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  1. http://www.gspc.co.uk/content/forsale/Prop...p;chknewbuild=0 "Could BE SOLD WITH sitting tenant TO investor"
  2. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/display...1404629.0.0.php Wonder why they're not allowed to MEW it? Hell hath no fury when the taxman cometh!
  3. I think we have a more dynamic and fluid economy here? I disagree with long leases but can see how it would benefit a family who say want to rent the same house for years because of schools etc There alot of people on temporary contracts or placed by their companies at different locations around the UK Im an IT contractor and some of my contracts have only been short ones i.e 3 months so if I was to say get one in edinburgh then I would not like to have to stay for a mandatory year. At the end of the two months I know whether im going to get extended or not so I can renew my lease etc Obviously any immigrants on the same kind of contracts would not like to tie themselves down when they might only having a working visa for 3 months etc To sum up both should be available to to the tenant/landlord depending on each situation
  4. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/c85003f2-25a9-11da...000e2511c8.html Oops Boo Boo The link would help! housepricecrash gets a nice wee mention in this
  5. There is a widely used expression in stockmarkets that the right time to buy shares is when the last seller has sold. Perhaps the right time to sell residential property is when the pessimists have given up and the last buyer has bought. At least, I would hope so. Last summer, the FT’s new property correspondent wrote: “My guess is that in two years’ time they [prices] will be lower in real terms as once the momentum has drained away from the market, the balance of supply and demand will shift.” The writer went on to say that some readers might think this unmitigated nonsense. “In which case, cut out this article and in a few years’ time, should I be proved wrong, feel free to visit the FT’s riverside offices where I will masticate my own words.” How valid is this article at the moment?
  6. Right so if house prices had been growing at nominal growth rates how much would the following be worth in 2007 1996 Flat (2 bed) 30,000 Semi-Detached (3 bed) 60,000 Detached (3 bed) 80,000 Bearing in mind that land is so much dearer because of "hidden" market forces... I remember this year well because I had just started uni and thought about a student mortgage. Well everyone has regrets eh!! I know house prices will come down but if the average detached houses is now £250K (not london) then it would require 50% drop to bring it to the price it should be? What you think?
  7. Brown is not stupid. Right lets see. Lets make it really easy to make money on houses with a little help from my friends in the bank - buy-to-let really takes off Right lets see we have already creamed some stamp duty of them. But hey lets lull them into a false sense of security. Give them relief on interest payments. Oh thanks you Mr Brown you are so charitable. Anyone remember MIRAS. But we can get them later with capital gains. All you BTLers out there all these new regulations will mean that yours is just another regulated product with all the taxes. Whos to say there will not be a HIP for rented houses in the future You making money? How dare you? Gordy wants some of it!!!
  8. I would personally go for A and C as they are the ones that hold the key so if they offload their properties and have them revalued then they should come back on the market at a more affordable level for FTBs
  9. Gordon Brown becomes prime minister. He wants to show everyone he is own man and starts to work on radical policies. That means responding to the house price crisis in an innovative, imaginative way and bring prices back to pre 90 levels Does he (A) Introduce an annual tax on BTLs Unoccupied 2% of the value Occupied 1% of the value ( Push up interest rates to 10% © Put housebuying under state control where a government surveyor values a property for sale and submits a "fair" valuation not taking in account past valuations Discuss
  10. F***kin brilliant! This is what makes this site so informative, entertaining and unbiased unlike that BBC one where you get to hear the rate rise well before its out!!
  11. Timeline 1987 - Cracks appear at the top Fast forward to 2007 - Just read all the ancedotal signs on hpc.co.uk 1988 - House price crash begins 2008-2015 - New House Price Crash? 1995 - House price crash ends Also in 1989 after Thatcher left John Major (Chancellor of the Exchequeor) became prime minister "The world economy slid into recession after the long 1980s boom during Major's first year in office, though the signs of this were appearing during Thatcher's final months as Prime Minister." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Major 2007 - Also we now have a soon to be new labour prime minister - Gordon Brown (Chancellor of the Exchequeor) Just a coincidence or is it fate? You decide
  12. Planning permission required to get in new furniture But the views were outstanding. Whats part M anyway
  13. You what was really funny when beany asked him what would happen if the new owners didnt like the sofa and he just gave her a blank stare Maybe a retractable roof would have been in order Obviously has been given a "leg up" by the producers No one says you need to pass an IQ test to get a mortgage. BUt a degree of common sense does help. The banks will never need to pay for the lending madness out there. As someone said in an earlier post rarely do banks lose. I wouldnt pay more than 250K for that flat. 600K is a very nice house in some places.
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