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  1. Just wondering how many wives you had, CoN. Or are you related to the Earl of Bath?
  2. I've also put my Zurich and Aegon pensions into a SIPP, and while I haven't doubled my money, I have more than made up for the penalty I had to pay for the privilege. Aegon particularly p*ss*d me off - their trick was not to include the charges on their annual statements, so if you didn't check online, you didn't know how much they were creaming off both your fund and the amount you were putting in each month. Quite monstrous. So Aegon, you get a big thumbs down for being less than transparent. Anyway, good luck with your investing. I've started an Investors' Club to try to get more informed on selecting stocks, ETFs etc. I feel I'm really working for my retirement rather than leaving it up to some overpaid "manager" to soak me for fees. Not bitter, honest.
  3. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy your new house.
  4. Why isn't it "Dollar, Pound and Euro more closely resemble lavatory paper today"?
  5. Tax credits really grip my sh*t. Why can't they just tax people less?
  6. Again, I think you will find that that clause in your contract is now invalid and you cannot be forced to leave on the basis of having reached a set age. Your position could, of course, simply be made redundant when you reach that age, but I suspect they would be dicing with a possible claim for age discrimination if they did that.
  7. I believe there was a topical joke which had "Cernobyldropoff" as it's punchline.
  8. What are you referring to? Have you got a link?
  9. Go on - I'll bite. Sounds like a juicy anecdotal, so dish the dirt, VMR.
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/8295156/Snowdrop-bulb-bought-for-a-record-350.html
  11. Their pensions are index-linked, so relatively printy printy proof?
  12. What, like fears of sovereign debt default, quantitative easing, bank failures, the implosion of the largest asset bubble in recent history, negative real interest rates, and inflation constantly over target? No, no reasons at all. Nothing to see here, move along now. Crikey, did you see that X-Factor final? What a stitch-up!
  13. They do say that a market will only crash when the last bear turns bull. And RB is about as "last bear" as they come in my book. So I think it's a good sign. Mind you, it didn't stop McTwattish and Sibbers from wetting themselves on MSE.
  14. I added DLAR to my portfolio because I knew they'd be having to print more banknotes soon.
  15. What a rubbish photo! Artefacts, We've got some artefacts And it's as blocky as it can be... (sung to the tune of "Mongoloid")
  16. Yeah but, no but, at least they now have a backup door into the room in case one door stops functioning.
  17. Hi Lep, I think you've got a pretty good mix at the moment. You're pretty well protected against most possible meltdowns and you're hedged against both inflation (NS&I) and deflation (NS&I). You also are using your PMs to preserve wealth in both inflationary and deflationary environments. Finally, if SHTF, you can at least leave the country with 25% of your wealth and hopefully recover 50% from BV (if hyperinflation takes off, that is). Good skills. NMH
  18. Ooooh, that's a REALLY good idea. I wonder if that's been done yet. Oh, it has. In Cambridge. A complete and utter failure, 60m over budget and still no sign of opening. Still, it's not all bad news if it destroyed a railway that could have delivered a better service for less money.
  19. Yeah, like <Terry Thomas> Ding Dong! </Terry Thomas> Of course gold goes down sometimes and there is likely to be profit-taking after a rise.
  20. The big question is what is likely to preserve wealth in the face of guaranteed government money printing. I'm betting it's not money.
  21. Quite. And if you'd put your STR fund into gold when you sold up, your HPC would already have happened in spring 2009, and I reckon you'd be in your own house now, fully paid off and with a nice retirement fund.
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