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  1. I did try that for a while then thought ****** this i'm not going to waste the best years of my life. I found if I didn't limit myslef by location i could get a way better jobs. I may never buy now as it would just stop me working, living and travelling.
  2. Definitely, me and the girlfriend have come to this conclusion we're both applying abroad with no intent of staying abroad for more than a year or two. We both gave up on owning a house years ago. We could actually buy if we wanted to but we'd be tied to a pokey house till the day we died and our respective lame but ok paying jobs. So we are going to have a few adventures instead.
  3. LOL, i'm doing ok too sunny days a motorbike or 2 & a hot girlfriend helps allot, but we are still thinking about moving abroad for a bit : )
  4. I'm very bored of it, I thought about buying a house again this month due the lameness of my landlord the time taken to do repairs are a joke. Still I bitch slapped him verbally into doing the repairs. Ah well me and the girlfriend are looking abroad now not to buy just to experience life. She doesn't want me to buy a house or get a mortgage (I like this girl allot) I'll still pop back here every now and again if it crashes i'll buy something just for storage, if it doesn't ah well at least I can say I've lived my life to the full unlike my housebound skint friends who are hemorrhaging money
  5. Yeah i just got a job working from home and on more money, some tech companies are starting to work in this way thank goodness.
  6. I did live near my job , I moved to where the job was it was a 10 minute cycle ride, lovely. They closed place down soon after, now have a job 30 miles away. I am going to aproach my employers about working from home due to the cost. Not moving as it's a nasty place to live. Now got a motorbike which does 60mpg if you're careful which isn't bad. Getting rid of the car next week. Trains (if the weather is too bad to ride in) and motorbikes only from now on. Still I'd rather not commute at all...company cost cutting basically pushing the cost onto you. All the money spent by employees having
  7. To be fair it's our oil, they are getting it for us, people seem to conveniently forget this while picking up the weekly couscous and Gaurdian in the 4X4. Also My lovely computer on which I type my rants is made in China and they're a naughty country too killing people and stuff dafur, zimbabwe etc............but they make such lovely toys for us so we forgive them bless.....
  8. LOL that's as good as my freind who got chatting to a high level Hospital Budget Manager on a basic accounting evening course.........
  9. Who cares you're old it's over by then, spend it while you can walk, have fun..........
  10. Ditto man, my life's now about job, girls and travelling. I gave up on the whole idea of houses about 3 years ago. Only now have checked back to see what's happening as it should be crashing. Since I gave up caring I've got to do some amazing jobs worked on some good projects (had to travel though, you need to forget your hometown really) met cool people ect... will I settle if it all crashes I'll buy 1 or two I could buy now but why bother? Seems unlikely I am hoping to go and work in Italy for a couple of years now. Live for the moment if you're young enough.
  11. Haha yeah I could ya know......but there's more to life........plus once you're stuck in one location and your job ends game over.........not owning a house is a real advantage at the moment. Embrace the chaos it's what us mercenaries thrive on....
  12. I dunno seems to be loads of work for us programmers at the mo. Just been offered a 60k contracting role..........do I ditch the permy role go for the money?
  13. How do you know my brother? : ) I have have 600c enduro bike myself a nice rented flat and sea view.......also a few girls after me ho ho life's good....
  14. That is the truth, had a conversation with my folks a while back. They were saying oh you'll inherit and so on. Told them it wouldn't be overly useful to us kids at 60+. So I live one day at a time and leave them to it. I wouldn't even except any money from them now as it comes with strings and parental meddling.
  15. A mate up north has just dropped his house price again, only had 2 veiwings in over a year. Now trying to get shot of it as soon as and take the hit. I think that's a typo on the daily (only a twaat reads this shit) mail it should read drop not soar...
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