor to HPC, I, like most bears, want to protect my hard earned money. Gold seems to be the obvious answer, but looking at the historical gold chart, there seems to have been a similar rise in gold prices over the same period during which we have seen the phenomenal bubbles created in other asset markets. In my simple terms, why won't gold crash in the same way that we are predicting house prices and other asset classes to crash, given the current economic climate? Any help greatly appreciated.
  13. According to the BBC website, ff they are 66% more in debt than renters, then they "own more" - so why all the fuss? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6954817.stm Just seen this on the BBC website but still don't believe that it was actually posted there!! If debt is good, why the market volatility?
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