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  1. Actually, i was talking about This Guy. Wasn't quite as lucky Good to see more bulls round here - makes for some good discussion.
  2. No doom and gloom here... cheap houses are a good thing for first-time buyers and owners wishing to upsize! Then again the talk of repossessions is doomy and gloomy... but that's talked about because of its statistical similarity to the last few property crashes. Heh, i lived in the IFSC when i worked in Dublin, some drug dealer got shot in the head at the end of my street! It's actually quite dodgy at night, so i'd be happy enough if the titanic quarter didn't end up like that!
  3. Wow, beerhunter this toolbar is superb. Wrote myself a VBScript to launch each page of a propertynews search into a new tab.... should save me a bit of time (well, for a 639 page search anyway!) Sub LoopFirefox(start,finish,url) dim commandLine, WshShell Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") For count = start to finish commandLine = "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" WshShell.Run Chr(34) & commandLine & Chr(34) & " " & url & count,8,true Next set WshShell=nothingend subcall LoopFirefox("101","110","http://www.propertynews.com/results.php?s=40712749&p=") edit: Oh, unless there's an easier way than clicking on each search results page? edit: Also, if anyone's thinking of using this script, make sure you have a firefox window open when you run it, that way it'll open new tabs into the same instance.
  4. My best savings tip - hotukdeals.com Recently got a car cd player for £23 delivered after seeing it on that site, absolute bargain.
  5. plus i know a couple of estate agents have been laying off staff!
  6. Thanks doccyboy. I've been lurking about for a while, but i really like the separate Northern Ireland forum on here - so i think now's a good time to start contributing! I'm quite pleased to see them getting rid of the 100% mortgages... i'll never forget last year when i was dead set on getting "on the ladder" to make a quick buck (everyone was thinking the same thing), i found out about 110% mortgages - it stuck out as being really fishy to me, so i ended up doing my homework and thankfully never took the plunge
  7. College gardens is the street running down the side of Methody. I was in a couple of them as a student a few years ago, and they're fricking massive. You're talking ~15 students living in each as a hall of residence (most of the rooms were 2 beds sharing). So if it doesn't work out giving these properties to his children he could always let them out to students again and make a fortune.
  8. For info, here is the link to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Prices data (already in excel format, wohoo!): S&P/Case-Shiller® Home Price Indices covering 20 metropolitan regions in the US (should be a good enough reflection on national house prices).
  9. Hi everyone, i'm interested in opening a stocks & shares ISA so i can invest in a couple of investment funds (something to do while waiting for house prices to become more affordable)... I was looking on moneysavingexpert and they said the cheapest was Chartwell Investment (which uses Fidelity FundsNetwork) and the next cheapest was Hargreaves & Lansdowne. I've seen Hargreaves & Lansdowne being recommended a few times here, but has anyone used Fidelity FundsNetwork? Also, i noticed that H&L have loads of details about each fund on their site (which i have found very useful) but do you any extra info when you open an account with them? (i'm happy to use the cheapest ISA, and just check the H&L web site regularly for fund performance etc).. Thanks in advance!
  10. Ah i see, if to change the price they have to delete the property and re-add it with a new pid then it will be okay, the URL will change and it'll go in as a new row... If they can change details on the existing property then you're best adding a unique id column: Just add an Id column for the unique identifier (in access use AutoNumber, or SQL Server an int / bigint with Identity true and Identity increment 1). Something like this: PROPERTY ( Id, URL, Summary, Address, Agent, Description, Price, Development ). Thats probably the most straightforward route.. you'll have a new row for the property each time you capture the data. Its not normalised so there'll be quite a bit of data repeated in each row but it'll make your queries a little bit easier to write.
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