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  1. I am pleased with my 4kWp system. I have generated over 20kWh today and am still exporting over a kW now. I guess saving over the year for electricity is about £120 for us. Anything I don't use gets used by someone so I am happy. The 25 year genertion tariff was also very generous last year so the yeild is about £1800 RPI index linked pa for an investment of £12K. That does not include the saving on bills and during a pretty poor summer. Oh also have solar thermal - never will get my money back on that one!
  2. Poor little bugger can't bear to look at his mum. Why did MY mum have to be a BTL landlord why?
  3. That BBC woman must have a VI in the property market. Her body language, facial expressions and tone of voice are always biased towards a return to HPI. I find her quite annoying.
  4. Brown suffers from Megalomania. We live in dangerous times where politicians look at short term thinking in order to get re-elected or leave at least leave a mess for the party that gets elected.
  5. Brown dosn't expect to get re-elected and this recovery will be short lived as it relies on constant propping up. If he manages to get it to last until the next election, he will leave as the man who saved the economy then the tories messed it up.
  6. It was tax loophole and it's being closed. Only really affects second home owners who only let out the property for short spell to offset against tax.
  7. I sold in 2008. When I accepted an offer in mid March the property was on RM as under offer until I completed in June and then it was STC until Feb 2009 I guess they like to advertise that they sold one?
  8. There is no doubt there has been a spring bouce. Converstations with EAs have all come to the same conclusion: Those holding cash are getting little in return on savings and are putting it in property. The goverment plan of lowering interest rates has worked to some extent. As it is not really based on the economy ( which is shrinking ) this bounce will be short lived. In 6 months, people will start to wish that they had left the money in the bank. Not sure why people take this crap though. Pensions raided Wayhey! Lets buy property. Savings interest stolen Wayhey! Lets buy property.
  9. Seeing a few months of positive is no surprise. There is nothing out there would indicate that a sustained recovery is under way and the general trend will still be down. The spring of 2009 will be looked back as not a buying opportunity but a window of opportunity to sell. Still thinking the bottom will be 2013.
  10. There was a young pig called Manuel, Who started to feel unwell He sneezed on the farmer’s son Who developed influenza A virus subtype H1N1 And although 4 year old Edgar Herandez made a full recovery, …. the population of Mexico fell.
  11. I am surprised nobody has joined the dots. We are funding MPs investments through their second home allowance. Many have also invested heavily in other property. Of course we must all keep property prices high to protect MPs investments. They all deserve to retire from goverment as millionares, just like Blair did. It is our duty.
  12. Sellers urged to drop prices STUBBORN homeowners have been urged to ditch unrealistic asking prices as homes throughout the Westcountry are sitting on the market for more than a year. http://www.thisiswesternmorningnews.co.uk/...il/article.html Todays WMN is full of a "Vendors get real" attitude today with front page carried on to 4th page and also in comment about unrealistic asking prices in the South West.
  13. TBH I would not be surprised if we see a few MOM rises this year. My last years prediction for the LR figure was -12.7% which wasnt that far away. This year I suggested -8.7 % as I have been expecting a bull trap along the way. Measures by the goverment are bound to have some effect and savers with little return are being sucked into property rigth now. 2010 will be much worse.
  14. People like to think that they own a house, when in fact most of the time they are only temporary keepers of the place. Lots of people here sold and moved into rented. It's not much different. I didn't get repossessed but did have to sell my house due to divorce. It's just part of life.. you move on. Although I chose no for financial assistance, I think anyone being repossessed should be investigated and if there is a genuine reason for being behind on mortgage payments, then they should be given any help to keep them in their homes until they are able to pay the mortgage again. If they cannot afford the mortgage because they lied about income etc. then they should be prosecuted for fraud and anybody who aided this also.
  15. I had the same thought today. The people who are in charge of this country all seem to have investments in the form of property. That is why they adopt the "save the housing market at all costs" attitude.
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