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  1. 50!!!!! Backslider!!! Used to do 80 hours a week regularly. Come on get out there, get a second job and stop wasting your time on the internet
  2. Norfolk!!!! Very close families!!!! Enjoy your new neighbours!!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4781693.stm
  3. Think I might have read that same thing last year.......and the year before that.........
  4. Nope, there is nowhere better to live. That's why we stay here and others are rushing to join us. HTH
  5. Given that most of the world's children are born into poverty I'm sure they will be pleased to be born in this country. Better mortgage debt than hunger and disease
  6. Yes but... Greater London £306,664 5.9% 5.9% Where London leads etc........
  7. Well I'm very please for you and your life. So what are you doing on a site called 'HOUSEpricecrash.co.uk' if you are not interested in the 'race'?
  8. Only trying to help !!! It makes little difference to me who buys a house but one thing is for sure, they were cheaper when this site kicked off than are now by a long way. Still I suppose if you keep on saying a crash is on the way, one day you will be right - but how far off is that day???? My advice is to buy now before you get priced out. HTH
  9. When I joined this site in Nov 2004 people were saying not to buy as a crash was coming.........well....here we are July 2006 and guess what????? No crash...... Those who waited have now been LEFT BEHIND in the charge to get on the home buying ladder. Hope you get on well with your landlord/parents/trailer park owner. They are going to see alot of you.
  10. Check out our very own http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/base-rates.php and see that interest rates globally are up. Guess in which country the last movement was down. Good old Gordon.
  11. About time the NHS was privatized to be honest. Nice idea when it was started but for the 21st century???? Every timewaster having his bunions sorted and every kid with a bad cold bothering the doctor!!!! If you afford to pay then you should - if not then the state pays. That would empty the waiting rooms and clear the waiting lists double time. Times change and people have more money. If they can afford holidays, 2nd houses and cars, Ipods, etc then they should bloody well be able to pay for health care when the need it. HTH
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