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  1. Mondeo man himself in dirty business, surely not? He's a tulpa invented by Radio 2 listeners, an M25 golem, a psychopomp of little englandness with the sole purpose of haunting phone-ins. A fin de siecle bogey man to wave at bemused europeans. In short, a complete chump.
  2. You do realise that except for a small minority that is complete twaddle? My kids have been born into a middle class home, unlike their father. They get one camping holiday a year, conveyed in a second hand hatchback and have to earn money for everything they get. And when was the last time work was easy to get, 1966? Don't confuse self loathing for hating the young.
  3. Really? I'd say late-teens, early-twenties face some of the toughest social conditions ever. High debt, dubious housing prospects, social decay, isolation. No wonder they sit behind a friggin X-Box.
  4. Withdraw cash, go to Comet, buy 100" plasma screen, watch economic growth reports. Jobsagoodun'.
  5. There should have been similar protests about the high cost of housing, except of course everyone was too cosy in their centrally heated, mainstream lives and preferred to bitch about it on a website from their swivel chair. Those who can, protest, those who can't watch it on TV and tut.
  6. Well that settles it. Someone on a web forum didn't enjoy it so we'd better shut them down.
  7. Nothing like a misdirected rant to settle a Blimpish ulcer, eh? The point of education is more than a transferable certificate. I passed my 11+, the junior pub quiz that determined lives, got my A levels, drank my way through a degree but met a network of invaluable contacts and had my mind broadened. Who am I to deprive the experience of today's youth? When I briefly worked in the guru racket (aka higher education) I recall one chap was earning £30K A DAY within a few weeks of finishing. More importantly, he thoroughly enjoyed his university education. Don't be so mealy mouthed and tight arsed, cough up.
  8. And let's give the other 80% apprenticeships in our vibrant manufacturing industry, known for its innovation and innovation.
  9. Anyone else find the amendment of other people's post totalitarian? The elimination of dissenting words is the first step to dictatorship. Shabby business however you look at it, but quite revealing.
  10. I'll play. A tory is a fascist with better PR and worse tailoring.
  11. Wait till the cuts hit the police force. They'll be escorting the students through Whitehall with horses clearing the way.
  12. To buy fresh egg meat* for their reptilian overlords in the tunnels beneath Sandringham. *Ivor Cutler, we are not worthy.
  13. No need, it's been put by every government for the last 31 years.
  14. Thank heavens someone is standing up to government. They're there to serve the people, not enslave it. I'd begun to wonder about the bulldog spirit since '79, looks like this new generation has some guts at any rate and isn't prepared to kneel before the altar of capital.
  15. I don't believe that for one moment. The tories have waited for years to make education a privately funded enterprise, all the leading players enjoyed fee paying schooling. The national debt (and Clegg's complete lack of scruples) have given them the perfect excuse to bring in user-funded education in one fell swoop instead of piecemeal cuts.
  16. Also my experience. When it reaches 4 bedders with a double garage things might get interesting but I'm not holding my breath.
  17. I agree and the insane thing is when prices fall people will start buying houses again.
  18. Not with you old chap. If a man buys a two bedder in '97 for 50k, expecting to buy a three bed house in 2001 for 70k, only to find it costs £140,000, he's stuck. His house may have doubled in value theoretically but so has the place he aspires too. He could rent, but the cost saving is not sufficient to cover his outgoings and maintain the lifestyle he was careful to preserve with his original prudence. Plus there's no reason to assume the price trajectory is not going to continue and make his 140k dream a 280k nightmare six years later. That's one reason why markets stagnate. It's not only FTBs who are unable to buy, home owners who'd move in other circumstances are equally banjaxed. He could have sold up in 2001 and moved to the US I suppose.
  19. To pay shareholders, i.e. wealthy gamblers, a dividend. When I last travelled regularly by train in the 1980s they were hauled by 1950s diesels. Although a little slower than now the system held up and fares were a fraction of current levels. Of course we were fed the usual bunk about rail needing a subsidy and roads being an investment but public money has been pumped in at undreamt of levels since then.
  20. The situation is almost as bad for people who bought a house well within their means, expecting to trade up when their salary increased or children arrived, only to see the £20k gap increase to 100k or more and their 'starter home' become in all likelihood their only home.
  21. I originally joined to look something up and lurked for a short time. Some of the trends I couldn't identify with, young vs old, economist as guru and especially the idea that once the government changed everything would be alright. Now the govt has changed I wondered how HPC members had responded and whether posters had left the board, bought houses and if economic deliverance was believed to be immanent or deferred. The phenomenon of house ownership has interested me since spending the first twenty years of my life in an unheated slum with no hot water or sanitation, and returning to live in similar places at intervals since. As many people I went to school with were from middle class homes the sense of being outside housing norms and the opinions that came with it, British house culture has continued to fascinate.
  22. That's a very good take on HPC. It's interesting that an earlier generation of rebels, the apocalyptically inclined, the disenchanted, those who felt screwed over by The Man and escaped to cheap country hovels, are now sitting on a pile of money should they chose to realise it. That lack of any alternative which has been the lot of young people is responsible for a lot of discontent and houses have become the conduit for it.
  23. I ask the question because I, like yesterday's poster, sense a desire for something more than house prices to change. Without root and branch modification of the banking industry there can be no reason for the same thing not to happen again. Also while old left and right dogma becomes increasingly meaningless when neither side seem capable of doing a damn thing to correct it, houses have become the new focus for protest and national discontent.
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