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  1. http://www.propertyprices.co.uk/ppp/web/yahoo.asp Apparantly prices in my area are due to go up another 6.4% for the rest of this year. This is in an area where i hear many people complaining about not selling their houses, and I have not seen a customer in an estate agents in weeks. However as prices are still going up I may rush out now and buy one while I still can't afford it.
  2. Does anyone have a link for a mortgage calculator that shows the outstanding balance of a mortgage over time. The reason for this is a friend of mine has an endowment mortgage that is 20 years old and wants to compare the performance of this to a repayment over the same period. Thanks
  3. took a walk through ormsirk town centre this afternoon at around 2.30. 5 out of 6 EA's that I passed were closed. I assume that 2.30 on a saturday afternoon is peak time, the rest of town was busy. These EA's were jam packed ariund 8-10 months ago, and I know this from experience. Also noticed a distinct stagnation of the market here. A few minor reductions, but no sale signs going up and more and more for sale signs being spotted. The market is dead. Long live the crash!!
  4. independant I think Aaron EA in ormskirk lancs
  5. Passing by a local estate agents and took the time to survey the properties in the window. This particular EA has a large window display and shows off 52 properties. Of these 52, 18 were marked "REDUCED" in large red letters, 10 were new instructions and 1 was under offer. With any luck, this is only the begining.
  6. theres a EA board down the road from me that instead of saying "SOLD" says "UNDER OFFER", how long can they keep that up for? Also if I put in ridiculous offers for every property on the market, could they put "under offer" on every house for sale? That would show us all how busy they were!
  7. I think its statistics like this thats making the lenders panic. Why do I say panic? Well I was in my bank today paying some money over the counter, just about to leave and the cashier says " excuse me sir, do you have a morgage?", "no", "do you want one? Only our mortgage adviser is in today and has some free apointments". Now I know the bulls are gonna say theres nothing wrong with being pro-active in business. I quite agree, but thats the first time I've ever had a cashier try to sell me a mortgage!!
  8. funny thing about the telewest shares. I know lots of people counting their thousands before share options matured, all waiting for the price to be about £6.00. Would have made lots of people very well off IF they had cashed in at that price. Price available at maturation , around £1.18. Fallen to around 1/5th inside 12/18 months. I also know people who borrowed fairly substantial amounts to buy telewest shares at 17.5p figuring they coudnt go any lower. Some lost it all, some sold at around 3p. These people are well educated but still bought into the percieved value of shares. Just goes to
  9. its worse than that , on top of you paying his £25k debt, he wants £2 P&P, cheeky or what!!!
  10. In my area (lancs) i pay £525 rent in a property valued(next door about 3 months ago) at £190k. Don't think my landlord paid £190k, but BLT certailnly wouldn't be attractive at the moment here
  11. It seems that it is you getting confused. If you are going to use "average" then use the "average" london price. Around £270,000 I believe. 10x salary of "average" wage you quote.
  12. Whats the average age of those earning £27k, I'll bet its not 20. Average FTB around 34ish. So you'll most likely have some family costs there. How many families or even 34 year olds want a 1/2 bed flat. If £27k starts you right at the bottom of the ladder , what happens to those on less than £27k? What ever way you spin it , it doesn't add up.
  13. I think you'll find , from your own extreme example, it can't Even from your own calculations it doesn't add up Just take it on the chin, you screwed up
  14. Can't you read? New house holders have less than nothing, or do you consider overspending by £600 - 800 every month healthy.
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